Kai Correa Ethnicity: Nationality, Origin & Religion

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Regarding his ethnicity, Kai Correa is a mix of Hawaiian, Portuguese, and Japanese descent. The baseball coach is very proud of his roots and represents it at one of the biggest sporting stages.

Correa, a man with three different ethnic backgrounds, proudly represents his diverse roots.

Kai Correa is the new interim manager of the San Francisco Giants. The relatively young coach looks forward to bringing new approaches and solidifying his position.

San Francisco Interim Manager Kai Correa
San Francisco Interim Manager Kai Correa (Source: Instagram)

Kainoa T. Correa is a 35-year-old professional baseball coach from Hilo, Hawaii. As a player, he played for the University of Puget Sound as an infielder.

He started his coaching career in Puget Sound after graduation. Correa’s specialty included recruiting coordinator, infield coach, and academic advisor.

Later, the rookie coach joined the University of Northern Colorado and served as a defensive coordinator and third base coach in addition to his previous duties.

Similarly, Correa entered the major league in 2018 by joining the Cleveland Indians and took over the role of infield coach on the affiliated side AZL Indians.

Finally, in 2020, Kai Correa joined the coaching team of the San Francisco Giants, realizing the role of bench coach and infield instructor.

On September 29, 2023, Correa has taken over the role of interim manager after the dismissal of Gabe Kapler.

Kai Correa: What Is His Ethnicity?

Kai Correa comes from a diverse ethnic backgrounds. The coach is part of diverse and exciting cultures from around the globe.

Correa was born in Hawaii and has a native Hawaiian background. In addition, he has Portuguese and Japanese roots as well.

The Correa Family
The Correa Family (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Kai’s family is predominantly of Asian descent, in particular Japanese. They were originally from Japan but later moved north and settled in Hilo, Hawaii.

On the other hand, he also has a mix of European descent in him. We believe his last name is a sign of his Portuguese ancestry.

More On His Origin and Religion

As he was born and raised in Hawaii, we can frankly say Correa’s origin is a native Hawaiian man of American nationality.

He completed his schooling at Waiakea High School in his native town, Hilo, Hawaii. Moreover, he is most connected to Hawaiian culture and environment.

Although he has made a big name for himself in the major league, Correa still goes back to Hawaii once in a while. In addition, he also contributes to philanthropic activities in Hawaii through baseball.

Correa's Wedding Ceremony In Hawaiian Culture
Correa’s Wedding Ceremony In Hawaiian Culture (Source: Instagram)

Regarding his religion, Kai has not publicly announced it yet. Since he has a mix of various ethnicities in his family line, he does not specifically follow a single religion.

Moreover, he doesn’t show himself off as a theist as well. Correa tied the knot by following his own native Hawaiian culture and not under any religious ways.

Baseball Is A Family Business In The Correa Household

The Correa family has been part of the baseball realm for ages.

Kai’s grandfather, Jimmy Correa, was a coach for 31 years. He coached St. Joseph High School in Hilo.

Furthermore, his father, Tommy Correa, coached Waiakea High School and also served as their athletic director. In addition, he was the one who taught Kai baseball from a young age.


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