Khadija Shaw Parents George And Monica Shaw- Brother And Family

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Khadija Shaw’s parents George, and Monica Shaw, saw their kids fall victim to gun violence. The couple raised their daughter, Khadija, and 12 other kids in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Coming from a large family, Khadija didn’t have difficulty finding people with whom she could play soccer. Her brothers were the ones who first introduced her to the game.

Khadija Shaw Talks To The Media In 2020 During The CONCAF Qualifying Championship
Khadija Shaw Talks To The Media In 2020 During The CONCACAF Qualifying Championship (Source: Instagram)

Since making her international debut in 2015, Khadija has made 39 appearances scoring 55 goals. She was one of the names in the Jamaica Women’s World Cup list in 2019, and this year she is once again representing her nation in the prestigious tournament.

In the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup, Jamaica held Wendie Renard’s France to a 0-0 draw in their first game. Though Jamaica’s goalkeeper Becky Spencer put in a shift, Khadija also produced a brilliant attacking game.

Khadija Shaw Parents, George, And Monica Shaw

Khadija Shaw’s parents George, and Monica Shaw, raised 13 kids in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Shaw was the youngest among the siblings and grew up playing soccer with her brothers.

Khadija didn’t have the best environment when growing up in Jamaica. Raising their children in a crime-ridden area, George and Monica Shaw saw three of their sons fall victim to gang violence. 

George worked as a shoemaker, and Monica was a chicken farmer. In summer, Khadija would help out her father in his business. In an interview with her soccer club Manchester City, Khadija revealed her father’s side family resided in Manchester.

Khadija Shaw Pictured With Her Father, George On Her Graduation Day, And On Right, Her Mother, Monica Shaw Talks To The Jamaican Media
Khadija Shaw Pictured With Her Father, George, On Her Graduation Day, And On Right, Her Mother, Monica Shaw, Talks To The Jamaican Media (Source: Facebook)

And though she didn’t have any contact with them for a long time, they were excited about Khadija signing for City. 

In an interview with the Jamaican tabloid, Loop News, Monica Shaw said her daughter was born to play soccer. There was a time when she would call her daughter names for playing soccer with her brothers. 

But there were early signs of Khadija becoming a soccer star, and slowly Monica started adapting to her daughter’s love for the sport.

During the interview, Monica revealed her daughter wasn’t only a standout on the soccer pitch but also had strong grades. Khadija has gone on to make not only her parents proud but also her country. 

Khadija Shaw Brother, Kentardo, Gave Her The Nickname

Khadija Shaw grew up with seven brothers and five sisters. She lost three brothers through gun violence at an early age. 

The Jamaican soccer star lost her fourth brother in a car accident. She then lost two nephews in quick succession. Her first nephew fell victim to a gunshot, and her second nephew was electrocuted on the soccer pitch.

When she was young, Kentardo, her older brother, was the one to teach her soccer. She coaxed him for introductory lessons, and Kentardo told her she first needed to learn how to juggle the ball.

Khadija Shaw Wins The 2022 CONCACAF Women's POTY Award Earlier This Year
Khadija Shaw Wins The 2022 CONCACAF Women’s POTY Award Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

Kentardo was also the one to give her the nickname “Bunny.” The older brother got the idea of the nickname because of his sister’s love for carrot juice and carrots.

And on top of that, Khadija says she had two big teeth, and her brother would tease her,  telling her she ate like a bunny rabbit. At first, Khadija hated it and would cry, but soon she started embracing her nickname.

Her siblings remain away from the public limelight and do not make any appearances with her on her social media platforms

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