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LeBron James’ mother, Gloria James, is a strong lady who single-handedly raised one of the greatest and most celebrated basketball players in the history of the NBA. LeBron’s mother, Gloria, has been an inspiration for many single mothers out there. She is an active socialite, philanthropist, and community advocate. 

An aphorism states, “Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.” LeBron James’ strong woman is undoubtedly his mother, Gloria James. 

Throughout the beautiful journey of LeBron James, there is a big hand from his mother, Gloria, who raised him through thick and thin.

The struggle she had to endure to raise LeBron as a single mother is excruciatingly painful and histrionic.

LeBron James’s Mother, Gloria, posing in red (Source: Media referee)

But in the end, every struggle and sacrifice she made was worth it. After her son’s success, Gloria has had her fair share of time in the limelight.

Many of us can be curious about the mother’s life who gave birth to a star at the age of 16.

Gloria James’ life story can inspire many single parents and teenage girls who got pregnant early. 

In this article, we will profoundly explore the life of Gloria James, born in Akron, Ohio. Let us start with quick facts first!

Quick Facts 

Full Name Gloria Marie James
Date Of Birth February 4, 1968
Day Of Birth Sunday
Place Of Birth Akron, Ohio 
Nick/Pet Name Not known
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging African-American
Father’s Name Cantona James
Mother’s Name Freda James
Number Of Siblings 2
Siblings Name Curt James, Terry James
Education Dropped out of High School in Akron, Ohio 
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 56 years old
Height 5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight 82 kg (180.7 lbs)
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Body Measurement 36-26-36 Inches
Marital Status Not married
Boyfriend Anthony McClelland (Ex-Boyfriend), Da Real Bella (Rumored),  Delonte west (Rumored)
Children 1 (LeBron James)
Occupation Social activist, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur 
Net worth $2-$5 Million 
Salary 100K per year (Approx.)
Grandchildren 3: Lebron James Jr, Zhuri James, and Bryce Maximus James
Philanthropy LeBron James Family Foundation
Social Handle Instagram
Merch  LeBron James Jersey
Last Update July, 2024

Brief introduction of LeBron James 

The famous LeBron Raymone James, born December 30, 1984, is an eminent American professional basketball player.

He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

LeBron is considered one of the greatest basketball players compared to prominent basketball player Michael Jordan.

Lebron James, son of Gloria James (Source: Pinterest)

He is also the first player who has won NBA championships with three franchises; the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Lakers.  

In addition to his success in the NBA, LeBron participated in the US men’s Olympic Basketball teams.

The team secured the bronze medal at the 2004 games, the gold medal at the 2008 games, and the gold medal at the 2012 games. 

Besides playing basketball, LeBron has assembled additional fame and wealth from numerous endorsements.

He has been actively featured in books, documentaries, and TV commercials.

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LeBron James’ Mother: Gloria James 

As a single mother, Gloria Marie James raised LeBron, who turned out to be a humble and exemplary basketball player.

Nevertheless, the tribulations of her raising a child at a very early age are very heart-wrenching. 

Yes, Gloria James, mother of Lebron James, had her first and only son when she was only 16 years old.

LeBron’s biological father, Anthony McClelland, abandoned them. Therefore, his father was never involved in his life. 

Gloria-James-along-with-her-son-LeBron-James ( Source: Pinterest)
Gloria James along with her son LeBron James (Source: Pinterest)

LeBron James is wholly devoted to his mother more than basketball. She was always available and never made him feel his father’s absence. 

Sadly, Gloria had to raise her child independently at a very early age. Although, she had her mother, Freda James, accompany her to uplift LeBron.

But unfortunately, Freda passed away due to a heart attack on Christmas morning when he was only three years old.  

Gloria was 19 years old when her mother, Freda, passed away. All this left her to raise her son alone as a single mother. 

Gloria James: Struggles as a Single Mother 

We can understand the difficulty and turmoil of raising a child at a very early age. But in addition to that, Gloria was also a single mother. 

When LeBron James was five years old, the city bulldozed their house.

Gloria didn’t have any college degree or adequate education to land herself a stable source of income and shifted from apartment to apartment for several years.

LeBron had to shuffle from school to school, where he could only make transitory friendships. 

Young Lebron and Gloria James, who raised her son as a single mother (Source: Pinterest)

During the fourth grade, LeBron missed nearly a hundred school days because he didn’t have any source to reach out to.

However, his mother’s constant efforts and love helped him drive forward. Like every mother, Gloria knew that her son needed more stability in his life.

Therefore, she had to make the hardest decision at that point in her life and sacrifice her son’s company for his better future. 

“It was hard, but it was not about me. It was for him. At that time in life, he required stability.” -Gloria James

Finally, at 24, when LeBron was nine years old, Gloria decided to send her son away with a different family.

She departed with young LeBron and sent him away from her to live with his football coach, Frank Walker, and his family.

It was indeed “Big Frankie” who introduced LeBron to basketball. 

If Gloria hadn’t let her son go away for a better future, we would never have seen one of the elite basketball players, LeBron James, in the world.

Gloria James: Controversial Gift To LeBron James 

After a few years, the continued struggles of both LeBron and his mother were ceasing.

LeBron was eventually gaining fame and success; ultimately, every ounce of their hard work paid off. 

A few months before LeBron got drafted into the NBA in 2003, Gloria gifted her son a $50,000 Hummer H2 for his 18th birthday.

The gift even led to quite a stir with the Ohio School Athletic Association and almost cost LeBron’s high school eligibility.

Since OSAA prohibited gifts of more excellent value than $100k, luckily, he was excused, and the case didn’t go further.

LeBron’s mother claimed she took out a personal loan of $50,000 to purchase a vehicle, which was disputable as they lived in public housing in Akron. 

Gloria James: Ex-Partner (LeBron’s Father)

Gloria James’ ex-partner, and LeBron’s biological father, Anthony McClelland, abandoned her while she was pregnant. LeBron James never met his biological father. 

Gloria’s ex-partner Anthony has an extensive criminal record and was found guilty of theft and other offenses.

Anthony McClelland, the biological father of LeBron (Source: daydaynews)

He was a famous basketball player at the high school where Gloria went. They both were dating during the 1980s.

Feeling betrayed by his father, LeBron spent many years agitating his father. 

As he grew older and wiser, he transmuted his anger towards his father into motivation.

He ensured he wouldn’t treat his children like his father did. But, up to this point, he is adamant about not meeting McClelland. 

LeBron James: Respect Towards Mother Glory James

The most celebrated NBA superstar player LeBron James gives all the credit to his mother, Gloria James, for whatever he has accomplished in life.

He has nothing but profound respect for his mother, who upbrought him individually. 

Gloria was a mother, father, and everything to him. Growing up in a single-parent household, he grew up and seeing his mother’s struggle only strengthened him.

James recalls his mother’s effort to maintain tight household expenses. 

Young Lebron and Gloria James with each other (Source: Pinterest)

Whenever his mother is not present in his game, he ensures he gives immediate good news via face-time.

For example, during his fourth NBA championship, he face-timed his mother, reflecting on how she inspired him. 

James never forgets to exchange a heartfelt message about his mother whenever he gets awarded and recognized somewhere. 

Gloria also escorts LeBron in the activities of his foundation, the LeBron James Family Foundation, in Akron, the city where he grew up.

Gloria James: Relationships 

As stated before, Gloria had her only son as a teenager. Since then, she has emphasized raising her child as a single parent.

However, there was a rumor about her relationships that she had dated a few guys.

Besides, she is not married yet.

In 2013, Gloria James claimed to be in a relationship with Miami-based rapper Da Real Lambo.

However, there is no official proof regarding the rumors about if they were ever married.

Da Real Lambo and Gloria James (Source: Pinterest)

But, the rapper referred to her as his wife at a few events when they lived together.

He even threatened LeBron for coming between their relationship, referring to Gloria as his wife.   

Eventually, they broke up when LeBron discovered that Lambo was cheating on his mother.

Lambo even said that James had an affair with Beyonce, due to which he didn’t invite the singer to his wedding, and claimed that LeBron had a child with Sharon Reed

Gloria James: Rumored relationship with Delonte West 

Then, in the 2009-2010 season, wide rumors linked Gloria to her son’s then-teammate Delonte West, who later married Caressa Suzzette.

Although many denied these rumors, former NBA player Calvin Murphy revealed that his inside source from the team confirmed that the relationship rumor was true.

Delonte West with LeBron James (Source: WPTV)

He also summarised that it was the catalyst for the horrible performance of LeBron James during the Celtics vs. Cavaliers match.

Delonte was off to the Celtics a year later on a million-worth one-year deal.  

Gloria James: Net Worth 

Gloria James’ life had been full of struggle. Since she had LeBron when she was a girl, she couldn’t complete high school in Akron, Ohio.

However, her life meandered into a different path suddenly after her son reached the pinnacle of success.

Gloria James’ net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

Currently, she earns more than $100,000 annually through her different ventures.

LeBron James and Gloria’s home in Akron, Ohio (Source: Pinterest)

Her net worth today may inspire many single mothers struggling to raise a child.

Gloria James’ net worth surged due to her career as an entrepreneur and being a celebrity mother.

In addition, Gloria earns a considerable amount of money via her media presence along with her son. 

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Gloria James: House 

Gloria James is currently living a luxurious life. All thanks to her early struggle and upbrought of her highly talented basketball player son, LeBron James.

Gloria James posing in front of her house (Source: Instagram)
Gloria James posing in front of her house with her pet (Source: Instagram)

Gloria James lives in a Tudor brick two-storied home built around 1994, located in Akron, Ohio. It has around 12 rooms, including one family room. 

Unknown Facts About Gloria James

Gloria James has accumulated massive fame as the mother of legendary basketball player LeBron James. During this period, she gained respect from all around the world.

However, she has some controversies and unknown facts concealed. Here are some:  

  • Gloria had LeBron when she was only 16.
  • Gloria James has never been married.
  • She was once presumedly engaged to Miami rapper Da Real Lambo.
  • There were rumors about her controversial relationship with Delonte West.

Gloria James: Social Media Presence 

Gloria James is known as a fashion diva on her social media. After all, she had gone through; she truly deserves a lavish lifestyle.

And her social media resembles the luxurious life she is living now. The pictures she shares on social media are heartwarming.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Gloria James (@gloriajames)

In addition, she gets a lot of compliments from her fan for her sense of fashion.  

Gloria has huge fan followers on her social media. Below is the link to her social media; you might want to follow her. 

Instagram 123K followers

Besides this, she also has a website where she shares the details related to her field. 

Gloria James: Trending & Popularity

The mother of King James often hits the trending chart for one reason.

Be it her personal affairs or her supporting LeBron on the court, she gets the attention of everyone.

Gloria James’s Google Search Results in the US for the last 12 months (Source: Google)

The above graph illustrates the Google Search Results of Gloria in the last 12 months.

FAQs of Gloria James 

What does Gloria James do for a living? 

Gloria James is a philanthropist, community advocate, and socialite. Despite that, she also earns through media presence along with her son LeBron James. 

Is Gloria James married? 

There were rumors regarding the marriage of Gloria James to her ex-boyfriend, Miami-based rapper Da Real Lambo. However, the news was not officially out. So she was only in a few casual relationships. 

How many children does Gloria James have?

Gloria James has only one child, LeBron James. She was a single teenage parent who raised LeBron alone after her mother’s death, Freda James.

During that time, Gloria was only 19, and she had LeBron at the age of 16.

Gloria is also a proud grandmother of three grandchildren- Lebron James Jr, Zhuri James, and Bryce Maximums. They’re the children of his son LeBron James and daughter-in-law Savannah Brinson. 

Who paid for LeBron’s Hummer?

James’s mother, Gloria, paid for LeBron’s Hummer and gave him the car for his 18th birthday.

The New York Times reported that Gloria registered the car, valued at $50,000, in her name and paid for it by taking out a loan.

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