JP France Brother: Is He Related To Ty France? Family Tree Explored

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Baseball fans speculate that Ty France is the brother of JP France, as both of them have the same surname and career in baseball. Are the MLB players related?

The Seattle Mariner’s first baseman Ty France (full name: Tyler Lawrence France), was born in Downey, California.

Attending high school in his hometown, he was passionate about baseball from a young age.

Additionally, in 2013, Ty was part of the Bethesda Big Train in summer college, winning the team’s outstanding hitter.

Ty France During A Match
Ty France During A Match (Source: Instagram)

Ty decided to play collegiate baseball for San Diego State University for three seasons.

The California native finished his college career at San Diego with a .337/.428/.470. 

In the 2015 MLB draft, the San Diego Padres selected him, which marked the beginning of his professional career.

The San Diego Padres signed the baseball player with a $100,000 signing bonus.

Is Ty France The Brother Of JP France?

Both players featuring in the MLB and sharing the same surname, France, might have led the fans to get confused as brothers; however, Ty & JP are not brothers and not related in any way.

As mentioned, Ty was born in Downey, California; on the other hand, JP was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Ty France currently plays for the Seattle Mariners after being traded by the San Diego Padres in 2020.

On the other hand, the Louisiana native plays for the Houston Astros alongside Alex Bregman in the MLB. 

He was born to Kim and Pat France, and they have always cheered on their son and showed their love and support. 

JP France Getting Ready To Pitch
JP France Getting Ready To Pitch (Source: Instagram)

In addition, France is a married man who tied the knot with Jessica McCain on February 6, 2021.

The couple is blessed with an adorable son named Liam, born on January 25, 2023.

JP’s parents, alongside his wife and children, were present during JP France’s MLB debut. 

Jonathan Patrick Almost Quit Baseball

The pitcher almost quit his career when he had a forgetful season in 2019. JP said he remembers throwing his glove against the wall and expressing frustration.

However, the player did not put it against anyone in particular but himself. 

So, how did he not quit? Well, the answer is his then-girlfriend, now wife, Jessica McCain. 

Amid his clubhouse tirade, he received a phone call from his girlfriend, preventing him from quitting baseball.  

JP France With His Wife And Child
JP France With His Wife And Child (Source: Instagram)

His future wife, who had also recently quit her job as a chef and moved back to Fayetteville to be near JP. 

She wondered if it was even worth it after his incidents. Jessica stated that don’t curse her, whatever the situation, and encouraged him to deal with the problem.

According to reports, she stated that

“If you want to quit, just quit. Stop wasting my time, stop wasting your time, we can go back, I can go back to work in Aspen and all that.”

The conversation triggered something in France, and as a result, he did not quit. 

Looking back, he may seem to have made the right decision as he hasn’t looked back since. 

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