Who Is Kristen Tynes? WWE Ted DiBiase Jr. Wife And Kids

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Kristen Tynes is the wife of a former professional wrestler, Ted Dibiase Jr.

Ted and Kristen attended the same high school. After dating for quite some time, they tied the knot on October 30, 2008.

Ted DiBiase Jr. And His Wife Kristen Tynes
Ted DiBiase Jr. And His Wife Kristen Tynes (Source: Twitter)

They have two children together, one son and one daughter.

Husband, Ted Dibiase Jr.

Theodore Marvin DiBiase Jr. was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on November 8, 1992.

He is a third-generation professional wrestler; both his grandparents, Iron Mike DiBiase and Helen Hild, and his father “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase were professional wrestlers.

Moreover, his younger brother Brett and older half-brother Mike are former professional wrestlers.

Ted started his professional wrestling career in 2006 and continued entertaining fans till 2017.

Ted DiBiase Jr. During His Professional Wrestling Career
Ted DiBiase Jr. During His Professional Wrestling Career (Source: Twitter)

During his professional years, he won FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship once, the Million Dollar Championship once, and a few others.

He ended his WWE journey in 2013, citing family commitments and other business pursuits.

However, DiBiase Jr. continued to wrestle on the Independent circuit until he announced his retirement.

Ted’s Controversy

Controversy is not new to Ted. The former professional wrestler has been charged for a welfare scandal.

The son of “The Million Dollar Man” is reportedly involved in the theft of federal funds in connection with the former NFL star Brett Favre‘s Mississippi welfare scandal.

DiBiase received donations from a nonprofit corporation to help poor women and children.

However, all the funds received were diverted for the personal use of DiBiase, the former welfare director, and other members.

The Justice Department reports DiBiase was paid more than $3 million by federal welfare funds “for social services.” The former wrestler allegedly used the funds for personal EXPENSES, to buy A vehicle and boat, and for the down payment ON THE house.

Scott Gilbert, DiBase’s lawyer said, “Today was a good day for Teddy DiBiase.”

He further added, “After being forced to sit quietly for nearly three years while opportunists took unabated swings at Teddy and his family, Teddy now has the opportunity to fight back publicly.”

Previously, his brother, Brett DiBiase, was found guilty of defrauding the government in connection with the welfare scandal.


The former professional wrestler and his wife welcomed their first child, a son named Tate McKinley DiBiase, on May 15, 2012.

Their second child, a daughter named Ava DiBiase, was born in 2018. Looking at his social media post, his daughter might be the one who might follow the family lineage and become a professional wrestler.

In one of his social media posts, Ted also mentioned that his family was the reason for retiring from wrestling.

DiBiase is often seen out on the sea with his kids. The father-son duo also seems to love fishing.

Ted’s Father, “The Million Dollar Man”

Theodore Marvin DiBiase Sr. is a former professional wrestler, manager, and color commentator.

DiBiase Sr. started his wrestling career in 1974 and was famous as “The Million Dollar Man.”

He was one of the best technical wrestlers and greatest villains in pro wrestling history.

Besides WWF, he also wrestled in National Wrestling Alliance, Universal Wrestling Federation, and All Japan Pro Wrestling.

One interesting fact about him is that his adoptive father, Mike DiBiase, and his mother, Helen Hild, were also professional wrestlers.

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