Liam Broady Sister Naomi Broady Serves As His Inspiration

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Liam Broady sister Naomi Broady is a one-time winner of the WTA Tour double title and nine singles titles in tennis.

Growing up in Heaton Chapel, Stockport, both siblings were introduced to tennis by their father.

Their parents, who loved and played tennis during their time, used to take young Liam and Naomi to different tennis tournaments and training centers.

Both siblings, under their parents’ guidance, eventually achieved success and recognition in tennis.

Liam Broady During Game
Liam Broady During Game (Source: Instagram)

Liam Broady began his journey in the world of sports at a young age, starting with table tennis when he was just four years old.

Even at a young age, Broady showed promising talent and potential in the sport, which continued to develop as he grew older.

Broady eventually began his professional journey on the Futures Circuit, playing both singles and doubles.

In July 2009, Liam Broady achieved a breakthrough in his tennis career by winning his first main draw singles match against Duncan Mugabe.

Liam Broady Sister Naomi Broady

Liam’s sister Naomi, born on 28 February 1990, is four years older than him and is also a tennis player.

As the elder sister, Naomi Broady played a significant role in shaping Liam’s life and unknowingly became an inspiration for his career in tennis.

She started playing tennis at the young age of seven and was also a part of the British under-18 girls’ championship.

Naomi Broady
Naomi Broady (Source: Instagram)

Broady had a successful career on the WTA Tour and the ITF Women’s Circuit, earning several titles in both singles and doubles.

She achieved her highest singles ranking of world No. 76 on 7 March 2016, showcasing her talent on the court.

In doubles, she reached a peak ranking of No. 56 on 22 May 2017.

Naomi Is Enjoying Her Motherhood

Naomi Boardy is a mother of twin babies.

She announced the arrival of her twins on December 19 via Instagram, featuring heartwarming photos of her newborns dressed in Christmas outfits.

Naomi With Her Twin Babies
Naomi With Her Twin Babies (Source: Instagram)

Keeping her professional career aside, Naomi is now focusing fully on her babies and enjoying her time with them.

Naomi, as a private individual, has chosen not to publicly disclose the identity of her children’s father.

Parents Of Liam And Naomi Broady

Liam and Naomi were raised in Heaton Chapel, Stockport, alongside two siblings, Emma and Calum Broady.

Their parents, Shirley, and Simon Broady, who themselves enjoyed playing tennis, actively supported their children’s interest in the sport from an early age.

Both parents, Simon and Shirley, are now property landlords and worked in the music industry before transitioning into landlords.

Simon and Shirley have been together for more than thirty years. But in thirty years, they never tied the knot with each other.

They may have had four children together but never had any wedding moments together.

The couple never stopped showering their love and attention to their children. However, as they grew up, their children started to maintain distance from them, especially Liam.

Father and son do not have a good connection and often never talk about each other in public. 

One time while Liam was discussing his impressive performance at a Grand Slam event, his father was busy upstairs in the competitor area, attending to matters related to Naomi’s matches.

Liam Broady also has moved out of the family’s red brick end-of-terrace house in Greater Manchester, where his parents and siblings continue to reside.

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