Who Is Kristina Prišč, Ivica Zubac Wife? Married To Long-Time Girlfriend

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After dating for over six years, NBA player Ivica Zubac tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Kristina Prišč, in 2021.

Ivica Zubac’s wife, Kristina Prišč, is a Croatian model known for her striking features and captivating presence.

He always remembers to show his love for his wife on special occasions by posting a beautiful photo of them together and a heartfelt message.

Croatian Professional Basketball Player Ivicia Zubac
Croatian Professional Basketball Player Ivicia Zubac (Source: Instagram)

Ivica Zubac was born on March 18, 1997, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zubac is a talented and passionate Croatian basketball player making waves on the Los Angeles Clippers National Basketball Association (NBA) team.

He played professional basketball in Europe before joining the NBA. His passion and dedication to basketball took him to heights within a few years of playing.

Furthermore, he won a silver medal in the 2015 FIBA Under-19 World Championship before joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016.

On June 23, 2016, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Zubac as the 32nd overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft.

Later, on February 7, 2019, Zubac was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Mike Muscala.

Since then, he has become an instrumental player for the Clippers and helped them secure their first-ever Western Conference Finals appearance during the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

Ivica Zubac’s Wife, Kristina Prišč

Fans are very interested in Zubac’s personal life, and it’s no surprise that many are curious about it.

Ivica and Kristina Prišč share a beautiful love story that started in 2015.

However, the couple crossed paths while Ivica pursued his passion for basketball in the Cibona youth system in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivica Zubac And His Wife Kristina Prišč
Ivica Zubac And His Wife Kristina Prišč (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, their six-year journey of love culminated in a marriage proposal by Zubac to Kristine.

On February 16, 2019, he announced that he proposed to Kristine with the caption “She said yes! 💍” on Instagram.

Finally, on August 24, 2021, Zubac and Kristina exchanged their vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

We couldn’t be happier for Ivica and Kristina, and we’re sure their love will continue to flourish.

Kristina Prišč’s Personal Life

Kristina is a stunning Croatian model and journalism graduate. In 2015, she became the new Gentleman’s Choice girl.

She was ranked among the top ten most beautiful women in Miss Universe Croatia 2014.

Kristina Prišč Is A Croation Model
Kristina Prišč Is A Croatian Model (Source: DailyStar UK)

Kristina is enthusiastic about horse riding and founded Team 40 Stable, a breeding stable. Despite having over 14k followers, her Instagram handle is private.

Reportedly, we have found Kristina to be a massive supporter of God, family, love, and animals through her social media posts.

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