Ken Krieger Obituary: NOVA Soccer Legend Passes Away Battling Dementia

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Ken Krieger Obituary: One of the most successful high school soccer coaches in Virginia history, Ken Krieger, passed away on Monday morning.

The late football personality battled with dementia for a long time and finally died at 69.

His daughter, Ali Krieger, is a former soccer player who played national and international games, and the whole family is preparing for the obituary now.

Ken Krieger Is A Former Soccer Coach
Ken Krieger Is A Former Soccer Coach (Source: Linkedin)

Ken Krieger is a former soccer coach with lots of experience working with soccer teams. In 2003, he was the head coach for boys at Forest Park, where Ali played.

Likewise, the sports personality left his job as a coach for young players at DC United to become the technical director for the Washington Freedoms’s new top-player teams. Before that, he worked with Prince William Courage and McLean Youth Soccer from 2014 to 2015. 

Later, Krieger returned to DC United in 2015 to work with the Under 16-DA team. Then, in 2016, he started working with the Arlington Soccer Association to lead their new US Soccer Development Academy Program.

Later, he started working as the Girls’ Director of Coaching at Fredericksburg FC before joining the Northern Virginia Soccer Club.

Ken Krieger Obituary

Ken Krieger is no more. He died this Monday morning, as per the reports. He had had dementia for many years.

In 2019, when his daughter, Ali Krieger, was preparing to marry her long-time boyfriend, Ken met a car accident.

After his accident, the soccer coach remained hospitalized for many weeks. Later, he had dementia.

Ken Krieger With His Daughter, Ali Krieger
Ken Krieger With His Daughter, Ali Krieger (Source: Instagram)

Dementia is a mental condition in which the patient declines cognitive abilities such as memory, reasoning, and communication skills, leading to impairment in a person’s ability to carry out daily activities.

He survived these health issues for a long time, leading to his death on 3rd March 2024. 

Unfortunately, Ken and his wife, Debbie Christopher, legally separated when their kids were too young. 

At his death, Ken had his children by his side. Not much data has been out regarding his death and condition just before his last moments.

The only thing that has been out is his battle with dementia for a long time and his healthy relationship with his kids.

Currently, his family and close relatives are preparing for the obituary.

Health And Illness Updates

The former soccer coach, Ken, might have had a significant health issue before he took his last breath. Sadly, there is not much data on his health update just before his death.

His family members are still in shock and mourning his death. No one from the family has come forward to brief the death.

Late Soccer Coach Ken Krieger With His Daughter, Ali Krieger
Late Soccer Coach Ken Krieger With His Daughter, Ali Krieger (Source: Medium)

Also, it is not known whether Ken died at his residence or the hospital. The details on his illness and health updates need to be out.

His daughter, Ali Krieger, son, Kyle, and his family are busy with the funeral preparation now. They might disclose the death cause soon.

Dementia seems a primary cause of Ken’s demise, though there could be other hidden causes, too, which need to be out.

The sports world is praying for the soccer coach’s departed soul.



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