Kyle Whittingham Wife Jamie Whittingham: Married Life & Kids

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Kyle Whittingham has been married to his wife, Jamie Whittingham, since 1983. But their story begins much earlier when they were just kids.

Kyle and Jamie have a happy family with four children. The seasoned couple are now grandparents to eight grandchildren.

Like his father, his son, Alex Whittingham, has chosen coaching as his career. He recently started his sixth season in 2023 with Kansas City as a defensive quality control coach.

Kyle Whittingham And His Wife
Kyle Whittingham And His Wife (Source: Instagram)

Kyle David Whittingham is an American football coach born on November 21, 1959. He is also a former football player.

As a football player, he started with the BYU Cougars as a linebacker from 1978 to 1981. Later, he went on to play for different teams till 1987.

At the start of coaching, Kyle was assigned as defensive coordinator for the College of Eastern Utah. After gaining experience and knowledge, he moved to Utah as a defensive line coach.

Since 2005, Whittingham has held the position of head football coach at the University of Utah. The head coach holds the all-time win record for the school.

Overall, the extraordinary coach has the AFCA Coach of the Year, the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award, and the 2009 Sugar Bowl under his name.

Kyle Whittingham Wife: Jamie Whittingham

Kyle Whittingham married his wife on December 28, 1983. They have been dating each other since their high school days.

The couple became neighbors when Kyle moved to Provo. They grew up in the same neighborhood in Utah. Later, Kyle and Jamie joined the same junior high school.

Kyle Whittingham Traveling With His Wife
Kyle Whittingham Traveling With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

Their childhood friendship soon took a new turn, and they formed a romantic relationship. The high school couple were in love with each other.

The two never gave up on their relationship and got married. Now, the power couple together have four children.

Jamie has always provided Kyle with enormous support. When Kyle decided to pursue his football career and was appointed the head coach, she left her job as a nurse to provide needed support and time for her family.

Even with the hard work and extraordinary talent, it would have been difficult for the coach without his wife supporting him and the family.

Despite all the popularity that can be gained, Jamie prefers to be out of the spotlight and provides all attention to her husband. She identifies herself as a shy person.

When asked about Kyle’s achievement, his wife says she never imagined he would achieve this level of success. She just knew he wanted to be a coach and supported him.

Kyle Whittingham: Married Life & Kids

Even after 40 years of being together, Kyle and Jamie have not lost the touch of their high school love.

Jamie is often seen reminiscing about her old days with her husband. She can be seen sharing their old pictures on her social media handles time and again.

Kyle Whittingham Children And Wife
Kyle Whittingham Children And Wife (Source: Instagram)

After enjoying their wonderful married life, they had two daughters, Kylie and Melissa, and two sons, Alex and Tyler.

Like Kyle, his son, Tyler, played football in high school and represented the Utah football team. The other son, Alex, is employed as a defensive quality control coach for Kansas City.

Also, his daughters were part of the cheerleading team at Utah University.

All the head coach’s children are married, and almost all of them have their own kids. The only exception is their daughter Kylie and her husband, Tanner Hal Johnson, who are expecting a baby soon.

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