Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents: Jai Cross And Jessica Cooney

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Kyra Cooney-Cross, who is 22 year old, has attained noteworthy accomplishments and has consistently received backing from her parents.

Additionally, her family, including her three siblings, has stood by her during her soccer pursuits, offering constant motivation and assistance throughout her journey.

Kyra Cooney-Cross Celebrates Australia Win Over Denmark In The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023
Kyra Cooney-Cross Celebrates Australia Win Over Denmark In The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Kyra Cooney-Cross currently plays as a midfielder for Hammarby IF in the Damallsvenskan.

On October 28, 2017, the midfielder made her senior debut playing for Melbourne Victory in a 2-1 victory against Canberra United.

Besides, she marked her debut for her home country during a friendly match against Denmark on June 10, 2021.

Moreover, the Queensland-born is representing her country in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

She has played in all four games and will look to continue her impressive form against France in the quarterfinals.

Who Are Kyra Cooney-Cross Parents? 

The Australian player was born on February 15, 2002, to parents Jai Cross and Jessica Cooney.

Kyra was born in Herston, Queensland, and spent her upbringing there alongside her three younger sisters.

All of the siblings have kept their surname Cooney-Cross in honor of both of their parents.

While comprehensive details about her siblings remain undisclosed, it is known that her sisters’ names are Mia, Shani, and Mali Cooney-Cross.

Kyra Cooney-Cross With Her Sister Mia Cooney-Cross
Kyra Cooney-Cross With Her Sister Mia Cooney-Cross (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, her father, Jai, engaged in soccer, albeit at a semi-professional rather than a professional level.

Growing up within a family deeply involved in soccer, Kyra was raised in an environment that nurtured her affection and hunger for the sport.

Her parents put in dedicated efforts to ensure their children’s requirements were fulfilled using their earnings.

Despite the obstacles and modest financial situation, Jai and Jessica wholeheartedly endorsed their daughter’s ambitions and aspirations.

Kyra’s inspiration to become a soccer player reportedly stemmed from her father.

Jai Cross Encouraged Kyra Cooney-Cross To Play Soccer

The determined and resilient young individual embarked on her soccer journey at the age of five.

Her introduction to the game came from her father, Jai, who was a player for the Sunshine Coast Fire in Queensland during her childhood.

Kyra stated, “Dad got me into soccer. Since I started walking, I was pretty much kicking the ball.”

Kyra Cooney-Cross Is Also A Fashionista
Kyra Cooney-Cross Is Also A Fashionista (Source: Instagram)

What truly counted for this young person was achieving excellence without letting her gender affect her perspective.

Her father noted that she outperformed most boys she competed against.

Kyra’s entry into the game was thanks to her determination and the support of her father and family.

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