Kevin Von Erich Wife: Meet Pam Adkisson & Kids

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Kevin Von Erich not only carved out a legendary career but also built a loving family with his loving wife, Pam Adkisson.

The wrestling legend is making headlines as he promotes the upcoming movie “The Iron Claw.” It is a Von Erich family biopic starring Zac Efron as Kevin.

In this article, we delve into the personal side of Kevin Von Erich’s life, focusing on his wife and children.

Kevin Von Erich Is A Former WCWA World Heavyweight Champion
Kevin Von Erich Is A Former WCWA World Heavyweight Champion (Source: Facebook)

Kevin Von Erich, a legendary name in the world of professional wrestling, stands tall among the wrestling legends.

Born Kevin Ross Adkisson on May 15, 1957, he is an American retired professional wrestler.

Von Erich is best known for his time with his father’s promotion, World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW).

A one-time world champion, Von Erich’s athleticism and good looks made him a standout in the industry.

Despite a football career cut short, he found his true calling in the wrestling ring, where he achieved significant success.

Von Erich made a triumphant return to wrestling in 2017, teaming up with his sons Ross and Marshall in a victorious match in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Meet Kevin Von Erich Wife, Pam Adkisson

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the wrestling world, Kevin Von Erich found his anchor in Pam Adkisson.

As per reports, the two exchanged vows on August 1, 1980, and have been inseparable since.

Choosing to live a private life in Hawaii, the couple also manages a family investment business together.

Kevin Von Erich With Wife Pam, Daughter Kristen, And Granddaughter Adeline At 'The Iron Claw’ Movie Premiere In L.A
Kevin Von Erich With Wife Pam, Daughter Kristen, And Granddaughter Adeline At ‘The Iron Claw’ Movie Premiere In L.A (Source: NY Daily News)

While Kevin basked in the wrestling limelight, Pam preferred a more confidential life. That’s why she has kept her personal details away from the media and public scrutiny.

Despite the challenges, she has been Kevin’s rock, supporting him through thick and thin. The couple’s enduring love story exemplifies their commitment to each other.

Although shy from media attention, Pam occasionally makes public appearances.

Recently, she was at ‘The Iron Claw’ movie premiere in Los Angeles, where actress Lily James has portrayed her iconic role.

Meet Kevin Von Erich Kids

The union between Kevin Von Erich and Pam Adkisson expanded beyond their own love story to a growing family.

Their four children, two daughters and two sons have become an integral part of the Von Erich legacy.

Kristen Rain, born February 3, 1981, is the eldest among the siblings, followed by Jillian Lindsey on February 10, 1985.

Similarly, David Michael Ross (aka Ross Von Erich) was born in 1988, while Kevin Marshall (aka Marshall Von Erich) was born in 1992.

Kevin Von Erich With His Sons Ross And Marshall Von Erich
Kevin Von Erich With His Sons Ross And Marshall Von Erich (Source: Facebook)

In addition to their immediate family, the couple boasts an impressive 11 grandchildren.

Kristen, married to Joseph Nikolas, is a mother to Adeline Claire, twin sons Eli and Rush, and sons Abram and Josiah. Jillian is a proud mother of three daughters and a son.

In addition, Marshall and his wife, Coral, have two sons, continuing the Von Erich lineage.

The Von Erich Family Legacy Continues 

Von Erich’s sons have taken it upon themselves to extend further the professional wrestling legacy of the Von Erich family.

Kevin’s sons Marshall and Ross Von Erich formed a formidable wrestling tag team, competing in multiple promotions.

They last competed in Major League Wrestling, where they were able to become World Tag Team Champions.

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