Laura Siegemund Partner Antonio Zucca Is Her Coach

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Laura Siegemund, the German ace, is currently dating her Italian partner and coach Antonio Zucca.

Her partner, Antonio, also shares a similar background in tennis. He was a player before diving into the role of a coach.

As long as the busy schedule of the WTA tournaments permits, he continues to compete aggressively in a number of competitions.

Laura Siegemund And Her Partner With Winners Check
Laura Siegemund And Her Partner (Source: Instagram)

Laura Natalie Siegemund is a German professional tennis player born on March 4, 1988. Her family was the one who ingrained tennis in her mind at the age of three.

At around the age of twelve, she became the only German player since 1981 to win the Junior Orange Bowl.

Later, Siegemund started playing events on the ITF Circuit in 2002. Starting from here, her career was on a rising trajectory with her extraordinary skills.

Overall, Laura has won the US Open in 2016 and 2020, making her the Grand Slam champion twice and ten doubles titles on the WTA Tour.

Despite her previous wins in doubles and mixed doubles in the Arthur Ashe Stadium, she faced a loss on August 29, 2023, against Coco Gauff in the US Open.

Laura Siegemund Partner: Antonio Zucca Is Her Coach

Antonio Zucca is a former professional tennis player and current partner of Laura Siegemund. He is also the coach of the two-time Grand Slam Champion.

His parents had two children, including Antonio Zucca. He grew up in Italy with his brother, Piero Zucca.

Laura Siegemund With Her Partner At The US Open
Laura Siegemund With Her Partner At The US Open (Source: Instagram)

Like his partner, Antonio had a phenomenal career in tennis. He has played in ITF tournaments, club matches, and numerous prized tournaments.

Apart from tennis, he attended Scuola Normale Superiore for a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. 

Interestingly, Zucca is the owner of the Bay View Apartment located in Porto Torres. They offer apartments with sea views and the beach within a minute’s walk.

Antonio Zucca as Her Coach

Since 2018, Laura Siegemund partner and coach have been together with her on tours. She analyzes and trains for her matches with him.

Their story begins in 2016 when they met in Rome while sparring at the Internationals. They played together for the first day and continued for the whole tournament.

Later in Roland Garros, despite having been invited by Laura, their meet-up was disrupted due to her broken knee.

Laura Siegemund And Antonio Zucca Together In WTA Final
Laura Siegemund And Antonio Zucca Together In WTA Final (Source: Instagram)

During her injury, Antonio was in contact with her and encouraged her to recover quickly. It later turned out to be the initial point of their partnership. They continued their partnership in January 2017, playing against Germany.

When asked about his coaching career, Antonio expressed it was unexpected as he imagined the coach role at the end of his career. However, he is grateful and suggests his luck and talent had a play in Laura’s decision to select him as her coach.

Currently, the partnership between the German champion and Italian coach has resulted in numerous notable victories in their career and lives.

The young coach has played a significant role in her life on and off the court. Laura is often seen on social media thanking her man for pushing her forward in tough times.

US Open 2023 Controversy

In her recent match against Coco Gauff in the US Open, Laura Siegemund was emotional after her loss. But the reason behind her tears was not her loss.

During the post-match press conference, Laura was in tears due to the disrespect she felt from the audience.

Her point was also deducted due to a time penalty in the third set. The match lasted for almost three hours.

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