Who Is Joyce Ann, Mike “Doc” Emrick Wife? Wikipedia And Age

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Mike Emrick, a renowned sports commentator, has been married to his beloved wife, Joyce, for several years.

Joyce, known for her private nature, has not publicly appeared or shared much about her personal life with the media.

The couple currently resides in Michigan. Despite their marital life, the couple has chosen not to have any children, preferring to focus on their careers and each other.

Mike Emrick , A Former Sports Reporter
Mike Emrick, A Former Sports Reporter (Source: Wikipedia)

Michael “Doc” Emrick is an American former network television play-by-play sportscaster and commentator best known for his work in ice hockey.

Born and raised in Indiana, Mike attended Southwood Junior-Senior High School and graduated in 1964.

As he continued his studies, he pursued his Ph.D. in communications at Bowling Green State University, completing his doctoral studies.

Emrick began sportscasting professionally in 1973 when he was hired by Port Huron Flags’ GM Morris Snider to do play-by-play on WHLS radio and public relations for the IHL team.

Throughout his career, he received numerous accolades, including the NHL’s Lester Patrick Award in 2004, becoming one of only five individuals to have earned the award for media work. He was also honored with the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award by the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008.

Mike “Doc” Emrick Wife, Joyce Ann

The 77-year-old retired hockey broadcaster ended his 47-year career in 2020. He lives with his wife Joyce in Michigan, where they enjoy their retirement together.

The couple doesn’t have children, but they live with their dogs and horses, which bring them great joy.

Joyce is a true animal lover and has many dogs in their house. In 2002, Mike declined broadcasting for NBC in the Winter Olympics to be with Joyce and Katie.

Mike Emrick , A Former Sports Reporter
Mike Emrick, A Former Sports Reporter (Source: NBC)

Katie was their three-year-old dog who had kidney issues and had to be put down. Mike was distraught due to the incident.

Both Mike and Joyce value their privacy when it comes to their personal. Joyce prefers to keep her life private, while Mike occasionally mentions her.

A Cancer Survivor

Mike, a New Jersey resident in 1990, went for a routine check-up, which turned out to be a life-changing event.

While residing in New Jersey, Mike underwent his routine check-up, during which the attending physician was well aware of his family history.

This doctor was also familiar with Mike’s uncle, who had previously battled prostate cancer.

Thorough examinations were conducted, and based on the doctor’s recommendation, Mike proceeded to visit another hospital in Pennsylvania for further evaluation.

Mike Emrick, A Cancer Survivor
Mike Emrick, A Cancer Survivor (Source: IndyStar)

After undergoing a biopsy and an ultrasound, it was revealed that he had prostate cancer in its early stages. Fortunately, the necessary medical procedures were carried out, and within fourteen days, Mike made a full recovery.

Mike often says that the situation could have been very different had he not undergone the test early on.

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