Justin Herbert Parents: Who Are Mark And Holly Herbert?

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Justin Herbert belongs to a family deeply connected to the realm of sports, evident by his parents, Holly and Mark, who are former collegiate players.

His mother played basketball, whereas his father was a football and track athlete.

Growing up with a sporting background, Justin enjoyed playing various sports.

His father mentored and coached Justin from an early age, instilling passion in him. Likewise, Justin’s mother served as a constant support system, cheering him up in his highs and lows.  

Justin Herbert On The Ground
Justin Herbert On The Ground (Source: Instagram)

An emerging player Justin Herbert plays for the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL).

The quarterback previously played collegiate football at Oregon, earning notable titles, including the William V. Campbell Trophy.

Since getting drafted as the 6th overall pick by the Chargers in the 2020 NFL Draft, Justin has continuously improved and gained recognition as a pivotal player on the team.

Known for his quick mobility and arm strength, the quarterback has broke multiple NFL records. 

In his debut season, he set the record for the most touchdown passes and 300-yard games.

The following year, he broke the franchise record with 5,014 passing yards, 15 interceptions, and 38 passing touchdowns. 

Justin Herbert Parents: Mark And Holly Herbert

Justin Herbert’s parents, Mark and Holly Herbert, met while in college. Soon after, they started a family with three boys, who have all dabbled in the athletic world.

As former athletes themselves, it’s no wonder that all their kids share a common passion for sports. Nevertheless, the Herbert family has rightly upheld the tradition of athleticism.

Father, Mark Herbert

Born on May 9, 1965, Justin’s father, Mark Herbert, carved a path of success for his three kids.

A Sheldon High School graduate joined the University of Montana on a scholarship to play football and had it replaced with a half scholarship for track.

He played collegiate football for a year, gave it up, and ran track but left before he graduated.

Due to this, he never made it to the professional level. However, looking back, he regrets leaving sports too early.

Justin Herbert With His Parents And Brothers
Justin Herbert With His Parents And Brothers (Source: Chargers)

“I didn’t probably appreciate the opportunity as much as I should have. As I look back, I probably could have kept playing had it really burned in my gut. I wished it had. I would have loved to say, Yeah, I played college football,” Mark stated in an interview.

That experiences shaped his attitude on the value of seizing opportunities, and he instilled this belief in his three kids.

Further, his father has served as the Executive director of the Oregon Chapter, working to provide guidance to athletes seeking spiritual growth.

Mother, Holly Herbert

Justin’s mother, Holly Herbert (b: October 8, 1970), is an elite former athlete herself. Regarding her personal life, she grew up alongside her parents, Rich Schwab and Kellijean Winsor.

As per sources, she attended South Eugene High School and later enrolled at the University of Oregon, where she played collegiate basketball.

Justin Herbert Being Photographed
Justin Herbert Being Photographed (Source: Instagram)

Although she maintains a low-key online presence, her constant guidance has helped Justin to shape his professional career.

His mother has never backed off from sacrificing for him, even if it meant spending countless hours driving him to games and practice sessions.

Like most parents, Justin’s mother is his ultimate fan and supporter. She has attended most of his football matches, showcasing her love for him.

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