Lane Lambert Wife Annie Wixom: Ex-Islanders Coach Married Life & Kids

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Lane Lambert wife, Annie Wixom, is the supportive heart behind the accomplished hockey coach, adding warmth to their shared journey.

Annie may not be Lane’s first wife, but she is the special chapter in Lambert’s love story.

Together, they navigate life’s challenges, creating a blissful marriage and a loving home for their four children.

Lane Lambert Is A Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Coach
Lane Lambert Is A Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Coach (Source: NYI Hockey Now)

Lane Lambert, born November 18, 1964, is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach and former player.

Beginning as a player, he graced the NHL with the Quebec Nordiques, New York Rangers, and Detroit Red Wings.

Lambert’s coaching journey saw him lead the Milwaukee Admirals and assist the Washington Capitals during their 2018 Stanley Cup run.

He became the head coach for the New York Islanders in 2022.

His impact resonated as he guided the Islanders to the playoffs in the 2022–23 season.

Lane Lambert’s Blissful Marriage with Annie Wixom

Lane Lambert, the former hockey player turned coach, shares his life’s journey with Annie Nicole Wixom.

This beautiful couple tied the knot in August 2018, creating a heaven of joy and happiness.

Recently, they not only celebrated the glory of the Stanley Cup but also exchanged vows on a weekend filled with love, surrounded by close family and friends.

However, Annie is not his first wife, as he’s been married twice.

Lane Lambert With His Third Wife Annie Nicole Wixom
Lane Lambert With His Third Wife Annie Nicole Wixom (Source: Instagram)

Details about his first marriage remain private. Moving forward, Lane’s second spouse was Andi Lambert.

Their story began in 1998, and despite the challenges of Andi’s cancer diagnosis, they chose to marry in 2001.

Tragically, Lane Lambert faced heartbreak when Andi passed away on September 16, 2015, after a courageous battle with breast cancer.

As of now, Lane and Annie \navigate life together, raising four children and creating a blended family filled with love and joy.

Lane Lambert, A Proud Father Raising Four Wonderful Kids

Lane Lambert is not just a hockey maestro but a loving father of four.

Coach Lane Lambert has built a home filled with love and laughter alongside his wife and children.

Blending families seamlessly, Lane shares two daughters, Taylor Lambert and Samantha Lambert, from previous marriages.

Lane’s first marriage brought him a daughter, Taylor.

Taylor, the daughter from Lane’s first marriage, is an instructor at SPINCO and holds a key position at COREcruitment Ltd.

Likewise, when Andi Mendise lost her battle with a rare form of breast cancer in 2015, she left behind a daughter, Samantha Lambert. She seems to have completed high school.

Her Instagram posts hint at a connection with ASU Alpha Chi Omega and Arizona State University, suggesting a meaningful part of her college experience or personal journey.

Lane Lambert With His Wife Annie And Four kids Taylor, Samantha, Cade, And Cole
Lane Lambert With His Wife Annie And Four Kids: Taylor, Samantha, Cade, And Cole (Source: Instagram)

Lane Lambert found happiness in a new chapter of life with Annie Nicole Wixom, whom he married in August 2018.

Annie, his now wife, brings two sons from her past relationship, Cade Balsmeier and Cole Balsmeier, into the loving Lambert fold.

As a father, Lane Lambert takes pride in his daughters’ and stepson’s achievements and individual sons.

His commitment to family mirrors his success in hockey, where he currently coaches the New York Islanders.

While their union hasn’t brought forth children of their own, Lane and Annie embrace the joys of raising Taylor, Samantha, Cade, and Cole.

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