Who Is Kaysi Kopech? Michael Kopech Sister- Parents And Family Tree

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Michael Kopech’s sister, Kaysi Kopech, is a digital creator. Kaysi resides in Texas with her two sons, Cassius and Cruz.

The Chicago White Sox pitcher, Michael Kopech, had been touted for success from a young age. A first-round pick in the 2014 MLB draft, Kopech was drafted in the same year as Carlos Rodon.  

Michael Kopech made his MLB debut two years later, but Tommy John surgery put him out for two seasons. With the COVID pandemic taking over in 2020, Michael was seen back on the mound in the 2021 season. 

Michael Kopech Pictured During Practice Session Of Chicago White Sox In 2023
Michael Kopech Pictured During Practice Session Of Chicago White Sox In 2023 (Source: Twitter)

With injuries getting the best of him throughout his career, Kopech has assured the fans that in 2023, White Sox will make it to the postseason. 

The pitcher is ready to put the disappointment of the 2022 season behind him and make 2023 the best one yet. 

Michael Kopech Sister, Kaysi Kopech 

Michael Kopech’s sister, Kaysi Kopech, is his only sibling and is older than him by two years. 

Born on April 29, 1994, Kaysi recently celebrated turning 29. And this was not the only occasion for Kaysi to celebrate. 

On May 5, Kaysi shared a post of her and her fiance receiving their marriage license. The mother-of-two had been in a relationship with a man named Jorge Alvarez, and the two were all smiles as they received their marriage license. 

Kaysi raised her two kids as a single mother for a long time. Her first son, Cassius, was born when she was a teenager. Her second son, Cruz, was born five years later. 

Kaysi Kopech With Her Two Kids Cassius & Cruz Pictured With Michael In 2017
Kaysi Kopech With Her Two Kids, Cassius & Cruz, Pictured With Michael In 2017 (Source: Instagram)

On her Instagram, Kaysi can be seen sharing appreciation posts for her family, especially her younger brother.

Recently, she shared a video of Michael wearing her socks and dancing around the house to cheer her up. The older sister also shared photos of herself babysitting her nephew, River Kopech.

Looking at the snaps, there’s no doubt Kaysi adores her nephew, and her two sons are also not far behind in expressing their love for their cousin.

Michael Kopech Parents, Michael P. Kopech, And Tabbetha Kopech 

Michael Kopech’s parents, Micahel P. Kopech and Tabbetha Kopech were hands-on in his development. 

Michael P. Kopech was recently appointed to the position of judge of Morris County earlier this year. A man who called himself a “country lawyer” as he rebuked offers from large law firms to stay behind to raise his sons. 

Despite getting into a dangerous accident while in college, Michael P. Kopech worked hard to get into law school. He graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law and worked in law firms in Texas. 

On Left: Kaysi Pictured With Their Father Michael P Kopech After His Promotion To Judge Earlier This Year And On Right: Michael's Parents, Michael P And Tabbetha Kopech Click A Selfie
Left: Kaysi Pictured With Their Father, Michael P Kopech, After His Promotion To Judge Earlier This Year And On Right: Michael’s Parents, Michael P, And Tabbetha Kopech, Click A Selfie (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with The Athletic, Michael Sr said his son predicted his future when he was only four. But before that, Michael wanted to become a lawyer like his father. 

In the interview, Michael Sr also recalled his conversation with his wife, Tabbetha, about their future. He said to Tabbetha, he wanted to earn just enough to facilitate his son’s dream of becoming a baseball player. 

Nevertheless, it’s been a long journey full of ups and downs for Michael P Kopech to see his son reach his achieve his potential. 

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