Julio Teheran Wife Yoselin Rincon Castillo Is A Proud Mom

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Julio Teheran wife, Yoselin Rincon Castillo, is a loving and devoted mother to their child, Jordan Teheran. Yoselin’s dedication as a wife and mother is truly remarkable, creating a nurturing and loving home for her loved ones.

When discussing talented MLB pitchers, the name Julio Teheran is one that should never be forgotten. Julio Alberto Teherán Pinto, popular as Julio Teheran, is a Colombian professional baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball.

In 2007, at the age of 16, Teheran signed with the Atlanta Braves as an international free agent. After progressing through the Braves minor league system, he made his MLB debut on May 7, 2011. 

Julio Teheran
Julio Teheran (Source: Instagram)

Despite his young age, Teheran showcased his talent and quickly became a reliable starting pitcher for the team.

In addition to the Braves, Julio Teheran has also played for popular MLB teams such as the Los Angeles Angels and the Detroit Tigers.

Teheran has also represented Colombia in international competitions such as the World Baseball Classic. He showcased his skills on the global stage and helped elevate the profile of Colombian baseball.

Julio Teheran Wife

Yoselin Rincon Castillo is a well-known personality and social media influencer, famous for being the spouse of MLB star Julio Teheran.

She gained recognition not just through her marriage but also for her own accomplishments.

Julio Teheran Wife Yoselin Rincon Castillo
Julio Teheran Wife Yoselin Rincon Castillo (Source: Instagram)

Yoselin had a successful career as a model in the mid-2010s. In August 2015, she achieved the title of Miss Swimsuit USA, surpassing 36 tough competitors in the Las Vegas event that lasted for days.

Yoselin Rincon Castillo’s charm, style, and captivating presence easily turn heads wherever she goes. Her elegance and confidence undoubtedly contribute to her appeal as a beauty pageant winner.

While enjoying the peak of her success as the winner of Miss Swimsuit USA, Yoselin made the decision to live with her then-boyfriend, Julio Teheran.

Relationship Timeline 

Yoselin and Julio have been together for almost nine years, starting their relationship in 2014 and moving in together in less than a year.

Despite the challenges of managing their time due to Julio’s involvement in Major League Baseball, the couple has managed to maintain a strong bond.

Their relationship progressed swiftly, with Julio proposing to Yoselin on October 17, 2015. Yoselin happily accepted his proposal, and they embarked on their journey as an engaged couple.

The couple shared their wedding vows in February 2016. 

Following their marriage, Yoselin gradually stepped away from the modeling industry, focusing on her relationship and family life. The couple continues to thrive together, and they have a son named Jordan Teheran.

Yoselin Rincon Castillo As A Mom

Yoselin Rinocon Castillo is a proud mom of Jordan Teheran. She and Julio have only one son, and they are raising him with lots of affection and care. 

Although Yoselin’s Instagram account remains private, we can gain insights into the family and the special bond between the mother and the son through Julio’s Instagram account.

Yoselin Rincon Castillo And Her Son Jordan Teheran
Yoselin Rincon Castillo And Her Son Jordan Teheran (Source: Instagram)

On every Mother’s Day, Julio shares a heartfelt picture of Yoselin and Jordan, capturing their close relationship and the tender affection in Yoselin’s eyes as she gazes at their son.

Their family posts, often taken during vacations or events, highlight the joyous moments they share together.

The couple continues to embark on adventures and travels with their son, creating a life that is filled with stability, love, and a touch of glamour.

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