Kyle Seager Kids: Julie Seager Is A Proud Mom of Three

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Kyle Seager and his wife Julie have three kids, Crue, Audrey, and Emelyn, who are already showing early athletic passion, following in their father’s footsteps.

Kyle Seager and his wife Julie have been married for over eleven years and have three children together. They named their eldest son Crue and have two younger daughters, Audrey and Emelyn.

Born on November 3, 1987, Kyle Seager is a retired American professional baseball player. He is the older brother of MLB star Corey Seager

Former Professional Baseball Player Kyle Seager
Former Professional Baseball Player Kyle Seager (Source: The US Sun)

Kyle played as a third baseman and spent his entire career, from 2011 to 2021, with the Seattle Mariners of the MLB. 

The Mariners selected Seager in the third round of the 2009 MLB draft, and he debuted in 2011. He earned recognition as an All-Star and was awarded a Gold Glove in 2014 for his outstanding performance.

Kyle Seager Kids

Kyle and his wife, Julie Seager, tied the knot in December 2011 and have been blessed with three kids.

Their eldest son, Crue, was born in November 2013, followed by their daughter Audrey in October 2016. Their youngest daughter, Emelyn, arrived in July 2018.

Emelyn, the youngest of the siblings, is currently attending kindergarten. Meanwhile, their older children are in grades four and one, respectively.

The couple shares a strong bond with their children, and Kyle’s retirement has allowed him to dedicate quality time to his kids.

Kyle Seager With His Wife And Kids Crue, Audrey And Emelyn
Kyle Seager With His Wife And Kids Crue, Audrey, And Emelyn (Source: Instagram)

Following his retirement, Kyle and Julie decided to venture into farming, and they regularly share glimpses of their farm life on Julie’s Instagram.

Their children have shown an interest in following in their parent’s footsteps. Crue, in particular, has liked baseball, much like his father. Similarly, their elder daughter has developed a passion for tennis.

Their daughters share a special bond with their father and can often be seen spending time together. Kyle’s wife revealed on Instagram that whenever they attend baseball games, their children fondly remark that it was where their parents fell in love.

Julie Is A Proud Mom of Three

Julie Seager, originally from North Carolina, has been married to her Kyle for over eleven years. While there isn’t much information about her, her social media accounts offer glimpses into her family’s life.

Julie portrays herself as a devoted mother who cares for her children and actively teaches them about life.

Her Instagram profile reflects her pride as a mom. She consistently celebrates her children’s birthdays through posts and commemorates their annual graduations.

Kyle Seager With His Wife, Julie Seager
Kyle Seager With His Wife, Julie Seager (Source: Instagram)

After Kyle’s retirement, the couple embarked on a country life and now work together on their farm. According to Julie, their chosen country life is superior to city life because it provides a nurturing environment for their children.

Julie has consistently supported her husband and their children. She supported her husband throughout his career and after retirement, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to him.

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