Lil Jordan Humphrey Brother: How Many Siblings Does He Have?

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Lil Jordan Humphrey brother, Terry Michael, may not be a football star like him, but he always remains his mentor & supporter.

Born to his American parents, Keith Wade and Chevette Humphrey, with a black ethnic background, he is one of four children.

However, comparatively, his other siblings tend to live a low-key life, yet their enthusiasm for football is equally in it.

American Football Wide Receiver Lil' Jordan Humphrey Is One Of Four Kids Of His Parents
American Football Wide Receiver Lil’ Jordan Humphrey Is One Of Four Kids Of His Parents (Source: Instagram)

Lil’Jordan Humphrey, born on April 19, 1998, is an American NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos (2023- present).

On October 25, 2023, he signed a one-year $1.85 million contract with the Broncos.

The Texas Longhorns native was the undrafted pick of the New Orleans Saints in the 2019 NFL draft.

After three seasons, he joined the New England Patriots in the 2022-23 season. There, he played alongside Mac JonesBailey Zappe, Rhamondre Stevenson, and Kyle Dugger.

The Southlake, Texas native football player has regular season stats of 31 receptions for 477 yards & six touchdowns.

Lil Jordan Humphrey Brother: Unseen Bonds With His Siblings

The former Saints player grew up with three siblings: two brothers and a sister. While Lil Jordan’s siblings might not be in the spotlight, they are his rocks.

On January 14, 2022, Lil Jordan’s mother, Chevette, who goes by Queenc Humphrey on Facebook, made a post with a 10-year challenge.

She wrote,

“It took me after 17 yrs of marriage and raising 4 grown children to finally learn how to love on myself.”

Among his siblings’ most-heard names is his older brother, Terry Michael. His brother, Terry, wanted to name his younger brother “Michael” in honor of NBA star Michael Jordan.

However, he already had acquired that name, so as a compromise to him, their mother named the NFL star “Lil’ Jordan.”

Perhaps many have already noticed that “Little” in his name contradicts his physique.

The NFL wide receiver is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) and weighs 222 lbs.

NFL Player Humphrey With His Father And Brother
NFL Player Humphrey With His Father And Brother (Source: Facebook)

Humphrey rarely talks about his siblings or mentions them on social media.

Probably, it’s to respect their privacy, which could have unwanted insights into their personal life.

As reported, he has a brother, Devontae-Humphrey Wade, who resides in Houston.

He graduated from Southlake Carroll High School, where he played football.

Currently, Devontae works as an Insurance Claims Adjuster and resides in Dallas, Texas.

While Lil’ Jordan’s sister’s name is not out, their mom, Chevy, once shared a picture of hers, to which many commented, “Like mother, like daughter.”

Further details on his siblings’ birth dates or age gap are unknown.

Where Are Humphrey’s Brothers & Sister Now?

Even if they are all grown-ups and lead their own life, the Humphrey siblings make time to gather at family events.

On top of that, his divorced parents jointly appear together to ensure the family rejoices in the happy moments.

They often share pictures of Humphrey and his brothers & sister on their social media profiles.

Does Lil Jordan Humphrey Have A Child?

So far, no reports of Humphrey’s girlfriend or marriage have been reported.

However, in one of her Facebook posts featuring her grandson in December 2021, his mother mentioned in comments that her youngest son is the father of a son.

When asked if the kid was “Isn’t this the second one?” she replied,

“this is the 1st one from my youngest son but my oldest son has 3 so I have 4 total. They live in Ok so I don’t get to see them as much.”

And there have been reports that Lil’ Jordan Humphrey is the youngest son.

Lil' Jordan Humphrey With His Alleged Son
Lil’ Jordan Humphrey With His Alleged Son (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, in November 2021, Chevy posted a picture of the NFL player posing with a baby, where many congratulated Lil’ Jordan.

So, it does make sense for Humphrey to have a child.

From her eldest son, she has two granddaughters & a grandson, making the football player uncle of three.

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