Laura Woods Parents Steve And Michelle Woods- Brother & Family

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Laura Woods’s parents Steve, and Michelle Woods, are the ones who inspired her to work in the sports industry. Today, her parents are proud of where she has reached today following their instilled passion.

The two-time SJA winner is the youngest of three kids of her father, Steve, and mother, Michelle.

Her parents, formerly active in sports, have instilled their passion in her. Not to mention, her older brothers are also sports fans. 

With her parents and brothers by her side, she has undoubtedly received support and motivation.

Their unwavering support has been a source of incentive for her, who has always strived to make them proud.

Laura Woods Pictured While Broadcasting
Laura Woods Pictured While Broadcasting (Source: Instagram)

Laura Woods, an English presenter, has established herself as a significant figure in the media sector. 

She started as a runner at Sky Sports in 2009 and gradually advanced to the positions of associate and producer. There she conducted behind-the-scenes interviews for Sky Sport’s YouTube darts coverage. 

In 2018, she became a regular pitch-side reporter on Super Sunday, occasionally reporting with Gary Neville.

Since 2022, Laura has cohosted ITV’s hour-long NFL Show alongside Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell. 

Recently, she joined TNT Sports as a lead presenter, providing on-field coverage of the UEFA Champions League and boxing.

Laura Woods Parents, Michelle & Steve

Laura Woods was born in Dagenham, London, on July 2, 1987, to her parents Steve Woods and Michelle Woods.

Despite their daughter’s popularity, they have maintained a low-profile life with little information accessible about them.

According to the sources, her father, Steve, is a former English cricket player and a devoted fan of Newcastle United. Unlike her father, Laura is a big fan of Arsenal.

Whereas Laura’s mother, Michelle, a former rugby coach, is her ultimate inspiration. She looks up to her mother, who made it big working as a coach in a male-dominated field.

Laura Woods With Her Mother
Laura Woods With Her Mother (Source: Twitter)

Belonging to an athletic family, Laura’s passion and interest in sports are justifiable. As her parents are avid sports fans, Laura’s childhood revolved around football, rugby, and cricket.

Moreover, she grew up alongside her two older brothers- Paul and Luke. About them, however, there are hardly any details available.

Laura has a close relationship with her family, frequently mentioning them in her interviews and posting pictures with them on her social media.

Her parent’s guidance and sacrifices have driven her to success, helping her be who she is today.

Net Worth Of Laura Woods

According to sources, Laura Woods has an estimated net worth of about $2 million as of 2024.

Laura makes most of her fortune working as a professional reporter and presenter.

She earns through multiple sources, serving three broadcasting channels- ITV, Amazon Prime Video, and TNT Sports.

Laura Woods On Vacation
Laura Woods On Vacation (Source: Instagram)

Her successful career undoubtedly demonstrates that her earnings must be well. Nevertheless, the reporter has not revealed her approximate salary publicly.

Moreover, she holds endorsements deal with several brands, adding to her wealth. Laura has partnered with Barbour International and Tesutti.

As she continues to reach the greatest height, her earnings shall increase in the upcoming days.

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