KNBR Host Fired: No More ‘Paulie Mac’ As Paul McCaffrey Was Let Go

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Paul McCaffrey a seasoned host of KNBR has been fired recently and there have been multiple speculations as to the reason behind it.

McCaffrey has a long history with the studio and has even worked with its sister studio during the initial phases of his career.

KNBR Host Paul McCaffrey On Baseball Field
KNBR Host Paul McCaffrey On Baseball Field (Source: Instagram)

Paul McCaffrey, aka Paulie Mac, along with his co-host Brian Murphy would always go on air on KNBC 680’s show “Murph and Mac.”

The subject of their discussion was a wide variety of topics ranging from sports to entertainment, and even politics. 

It was a good show for the listeners around the Bay Area to commute to their work every day. Paul joined the KNBR team in 1997 when he got back to San Francisco.

The studio hired him as a creative and commercial writer. KNBR had also allowed him to host hour-long shows on its sister station known as The Ticket 1050.

Initially working in the capacity of a substitute host, the sister studio hired him as a full-time co-host of the morning show on The Ticket 1050.

In 2003, Paulie moved to KNBR’s sister station, 107.7 The Bone, where he worked as a DJ. During this time, Paulie met Brian Murphy, and in February 2006, the two began co-hosting the Morning Show on KNBR 680.

KNBR Host Fired: What’s The Story?

KNBR has left its staff and audience shaken after they fired its long-time host Paul McCaffrey. Fans are saying that the reason behind the layoff was budgetary constraints.

It does appear so because other behind-the-scenes staff along with McCaffrey have also been let go.

The news was confirmed by Adam Copeland, a co-host of the afternoon show “Tolbert and Copes,” before concluding his show for the day.

Copeland announced the news of the lay-offs and labeled it as a “Black day” for the studio.

He added that the studio facing a very difficult day and wanted to tip a hat to all the people who were laid off.

Paul McCaffrey Who Worked As A Host In KNBR Has Been Fired
Paul McCaffrey During His Time As A Host In KNBR (Source: Instagram)

McCaffrey had been a co-host of the “Murph and Mac” morning show with Brian Murphy for the previous 18 years.

Murphy looks to be still at KNBR, though Copeland suggested that the morning show will have fill-in hosts on Thursday.

Fans only later realized that it would turn out to be the final “Murph and Mac” episode which was aired on Wednesday morning (29 November 2023).

Other layoffs include longtime KNBR executive Lee Hammer, who had previously served as a program director.

Meet His Co-Host: Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy is the co-host of the renowned Murph and Mac morning radio show on San Francisco’s KNBR 680. The pair have been working together for almost two decades.

Murphy worked as a 49ers beat journalist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and the San Francisco Chronicle for seven years before becoming a radio personality.

He is currently living and working in San Francisco, California. 

Brian Murphy Has Been Paul McCaffrey' Co-Host And Friend For A Long Time
Brian Murphy Has Been Paul McCaffrey’ Co-Host And Friend For A Long Time (Source: Instagram)

He has also written a number of novels, including Never. Say. Die.: The 2012 World Championship San Francisco Giants, The Last Putt: Two Teams, One Dream, and a Freshman Named Tiger, Worth the Wait, and The San Francisco Giants: 50 Years.

Murphy has indicated that the pair are very close friends and love being around each other. In his Twitter bio, he writes, “Wake up early to hang with Paulie Mac at KNBR 104.5 FM/680 AM.

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