King Nicol Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The Young Surfer?

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King Nicol has been a sensation in the surfing industry from a young age. He has shocked many, displaying pro-like surfing skills from his early years.

Born and raised in a coastal town renowned for its powerful waves, Nicol was introduced to surfing at a tender age.

King Nicol The Surfing Prodigy
King Nicol The Surfing Prodigy (Source: Instagram)

King Nicol is a young surfer known for his surfing skills. He is also a social media personality with over 200k followers on Instagram.

Moreover, he also has a YouTube channel and a TikTok account with thousands of subscribers and followers. He posts content related to surfing on all his accounts, which his parents manage.

Having been photographed alongside pro surfers such as Jordy Smith, the young surfer’s future in the surfing world appears promising and bright.

King Nicol Age And Wiki

King Nicol was born in 2012 to his parents, father Yadin Nicol and mother Bella Nicol. Since childhood, his parents have diligently maintained a social media presence for him, documenting his journey through life.

Through his Instagram account, which bears his name, followers are granted a glimpse into his life from his earliest days as a toddler.

Furthermore, this social media platform serves as a visual journal of King Nicol’s evolution.

The Instagram account has pictures of pivotal moments and milestones along his surfing journey. 

Nicol With His Father Yadin
Nicol With His Father Yadin (Source: Instagram)

Notably, King Nicol’s Instagram account is more focused on something other than surfing; it also provides a window into his personal life, with pictures showcasing moments spent with his family and loved ones.

These candid snapshots offer insight into the supportive environment that has nurtured his passion for surfing. With over 400 posts to date, King Nicol’s Instagram account has garnered significant attention.

Additionally, it seems like the young surfer is homeschooled so he can focus on improving his surfing skills. This was evident from his posts as the caption contained the tag “#homeschool’.

This decision appears wise, as the young prospect is showing signs of improvement and has even secured victories in competitions.

Nicol’s Rise To Fame

The young prodigy gained attention at the age of 5 when a surfing video featuring him and his father went viral.

With stunning footage surfacing of him skillfully maneuvering waves off the coast of Hawaii, he captivated audiences worldwide.

Under the watchful eye of his pro-surfer father, Yadin, Kingsley has developed some serious skills in an impressively short time.

He started his surfing journey at the tender age of one and has quickly become a standout talent on the waves.

His talent went viral on the World Surf League’s Facebook page, amassing a staggering 2.2 million views. Speaking to WA Today, Yadin expressed his joy at sharing his passion for surfing with his son.

Despite his newfound fame, Kingsley remains humble and unfazed by the attention. For him, surfing is all about having fun, and he’s eager to continue learning and improving his skills.

King Nicol’s Parents And Family

Nicol’s parents, Yadin Nicol and Bella Nicol, have played crucial roles in his life. They welcomed him into the world and have nurtured him with immense attention and care.

Yadin, his father, is not only a pro-surfer but also doubles as a Digital Creator, while Bella, his mother, is engaged in the media industry, particularly in personal blogging. Moreover, the entire family is actively involved in modeling.

King Nicol And His Family
King Nicol And His Family (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, his father, Yadin, is originally from Cowaramup, Western Australia, and is ranked 107 on the pro-surfer circuit.

Additionally, there are indications that they may be thinking of opening a jewelry store, as evidenced by the link to St. Kingsley Jewelry in King’s bio.

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