Juventus defensive pillars are no longer at their level

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Juventus face the prospect of further embarrassment in Europe during the Serie A struggles. It takes all the misunderstanding to analyze the situation Juventus finds itself in right now.

The Italian giants were one of the European Super League (ESL) drivers. By plotting a change against Uefa and its premium assets, the Champions League. Still, now they are struggling to qualify for the tournament.

With three games to go in Serie A, one of them against Inter Milan on Saturday, Juve is fifth in the league. 

And will be barred from reaching the European Cup, which allowed them to be what they are now. And without which they could not sign Cristiano Ronaldo, who earns euros. -31m per year.

The Champions League has been their dream for years and has brought in 790 million euros and revenue from 2012-13. 

But the club’s relationship with European football soon turned into a nightmare.

What a season for president Andrea Agnelli Juventus.

What a season for president Andrea Agnelli.The epidemic that will deal with all of its economic consequences, the farce of Luis Suarez‘s signing efforts. 

And the Italian language thinking skills would enable him to acquire citizenship. Then a major Super League flop, and this week’s latest installment in the Serie A threat to fire Juve ESL.

It all started very differently but, at least from a sports perspective. 

president Andrea Agnelli Juventus (Source: Juventus .com)
President Andrea Agnelli Juventus (Source: Juventus .com)

The Bianconeri were looking at the 10th Scudetto that they had never seen in a row. And they showed a solid determination to travel long distances to Europe.

Who should lead them there?

Agnelli himself nominated Andrea Pirlo, a kind of Pep Guardiola with black and white stripes. 

Pirlo, the idea was moving, would eventually give Juventus the international style of play that has always existed in Turin. 

He will also be a much more respected figure than his predecessor Maurizio Sarri, who came with the same intent, just quarreling with Ronaldo and other seniors even before the season began.

Sarri got sacked for losing the Champions League last 16 and his strained relationships with players, the media, and directors. He won the league.

Pirlo failed to do so and looked forward to the last 16 out of Europe. This time in the hands of the undisputed Porto.

When he was appointed, Pirlo’s fans talked about fluid football, management, and offensive play. 

Pirlo had no experience digging in the ground.

He had no experience digging in the ground. But surely such a great player would understand how to move the club forward on the field.

Juventus, of course, have started the season as favorites. Still, Pirlo‘s ignorance has become apparent over the weeks.

After leaving Ronaldo’s goals and Supercup’s last win against Napoli hidden, Pirlo has never really settled an artistic strategy.

Team Juventus (Source: Juvefc)
Team Juventus (Source: Juvefc)

Where does Dejan Kulusevski work best, 4-4-3 or 4-4-2? Is Federico Chiesa too dangerous on the left or right-wing? Why has he changed sides so often? Who should play in the middle? Is this what was meant by the liquid ball?

Kulusevski is one of a group of young players who are not doing well. Arthur intended to replace Miralem Pjanic, who got arrested by Barcelona but failed. 

He was also injured, but he’s not right. Former Schalke midfielder Weston McKennie is a respectable player. But not someone who can lift the team.

Juve has a noticeable lack of quality in the stomach. Gone are the days of Pirlo himself, of Arturo Vidal, of Paul Pogba. 

Juventus defensive pillars are no longer at their level.

Juve’s defensive pillars Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, are no longer at their level, while the arrival of Matthijs de Light has been a good but expensive investment.

So we saw a continuous change of desires. The desire to win the Champions League disappeared. 

Hope for the 10th Serie A title in a row was shattered as Inter won their first 11 games of the second half of the season. 

And now the very goal of qualifying for the Champions League looks very questionable.

With Inter already confident of the place, Juve is three points behind AC Milan and Atalanta, four behind Napoli. And have had severe head injuries for all. Their destiny is not in their hands.

Juventus defensive pillars are no longer at their level (Source: Goal .com)
Juventus defensive pillars are no longer at their level (Source: Goal .com)

The Bianconeri travel to Sassuolo on Wednesday and face Antonio Conte’s Inter on Saturday. 

They know they can’t expect anything from the champions because of the rivalry between the teams. 

And the strained relationship between their former boss and Agnelli himself.

The kind of miracle is needed, considering how badly Juventus played. After their lucky win at Udinese earlier this month, there was no sign of turning to AC Milan at all. 

In contrast, the Rossoneri held a crucial game and were awarded 3-0 in Turin. Ronaldo has been looking frustrated and likes an outside body in the team for weeks now.

Missing the Champions League could mean losing to Juventus for around 90m euros. What could that mean in addition to the effects of the epidemic? Can a luxury like Ronaldo be kept? 

Is it reasonable to think that Ronaldo should not play in the Champions League? And not try to improve his records? Which club would like to pay him such salaries?

If the Juventus season ends in disgrace, many shoulders will have to bear the brunt of it. Even beating Atalanta in next week’s Coppa Italia final would compensate for the situation.

Pirlo took the opportunity when given to him (Source: New Indian Express)
Pirlo took the opportunity when given to him (Source: New Indian Express)

Pirlo took the opportunity when given to him. But there was a limit to the case he could get charged with. He did not own a transfer market and should not get blamed for the team’s aging. 

Sports Director Fabio Paratici and Agnelli face stiff criticism in those parts.

“I will do my job as long as I received the opportunity to do so,” Pirlo said on Sunday.

He will end the season, but his future is in doubt. Juventus can consider only one person. 

After two years of probation, Max Allegri – who holds the Serie A title for five wins. He is ready to continue the job he left in 2019 at a club whose status has deteriorated dramatically.

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