Kim Seib Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is Bruce Bochy Wife?

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Bruce Bochy’s stellar season arouses fans’ interest in his wife, Kim Seib. They married in 1978 and have two children.

Surprisingly, on October 21, 2022, Bochy made a stunning return from retirement to become the 29th manager of the Texas Rangers.

Bochy’s great season with the Rangers has fans eager to learn more about his spouse, including her Wikipedia and age.

Bruce Bochy As The Head Coach Of Texas Rangers
Bruce Bochy As The Head Coach Of Texas Rangers (Source: New York Post)

Bruce Douglas Bochy, born on April 16, 1955, in Bussac-Forêt, France, is a former player and the current MLB manager for the Texas Rangers.

Bochy became the 24th pick in the first round in the 1975 Supplemental Draft and decided to turn professional after joining the Houston Astros. 

Despite a short-lived career as a baseball player, Bochy is one of the most successful managers in the history of MLB. His coaching career started with the San Diego Padres as a minor league manager. 

After four years of managing the minor league teams, he became the third-base coach in 1993.

After the head coach retired, Bochy, at 39, became the youngest manager in 1995.

Yet, his biggest career achievements came during his 13 seasons managing the San Francisco Giants.

Furthermore, the manager achieved three World Series Championships with the Giants and one NL Manager of the Year with the Padres before retiring on February 18, 2019.

Kim Seib Age: Bruce Bochy Wife Wikipedia

Seib allegedly met with Bochy back in the 70s when they were both attending Brevard Community College. After dating for a while, the couple got hitched in 1978.

The couple has had strong support for each other, and when the opportunity came calling, Seib was hesitant about letting her husband get back on the field. 

Bruce Bochy With His Family
Bruce Bochy With His Family (Source: Midland Reporter-Telegram)

Moreover, the mother of two prefers to keep a low public profile as she has no social media accounts. Additionally, she has made rare appearances in interviews or spoken to the media. 

Due to this, extracting information on her is a daunting task. However, she is the mother of two boys, Brett and Greg, and a grandmother to three terrific grandchildren. 

Furthermore, at 57, Seib enjoys being a doting grandmother while supporting her husband, balancing it all with grace.

In a recent interview, she established that she understood her husband was born to do this.

Despite having doubts about her husband back on the field, she claims that she knew her husband’s passion did not include sitting in a recliner chair. 

Additionally, the Rangers manager lives in a three-bedroom, three-bath apartment in Texas.

His wife, however, travels during the home series while spending the rest of the time in Nashville with her children. 

Life Beyond The Field

Despite being one of the most successful managers to ever manage in the MLB, Bochy has had several hurdles that he has had to fight. 

One such hurdle was his battle with his health. The Rangers coach went through an angioplasty in 2015 when his blood vessels were 90 percent blocked. 

Furthermore, he was hospitalized in 2016 due to an irregular heartbeat causing the doctors to carry out a cardioversion procedure.

In addition to that, the 68-year-old has gone through two separate heart ablation procedures to treat atrial flutter.  

Bruce Bochy Comes Out Of Retirement
Bruce Bochy Comes Out Of Retirement (Source: Dallas Morning News)

However, the Rangers manager has celebrated some terrific times as well. The Rangers manager won the Ronald L. Jensen Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2011. 

In addition to that, the Brevard Community College renamed its baseball field as Bruce Bochy Field in 2011.  

Moreover, he is also one of the only seven managers in MLB history to have managed his son. The Giants drafted his younger son, Brett in 2010, where he trained under his father. 

Furthermore, he was the first non-native manager to reach the World Series and the first European-born manager to win the World Series in 2010. 

As the only manager in Major League Baseball history to win at least 900 games with two different teams, Bochy is without a doubt the most successful manager in MLB history.

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