Julio Jones Net Worth: Contract, Investment & House

One of the celebrated figures in the NFL today, Julio Jones, stands proudly with a net worth of $50 million. 

Two times first-team All-Pro Quintorris Lopez Jones Jr., famously known as Julio Jones, is a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons.

Speaking about Jones’s net worth, most of his earning comes from his football career. But, apart from that, he gains additional from his merchandise and business endorsements.

Likewise, Julio played college football at the University of Alabama until the Atlanta Falcons drafted him in the 2011 NFL draft.

Julio Jones's Jersey.
Julio Jones is wearing his number eleven jersey.

Besides, in 2011, soon after his NFL debut, Julio became the Rookie after the year. On top of that, Julio finished that season with 54 receptions and 959 yards.

Always on demand, there’s a talk that Jones might soon be joining Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson in the offense. 

Quick Facts:

NameQuintorris Lopez “Julio” Jones Jr.
BirthdateFebruary 8, 1989
BirthplaceFoley, Alabama, United States
Age32 years old
Nationality American 
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Christianity 
Father’s NameUnknown
Mother’s NameQueen Marvin
Siblings Philip Jones
Education Foley High School
The University of Alabama
ProfessionProfessional football player 
NicknameWaffle House
The Silent Assassin
Height6’3″/190 cm
Weight 220 lb/99 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Yards Per Reception15.2
Zodiac SignAquarius 
Net worth $50 million 
AchievementTwo times first-team All-Pro
SEC Freshman of the year
Two times NFL receiving and leader
Salary$22 million (yearly)
Position Wide Receiver 
NFL Draft2011
Affiliation NFL
Active Since 2008
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Marital status Unmarried 
Children No
Receiving Yards12,896
MerchJersey, Autographed Football
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update November, 2021

Julio Jones Net Worth and Income

Julio Jones, aka Jet, has amassed a net worth of $50 million, mainly from his successful football career. Similarly, numerous ventures and endorsements add up to Julio Jones’s net worth.

Currently, he earns around $22 million every year. $10 million is from his contract, $3 million from endorsements, and remaining from various other things.

Likewise, Julio’s most successful year was 2019, when he made a $66 million contract extension deal with Atlanta Falcons and offered the initial amount of $25 million as a signing deal.

Julio Jones's net worth calculation.
Julio Jones is all set to go on the football field.

Forbes Magazine also included Jones in the Top 100 Highest Paid Celebrity (#78) in 2020. Jones was also listed in the Top 30 Highest Paid Athlete (#26) that year. 

Moreover, Julio receives a $2 million salary through the contact tenure. In 2015, the player received a $2.4 million signing bonus, a salary of $2.5 million, and a roster of $7.5 million.

Net Worth of Julio Jones in Different Currencies 

Have a look into Julio Jones’s net worth in different currencies.

CurrencyNet Worth
Pound Sterling37,241,250£ 
Australian Dollar69,633,500A$ 
Canadian Dollar63,811,750C$ 
Indian Rupee3,718,660,000₹ 
BitCoin1,205 ฿ 

Julio Jones Net Worth | Real Estate


For someone famous like Julio, who earns millions, his home is expected to be nothing less than the mansion. Currently, this American wide receiver lives in his luxurious Penthouse.

Similarly, this is a $2.5 million two-story penthouse located at the ostentatious Atlanta W building. Likewise, Julio bought this Penthouse in 2018.

Further, this Penthouse has three bedrooms,3.5 bathrooms, and a luxurious living space covering 4,154 sq. foot.

Moreover, the house also features hardwood flooring, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and many other lavish facilities to keep the residents happy.

Similarly, this house consists of a gym, a heated swimming pool, and a 24-hours valet service.

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Before living in the Penthouse, Jones lived in an insane mansion worth $1.25 outside Atlanta.

Likewise, Jones made this house as per his requirements and taste. This Buford house was fully customized with a theater and rec room are well.

However, in July of 2015, Julio listed the home for $1.75 million. Nonetheless, after two months, he sold the house for $1.5 million. 

Julio Jones bought three houses in a week!

Other than for personal use, Jones is also interested in real estate. In 2018, Jones bought three different houses in a week!

These houses are located in Georgia; however, Julio completely renovated the first house he bought. Likewise, Julio paid $532,500 for this lavish four-bedroom ranch-style home.

In just 24-hours of buying the first house in Atlanta Suburb, he purchased another home for $555,000 in Atlanta’s Briarmoor Manor, which many sources claim was or his relatives.

Likewise, this house was also fully renovated. 

However, the third house was bought by Julio for his personal use. But nothing about the place has not been mentioned anywhere. 


Julio Jones is very passionate about cars, and he loves to customize the cars as per his taste and requirement.

Similarly, Julio owns $270,000 worth of white Ferrari 458 spider, with the classic prancing stallion logo.

This luxurious and customized car has a red emblazoned logo on the driver’s side along with the red rims to match. 

Julio Jones's net worth and car
Julio Jones is striking a pose with Lamborgini.

As we all know that Julio is a great fan of cars and any four-wheelers.

Hence, to prove his love for four-wheelers, he decided to launch Julio Jones Kia Dealership and Mazda Car Dealership in Alabama in 2018.

Julio Jones | Lifestyle and Vacation

Despite having a luxurious life and hefty net worth, Julio loves to live a simple life. Julio loves to wear casual clothes and is usually seen wearing sporting a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Since his upbringing has been average and normal, he still follows that lifestyle. 

However, Julio loves to note things down in pen and paper in this World of Ipad and phones. Undoubtedly, he still follows the old-school approach, unlike the millennial approach. 

Likewise, if Julio has to attend any award ceremony or formal program, he is often seen wearing a suit and tuxedo.

Undoubtedly, Julio works hard, but whenever he is free or not in gym or training, the NFL player is often seen spending time with his mother. 

Similarly, Julio is very health conscious; he knows he is an athlete, and he needs to take care of his physique, food, and health to perform well in the field. That is why Julio eats healthy and green foods. 

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Where does Julio Jones go for Vacation?

Undoubtedly, Julio works really hard to give himself a break and enjoy his time with family; Julio goes on vacations once in a while.

Usually, julio is seen vacationing in the oceans, which shows that he loves to be around water.

Apart from that, he visits different places for his football games. No wonder Julio, aka Jet, has called various places.

Similarly, Julio likes going fishing; he every once in a while goes fishing with his friends. 

Julio Jones | Charity

Apart from being a good player, Jones is a good human being as well. Likewise, he has helped many needy people in various ways he can.

Back in 2012, Jet donated his dreadlocks to Lock for Love; this organization helps make a wig for kids with cancer.

Likewise, Jones raised over $250,000 by serving as a celebrity waiter at the 4th annual Huddle Up. He also raised the money for Childrens’ Miracle Network and Childrens’ Health Care of Atlanta. 

The NFL player is also the founder of Julio Jones and Carriage Automotive Group.  Besides, this group has a car exchange service, and anyone can buy used cars driven by famous NFL players. 

Similarly, this Falcon player in 2016 started a social media campaign #DayItForward, encouraging people to use an extra day of a year to do something good for someone else. 

Contracts, Endorsements, and Book Publications

It took nine years for Julio to enter the most significant football draft or come into the limelight. However, he didn’t lose hope for nine years and kept practicing; this success he is enjoying today results from his hard work and dedication. 

In 2011, Atlanta Falcons signed a contract with Jones, was given $390,000 as yearly salary, and $10,270,000 as a signing bonus. 

Likewise, his salary increased in 2012 and became $1,110,625. Similarly, his annual salary kept on increasing year by year due to his splendid performances. 

Similarly, in 2015 Falcon again signed Julio Jones for three years, but this time, he got the signing bonus of $12,000000 and $7,500,000 as the roster bonus. 

Again in 2019, Falcon signed a contract with Julio, and for this contract, he charged an enormous amount of $25,00,000.

Hence, as per his contract, Julio has earned $51,128,000 as a salary in the last ten years of his career.

Besides, Jet has earned $47,270,000 as a signing bonus and $11,500,000 as a roster bonus. However, adding all these amounts, Julio’s total career earnings are estimated to be $125,340,000.


For professional athletes such as Julio Jones, endorsements are a significant factor that contributes to net worth. 

Julio is a public figure; everyone would want to endorse their product through him because it might increase their product’s face value and market value.

Likewise, Jones earns a total of $3 million in a year via brand endorsements. However, not much is found about his endorsements with various products.


In 2018, a book was published named Julio Jones, which Joe L. Morgan originally wrote.

Likewise, this book is Jones’s biography, covering his childhood, hardships, struggles to get fame, getting fame at such a young age, etc.

Apart from that, Julio has been featured and appreciated in various magazines like The Best Issue, Football Blowout Double issue, and various other magazines.

However, Julio is an inspiration to many football fans and aspiring football players. Hence, these magazines help the audiences and his fans to know more about him.

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Julio Jones | career

Undoubtedly, Julio is one of the best players in the NFL and Falcon’s history. In a brief period, he successfully achieved whatever he wanted in life.

In the beginning, Julio used to play football for the high school and university teams, and hence, he was already prepared for the bigger platform to showcase his talent.

Julio Jones's net worth
Julio Jones is giving beautiful smiles to the audience.

Finally, in 2011, Jet got a chance to prove himself and made his NFL debut. It has been 10 years since Julio joined Falcons.

However, from time to time, there were many rumors of him leaving Falcons, but every time the news was wrong. 

Julio has received various awards and honors in his career, and he has won Pro Bowl selections fr seven times in hiscareerr.

Apart from that, Julio has also won three times second and two times first-team All-Proo. Team All-Pro.

Summary Career Stats


Three Facts about Julio Jones

  • At the beginning of Jones’s Career, let us say in 2008, he was awarded the SEC Player of the Year Award.
  • Julio Jones is a lowkey person who doesn’t like being involved in the matter of other people. However, he is very active and dominant when it comes to his game.
  • When Julio was in his mom’s womb, she thought she would give birth to a daughter and decided to name her Quinteros. However, she was blessed with a baby boy but still kept the name and nicknamed him Julio.

Julio Jones | Quotes

  • “People are always going to talk down or bad about you. You can’t let that stuff determine what kind of player I am going to be.” 
  • “I have no weaknesses. I have no weaknesses at all.” 
  • It’s football – you’re going to get banged up.”

Some FAQs:

Is Julio Jones a free agent?

For now, Julio Jones is not a free agent.

Who is Julio Jones’s father? 

Julio Jones’ father left his mother and his family when he was just five years old. Since then, he has only been with his mom, and there is not much information about his father.

How much is a Julio Jones rookie card worth?

Julio Jones’s rookie card price ranges from $4.99-$199.95.

What is Julio Jones’s jersey number?

Julio Jones currently wears jersey number #2 as a wide receiver for Tennessee Titans.

Is Julio Jones a Hall of Famer?

No, Julio Jones hasn’t been inducted to any hall of fame to date.

Is Julio Jones the best?

Yes, Julio Jones is considered as one of the best all-around receivers of the NFL.

Is Julio Jones injured?

Though the Teeneese Titans never officially announced that Jones sustained an injury in the Week 3 win over the Indianapolis, Colt’s sources claimed that he is dealing with a leg injury and is also receiving treatment. 

Likewise, he previously suffered a minor knee injury after landing awkwardly during practice on August 2, 2021.

How many Super Bowls does Julio Jones have won?

Julio Jones hasn’t won any Super Bowl championship to date.

What was Julio Jones’s college jersey number?

Julio Jones wore jersey number #8 in college at the University of Alabama and #82 at Foley (Ala.) High School.

Did Derrick Henry and Julio Jones play together at Alabama?

Though Henry and Jones were both outstanding players at the University of Alabama, they’ve never played together.

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