Leandro Barbosa Net Worth: How Rich Is Former NBA Player?

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After taking his contracts, salary, and assets into consideration, we have managed to figure out Leandro Barbosa net worth.

Barbosa had a good thing going on with his former wife, who is a Brazilian actress. However, the pair are not together anymore. 

Leandro Barbosa Gliding Through His Opponents
Leandro Barbosa Gliding Through His Opponents (Source: Facebook)

Hailing from Brazil, Leandro Mateus Barbosa is a former NBA basketball player. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on November 28, 1982.

Barbosa began his career with Palmeiras at the age of 17. He competed in the regional State Championship of So Paulo.

He received the 2001 Rookie of the Year award in the Sao Paulo State Championship.

As a member of Bauru, he won Brazil’s top-tier competition, the Brazilian Championship, in 2002.

They also named Barbosa as Brazil’s senior national squad and competed in the 2002 FIBA World Championship.

He is also an NBA assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings. Barbosa also played for Brazil’s senior national basketball squad.

In Brazil, he is also known as “Leandrinho” (“Little Leandro”) Barbosa, whereas in the United States, he was dubbed “The Brazilian Blur” due to his fast playing style.

Leandro Barbosa Net Worth And Salary

The net worth of Leandro Barbosa can be expected to be around $11 million after taking his career earnings and signings into consideration. 

Talking about his contract, he inked with the Phoenix Suns from 2007-2011, a substantial five-year extension amounting to $33 million.

Before this, in 2003, he bagged a four-year entry-level contract worth $4,289,613. His later contracts have been for shorter periods with other clubs.

This included a one-year agreement with the Boston Celtics in 2012 and a series of 10-day contracts in 2013.

During his return to the Phoenix Suns in 2014, he signed a one-year minimum deal, followed by another one-year contract in 2015.

Leandro Barbosa's Net Worth Enables Him To Buy Expensive Cars
Leandro Barbosa’s Net Worth Enables Him To Buy Expensive Cars (Source: Facebook)

His final contract in the NBA, a two-year agreement in 2016, signaled the end of his contract history.

In Barbosa’s 17-season-long NBA career, he bags total earnings of $45,059,015.

He earned $27,665,197 in 12 seasons with the Suns and $13,217,073 in 2 seasons with the Raptors.

Furthermore, he earned $1,229,255 in 1 season with Franca and $3,948,490 in 2 seasons with the Golden State Warriors.

Who Is His Former Wife Samara Felippo?

Barbosa has had an on-and-off relationship with his former wife, Samara Felippo.

The couple tied the knot in 2008, and just a year later, their daughter was born on June 25, 2009.

The pair divorced in December 2010 but reconnected six months later. However, the actress announced their split again in September 2013.

In the portal Basketeria, the actress has a piece about the backstage life of NBA basketball.

Samara had trained to be a gymnast but changed her mind to pursue drama to overcome her inhibitions.

Leandro Barbosa With His Former Wife Samara Felippo
Leandro Barbosa With His Former Wife Samara Felippo (Source: Facebook)

After being offered a place in the school for actors on the television network Rede Globo, she chose not to take her competitive exams to major in Computer Science.

Samara studied cinema at a Rio de Janeiro college. She was born into the household of her parents, Lea Assunta Felippo and Gladstone Alício Santana.

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