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No one can deny the fact that basketball is worth looking at and an enjoyable sport. And the NBA is one of those platforms that enriches the players with an extra dose of skills and motivation.

And today, we are talking about Josh Okogie, who merely falls under the skilled and motivated category.

For the readers, who do not have an idea of Josh Okogie, he is an NBA player for the Timberwolves. He serves as a shooting guard for the team. He was born in Nigeria but brought up in the United States.

Josh was into basketball since his early days of livelihood. Being a Nigerian born and adapting to a different place and lifestyle brought him closer to basketball.

He enrolled in Shiloh High School and later went to Georgia Tech for college.

Josh Okogie
Josh Okogie

To count on professionally, it’s been two years that he has been in the field and showing major signs of improvement with his team, the Timberwolves. We shall discuss all of that and about his personal life.

But before that, let’s have a short glance at the quick facts about this young player, Josh Okogie.

Josh Okogie | Quick Facts

Full Name Joshua Aloiye Okogie
Birth Date September 1, 1998
Birth Place Lagos, Nigeria
Nick Name Nonstop
Religion Not Known
Nationality Nigerian/American
Ethnicity Nigerian
Education Shiloh High School, Georgia Institute of Technology
Horoscope Virgo
Father’sName Pius Okogie
Mother’sName Anthonia Okogie
Siblings Evaristus, Nathaniel, Rachael, and Emmanuel
Age 25 Years Old
Height 1.93 m (6 feet 3 inches)
Weight 97 kg (213 lbs)
Awards Third-team All-ACC (2018)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Squad No 20
Build Athlete
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Not known
Position Shooting guard
Profession NBA player
Net Worth around $8 million
Salary around $2,487,480 base salary
Currently Plays for Minnesota Timberwolves
League NBA
Active Since 2018-present
Social Media TwitterInstagram
Merch Cards, Jersey
Last Update May, 2024

Josh Okogie | Early Life, Family, And Education

Starting with the basic information. On September 1, 1998, Josh was born to his parents Pius Okogie and Anthonia Okogie, in Lagos, Nigeria.

He was transferred to the United States when he was just three years. Before that, they purely resided in Nigeria.

He grew alongside his siblings, namely Evaristus, Nathaniel, Rachael, and Emmanuel. Josh is the fourth child in the family.

Josh with his mother
Josh with his mother

The whole family resided in Snellville, Georgia, by now.  He started playing basketball at the very young age of eleven.

He joined Shiloh High School for his schooling.  His older brother, Nathaniel, was a soccer player at Brewton-Parker College.

It was heard that Josh also used to play football, but not the organized one.  He loved playing the piano, violin, and tuba. He does have great taste in music. And, his name is sharply pronounced as Oh-ko-Gee.

Josh Okogie | High School Days

Talking about his high school honors and achievements, Josh won the Gwinnett Daily Post’s Player of the Year for consecutive two years, 2015 and 2016.

He was appointed to Atlanta Tipoff Club’s first team in 2016. Also, he received the Atlanta Journal-Constitution All-State honors in 2017.

Moreover, Josh led his high school team to win the Region 8-AAAAAA championship with a  24-6 record.

He amassed 19.3 ppg., 9.6 RPG. and 4.9 SPG as a senior in 2015-16. He appeared in the state semi-finals for the year 2014.

Josh Okogie | College Days

Josh entered the Georgia Institute of Technology for his further studies and games.  No doubt, he was able to collect 16.1 points 5.4 rebounds per game in his freshman year. Subsequently, he was entitled to the ACC All-Freshman Team in 2016.

He later earned a spot at 2017–18 All-ACC during his sophomore year.  He led his team to win over Tulane on November 26, 2016. Josh amassed a total of 18.2 points per game for his team at Georgia Tech.

Following that, he announced for the 2018 NBA draft on May 21; he did not employ an agent, though. So, he could return to college if any of the teams did not appoint him.

He has also earned a degree Bachelors in Business Administration from Georgia Tech.

Josh Okogie | Professional Life

Coming to his professional life,  just after a month of his announcement to the NBA draft, Minnesota Timberwolves hired him with the 20th overall pick in the first round in the 2018 NBA draft. He completely let go of his two years of college then.

It was great news that he was drafted in the first round, but it put pressure on Josh somewhere. He also mentioned it.

Josh, the ultimate player after Jimmy Buttler, from the last November to get placed at the team’s starting lineup. He played only for 22 minutes for the 2018 season. Following that, he took active participation in the 2019 NBA Summer League.

Furthermore, Josh was acknowledged with the 2019 Rising Stars Challenge’s membership on January 29, 2019.

Josh Okogie | International Career

Not to mention, Josh remained a player for the Nigerian national Basketball Team and played in the 2019 FiIBA Basketball Worldcup.

Josh Okogie | Personal Life

It is very confusing enough to the Okogie’s fans out there, but there is no hearsay about his current affairs or ex-affairs.

We did not find any piece of information that has broken the internet with the talks like Josh’s Girlfriend or catching up with someone frequently.

Well, not only that, it gets really tough to digest the fact that a young, handsome, and charming guy like him does not have any hook-ups.

Maybe, he is completely concentrated on his career and goals. He does not want to divert his mind from the current situation.

Josh Up for a game
Up for a game

And, Josh is enjoying his life, the way it is. When things have to happen, it will happen.

Recently, he remained in the news for showing the utmost support to George Floyd, who was killed by an officer pressing his knee against the victim’s neck for nine to ten minutes for using a counterfeit bill.

He participated in the rally for condemning the injustice that certainly happened to George Floyd and can happen to any black people. Hence, the ultimate agenda was the racial discrimination has to end.

Also, another great player from Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns, remained a part of the rally. Despite the fact, he was already suffering from his mother’s unbearable loss.

It was just after 45 days that his mother passed away fighting coronavirus at the age of 58. He was also Okogie’s teammate.

Josh Okogie | Career Stats

Career 136 80 24.3 .404 .274 .765 3.6 1.4 1.1 .4 8.1

Josh Okogie | Career As a Philanthropist

Not to mention, Josh recently remained in the limelight for donating all his profits to help END SARS, which is a kind of social movement against police brutality in Nigeria. And SARS stands for Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Josh Okogie | Age, Horoscope, and Body Measurement

Josh is 22 years old as of 2020. He is a September-born child, and he falls under the sun sign of Virgo.

And, matching the traits of Virgo, he is a creative, reliable, and hard-working person. Josh knows that hard work pays off in any of the ways. Thus, he believes in working hard.

Furthermore, Josh stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 213 lbs. His body type is athletic and completely suitable for the sport that he plays. 

He has got long arms and huge hands perfect for dribbling. He keeps visiting the gym and remains diet-conscious to live a healthy life.

Josh Okogie | Net Worth, Salary, and Contract

Josh is a very young person in the field. It’s been only two years of his career start. But still, he has managed to do great with his life. He has grabbed a spot in the Third-team All-ACC for the season 2018.

Talking about his assets, Josh does have a house and a collection of cars. Look at one of his Instagram posts, where he has been posing with his mother in front of the house.

We certainly cannot say whether it is his house, But it looks like though.

Inlining with the online sources, Josh has inked a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2018, allowing him an annual average salary of $2,487,480. But in 2021, he will be making an average base salary of $2,771,040.


“Josh Okogie has an accumulated net worth of $8 million as of 2024.”

Besides all of these, Josh lives a funfilled exotic life. He has not refrained from something basic. He keeps traveling to different places, enjoys adventure, surfs around nature, and moves to outdoor destinations with his friends.

Look at one of his Instagram posts, where he is silently chilling out at the pool.

Josh Okogie | Trivia

He is earning 16.96 percent more than in 2018/19.

The athlete ranks in the 304th position as the best-paid NBA player in 2020.

He ranks in the 130th position as the best-paid guard in 2020.

The basketballer is undoubtedly the 10th best-paid player of the Minnesota Timberwolves as of 2020.

Calvin Andrews of Serving Athletes With Integrity Sports is his agent these days.

Josh Okogie | Social Media Presence

Talking about his social media presence, Josh is acutely active on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We get to see many travel stories, fun posts, modeling pictures, times where he is strolling out with his friends and family.

His Instagram profile will definitely give you a positive, colorful, and festive vibe. You need to check it out once. Just click on the link and get to know him better.

Instagram- @callme_nonstop with 93.5k followers

Twitter- @CallMe_NonStop with 21.5k followers.

Also, don’t miss catching out on an interview with Josh Okogie.

Josh Okogie | FAQs

Why is Josh Okogie nicknamed nonstop?

Well, that’s because Josh never gives up a single minute. He is very competitive about the work he is assigned. Furthermore, the basketballer never fails to amaze people with his relentless attitude.

The athlete brings energy and ferocity along with himself on the court.  The nickname is something that strongly identifies him and suits his personality. And even his username for Instagram and Twitter says call me nonstop.

Who are his favorite basketball players?

Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry are his favorite basketball players.

Has Josh Okogie sustained an injury?

Although it is not confirmed that he had sustained an injury, he was recently placed on the injury list. He probably missed a game after that. Besides that, he had suffered a leg injury in 2019.

What happened between Bradley Beal and Josk Okogie?

Recently, in a game against Minnesota Timberwolves and Washington Wizards, Bradley Beal and Josh Okogie had a verbal dispute in the third quarter. The Timberwolves shooting guard got called for a foul against Beal which Okogie was reluctant to accept. 

This fueled Bradley who dropped 17 points in the third quarter and credited Josh for his exceptional play. 

In a post-game interview, Bradley Beal said, “It definitely fueled a fire up under me…He started chirping & saying that he didn’t foul me or doesn’t foul me, and that was just mind-boggling to me because I feel like the only way you can guard me is by fouling. So I kinda took it personally and turned it up from there.

What is Josh Okogie’s wingspan?

The basketballer’s wingspan is 2.13 m.

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