Kevin Love Brother Collin Is A Musical Artist And Sister Emily Is An Athlete

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Despite the family’s love for basketball, it is rumored that Kevin Love brother Collin is a musical artist. And what about his sister being an athlete? Which one of these is true?

On September 7, 1988, Kevin Wesley Love was born in Santa Monica, California. He is a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the NBA. 

In 2016, he and the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title. He has been selected to the All-Star game five times and has twice made the NBA Second Team.

Kevin Love Smiling In The Court
Kevin Love Smiling In The Court (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he competed for the United States on the gold-medal-winning national teams at the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

Love led the league in rebounds and was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player in 2011.

Kevin Love Brother Collin Is A Musical Artist And Sister Emily Is An Athlete

With an older brother named Collin and a younger sister named Emily, Kevin Love is the second child of his parents.

Collin is a musician and vocalist that performs in churches and choirs. During his childhood years, he took part in school music programs and concerts.

He was a member of the school choir and played music.

Although Collin and Kevin played basketball together when they were younger, he has always been more inclined toward music.

Collin claims that there was constant pressure to play basketball at home since their father was a former Laker.

However, his passion for music prevailed and shattered the athletic tradition of the family.

Collin is married to the beautiful Annie Love. 

Kevin Love With His Brother Collin Sister Emily And The Brother's Wives
Kevin Love With His Brother Collin, Sister Emily, And The Brother’s Wives (Source: Instagram)

Emily is the youngest one in the family and is naturally loved by all. She is very close with both her brothers and their wives and seems like the one to keep everyone together. 

Furthermore, she loves animals; her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of several of her poodles and horses. It looks like her poodles love her horses too.

She showed signs of being athletic early on and participated in basketball at Lake Oswego but stopped after the fifth standard.

Emily did have aspirations of competing in equestrian in the Olympics.

Kevin Love Wife Kate Love

Kate Block, a professional sports model from Vancouver, Canada, is Kevin Love’s wife. Kate and Kevin exchanged vows on June 25, 2022.

The two started dating in 2016, not long after they initially met. The NBA player and the model decided to take their romance to the next level after being together for five years.

They got engaged in January 2021. After that, the couple wed in a lavish ceremony held at the New York Public Library after a year and a half of being engaged.

Kevin Love With His Wife Kate Love
Kevin Love With His Wife Kate Love (Source: Instagram)

Kate is not just a model, as she actively chooses to participate in various discourses going around in the community. She was a vocal critic of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In addition to that, she loves traveling and grabs her husband to go with her whenever she finds the chance. 

Kevin loves her very much, and we can find him, and it might be safe to assume that posting her on his Instagram is one of her love languages.

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