Kaliyah Leonard: The Daughter of NBA Star Kawhi Leonard

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The daughter of Kawhi Leonard, Kaliyah became the talk of social media. She became a media sensation as she appeared to sleep fast at the Toronto Raptors Parade, 2019.

Likewise, we’ve all heard of Kawhi Leonard. He owns and has a mix of athleticism, strength, and intellect. Kawhi is even considered one of the finest perimeter defenders in the NBA.

Do we, however, know anything about his children? Kaliyah Leonard, his daughter? What is her age?

What is she going to do now? Is he in love with and caring for her daughter? In this article, we are going to talk about his daughter Kaliyah Leonard.

Kaliyah Leonard is the one and the only daughter of NBA star Kawhi Leonard. She was born into stardom/fame. Hence, her name and face are bound to appear on many websites.

Kawhi Leonard with his daughter at Toronto Championship Parade (Source: Twitter)

Leonard’s legendary award-winning basketball player father, Kawhi Leonard, has made her recognized even at a young age.

But, before we go into her relationship with her mother and father or any other details, let’s start with some basic information through quick facts. 

Kawhi Leonard daughter Kaliyah: Quick facts

Full Name Kaliyah Leonard
Nick Name Kaliyah
Age 6 years old
Birthdate July 2016
Birthplace United States
Residence United States
Mother Kishele Shipley
Father Kawhi Leonard
Siblings One brother
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Married Unmarried
Social status Not known
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Shoe Size Not known
Profession Celebrity Kid
Famous for Daughter of Kawhi Leonard and Kishele Shipley
Kawhi Leonard Merch Jersey, Poster, Trading Card
Last Update February, 2023

Kaliyah Leonard: Age, Height & Measurements 

Kaliyah Leonard is the only daughter of famous NBA player Kawhi Leonard and mother, Kishele Shipley. She was born in July 2016 in the United States and is five years old as of now.

Moreover, Leonard identifies herself as a christian as her parents follow that religion. Also, her eyes are black, and her hair is also black.

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Kaliyah Leonard: Family & Siblings 

It is no secret that Kaliyah is the daughter of NBA star, Kawhi who has won several honors and achievements during his career.

He has been named three NBA First Team in All-Star teams. He’s been called the “Claw” or “Klaw.” It is his nickname kept by his buddy because of his ball-hawking abilities.

Likewise, Kawhi was selected to seven All-Defensive Teams. He was honored as he won that match Defensive Player of the Year in 2015 and 2016.

Kawhi and his daughter (source: Pinterest)

Her mother’s name is Kishele Shipley, and she used to work in human resources. Shipley was born in the city of San Diego, California. Furthermore, she was raised by her parents, Kenneth and Cathy Marie, and two additional sisters.

In March 2019, Kaliyah Leonard had a brother, but the name of her brother is unknown.

Similarly, Kim Leonard, Cathy Marie Shipley, Kenneth Shipley, and Mark Leonard are her grandparents, while Miesha Slayton is her aunt.

Kaliyah Leonard: Interesting facts about her parents dating life

Since 2014, Kawhi and Shipley have been reported to be dating. They were so good at keeping their personal affairs and relationships secret. 

Nonetheless, the couple has yet to tie the knot. But this does not imply they do not love and cherish one other’s presence. They were seen together in a variety of matches and at many other locations.

Neither the pair has commented on the allegation nor spoken publicly about their relationship.

Kawhi Leonards Kid-Napping Through-The Raptors Parade Is Parent Goals (Source: www.huffingtonpost.ca)

According to the source, Kalyah’s parents met each other in San Diego and started dating.

Leonard, born on June 29, 1991, is two years older than Shipley, born in 1989.

Nowadays, it is common to engage and being in a relationship with an older woman. Especially in relationships with celebrities, it is more popular.

Leonard may be a wonderful professional basketball player, but he’s not good at sharing personal information. Because of his secrecy, his connection with his kids, as well as his children’s interaction with the media, remains a mystery.

Kawhi and Shipley refused to give interviews. Moreover, they have stayed away from the media spotlight or social media. Neither of them actually has a social media account that they manage.

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Kaliyah Leonard: Her Parents’ Net Worth

Kaliyah Leonard was born into a wealthy family thanks to her father’s successful basketball career. He earns $23 million per year.

According to Celebrity Net Worth indication, his expected net worth is $70 million in 2021, including his endorsement and extra income.

Kaliyah Leonard: Social Media Won ‘The Moment Of Parents’ Goals’

The Toronto Raptors enjoyed a fun day in the sun with their adorable children during the Raptors parade on Monday!

After Game 6, all players enjoyed their championship victory with their own families and children at the celebration parade. They have a large number of enthusiastic supporters.

Moreover, Kawhi Leonard, along with his wife and daughter Kaliyah, took part in the celebration. Kaliyah became an internet phenomenon. She drew a lot of attention after falling asleep so quickly in the midst of a large crowd and a lot of noise.

Little Kaliyah didn’t take too long to take a nap during the 2019 Toronto Raptors championship parade.

Viewers can’t help but wonder how Leonard and Shipley successfully turned their tiny child into a sleeping beauty in a purple gown. Likewise, they have the commotion and enthusiasm at the occasion.

Sleepy Kaliyah Leonard

Leonard is extremely reserved if it comes to talk and reveal about his personal situation. Moreover, he rarely offered people or fans a rare glimpse into his family by spending the entire parade with his partner Kishele Shipley and daughter Kaliyah.

More significantly, Kaliyah fell asleep during the procession, which is a huge plus.

Many people were so curious about the Kawhi secret like how that youngster napped despite the screaming of the audience and the scorching sun.

The fact that she slept in a public area and on such a significant event was not ignored. Numerous media sites covered the story and filmed the scene.

Furthermore, many individuals, particularly on social media sites, have referred to the event as “parental objectives,” while others have described it as a “chilling moment.”

This incident appears to be so adorable. In addition, many celebrities were unable to ignore it and began tweeting about it on social networking sites.

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