Kateri Poole Parents: Father Marquee Poole & Mother Greeneyez Getter- Brother?

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Who Are The Parents Of Kateri Poole? The buzz is circulating as Poole’s drama with LSU takes center stage in the headlines.

As the Lady Tigers drama continues, Poole is no longer part of the LSU women’s basketball team.

Her identity as the daughter of a prominent personality adds to the news surrounding the ongoing drama.

Kateri Poole Louisiana State University Guard
Kateri Poole Louisiana State University Guard (Source: Instagram)

Kateri Poole was born on November 9, 2002, in The Bronx, New York, United States.

After two years at Ohio State, Poole transferred to Louisiana State University to continue her college career.

Furthermore, Poole played a crucial role as a key player for the Tigers’ national championship squad last season.

However, she played only four games this season as she did not see the court on November 14 due to the “coach’s decision.”

Who Are The Parents Of Kateri Poole?

Kateri Poole’s parents are the prominent basketball head coach Marquee Poole and Danielle Greeneyez.

In 2014, Marquee Poole assumed the role of head coach for the men’s basketball program at Hostos Community College.

Furthermore, in the 2022-23 season, he embarked on his ninth season leading the Caimans. Coach Poole brings a wealth of experience as a player, coach, and mentor.

Similarly, he mentored numerous student-athletes and played a pivotal role in placing many of them in four-year schools, with a significant number securing athletic scholarships.

This designation stems from being recognized as one of the “Good Guys” in New York City basketball.

Currently, Marquee Poole holds the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance position in the Hostos Athletic Department.

Kateri Poole With Her Parents Marquee Poole & Greeneyez Getter
Kateri Poole With Her Parents Marquee Poole & Greeneyez Getter (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, Marquee played a significant role as a strong supporter in enabling his daughter Kateri to engage in basketball, being the one who taught her how to play the game.

Talking about her mother, Danielle attended the High School of Fashion Industries and attended Monroe College.

Detailed information about Kateri’s mother’s profession is currently unavailable.

Moreover, many often mistake Kateri for being a sibling of Jordan Poole. However, their shared surname is the only similarity, and Kateri has a younger sister named Keke Poole.

Keke seems to be no older than 5-6 years. Her presence is frequently documented on her father Marquee’s social media, where he often shows affection to his little daughter.

Why Will Kateri Not Play For LSU?

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey disclosed that Poole has parted ways with the team and will not be rejoining in the future.

Furthermore, Mulkey did not clarify whether the departure was a dismissal or a mutual parting.

Earlier, Angel Reese missed four games and did not travel with the team for an undisclosed reason, making Poole not the first LSU Tigers player to be away from the team.

Upon Reese’s return to the team, Kim Mulkey asserted that they addressed locker room issues.

Some fans speculate that this could also be why Poole was absent from the team.

Kateri Poole Win For LSU
Kateri Poole With The NCAA Trophy (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, some argue that if this was the issue, why was Mulkey protecting Reese when she was away from the game?

At the time, Mulkey justified it by stating, “I’m going to protect my players, always. They are more important. It’s like a family. If you do some disciplining of your own children, do you think we’re entitled to know that? That’s a family in that locker room.”

Fans are becoming skeptical, questioning if there is more to the situation due to her statement.

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