Lee Corso Wife Betsy Youngblood: Family Life And Kids

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Former football coach turned sports broadcaster Lee Corso has been married to his wife, Betsy Youngblood, for nearly seventy years. Together, they are the parents of four kids.

His wife, Betsy, had once remarked that spending time with Lee Corso was very exciting. Maybe because of that, Betsy and Corso never separated despite many ups and downs.

However, being the wife of one of the most prominent sports personalities, Betsy has never brought herself to the limelight.

Instead, she did a tremendous job looking after their kids, staying home while her husband carved a successful media career.

American Sports Broadcaster And Football Analyst Lee Corso
American Sports Broadcaster And Football Analyst Lee Corso (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Lee Richard Corso, better known as Lee Corso, is an American sports broadcaster and football analyst for ESPN. He has been working as a feature analyst for ESPN’s College GameDay since it first aired in 1987.

A former football and baseball player, Corso began his career as a football coach in 1958 at FSU. 

After coaching football for almost three decades, he began his media career in the late eighties, which garnered him massive fame.

In 2017, ESPN renewed his deal to run the College GameDay show, stating that they could not imagine the show without him. Currently, in his late eighties, Lee Corso is still an active media personality.

Lee Corso Wife Betsy Youngblood: Family Life And Kids

The former football coach, Lee Corso, has been married to his wife, Betsy Youngblood, for a long time.

The two reportedly met for the first time while attending Florida State University in the 1950s.

Lee Corso And His Wife Betsy Youngblood
Lee Corso And His Wife, Betsy Youngblood (Source: SuperbHub)

After dating for nearly two years, Lee married Betsy in 1957. Originally from Cicero, Illinois, Lee and his wife, Betsy, moved to various places in their youth because of Lee’s job as a football coach.

The couple had four kids, including three sons named Steve, Danny, and David.

Among them, their son Danny, better known as Dan Corso, is the President of the Atlanta Sports Council. A graduate of Florida State University, he has been associated with the organization for the past 25 years.

Brief Info On Lee Corso’s Life And Career

Lee Corso was born to his parents, Alessandro and Irma, on August 7, 1935, in Cicero, Italy. His father was an Italian immigrant who fled his country during World War I at fifteen.

When Lee was ten, his family migrated to Florida, where he attended Miami Jackson Senior High School. Interested in sports from a young age, Lee was particularly good at baseball and football.

Former FSU Football Player Lee Corso
Former FSU Football Player Lee Corso (Source: Tomahawk Nation)

However, he chose to pursue a coaching career despite being selected by both football and baseball clubs as a player in his youth.

The MLB club Brooklyn Dodgers had offered him a contract worth $5k, but he decided to continue his studies at the FSU.

Following his graduation, he began coaching the Florida Seminoles football team. In his coaching career spanning over two decades, he was associated with various college teams, including Indiana, Louisville, and Northern Illinois.

Corso eventually began his job at ESPN in 1987. Additionally, he appeared in EA Sports’ NCAA Football annually for many years.

Besides, Corso is also involved in various sectors outside sports, including being the Director of Business Development for Dixon Ticonderoga and honorary chairman of the Coaches Curing Kids’ Cancer, a charitable organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lee Corso wife?

Lee Corso Wife is Betsy Youngblood. 

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