Liverpool 0-0 Real Madrid: Liverpool’s Champions League campaign ended in disappointment

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Champions League campaign of Liverpool ended in disappointment when Real Madrid opened the semi-final against Chelsea with Jurgen Klopp’s side clashing at Anfield.

Real came to Anfield defending a 3-1 lead in the first leg. When they finally went through a rough patch. 

The Liverpool would curse themselves for losing so many glorious chances in the first half.

Mohamed Salah fired straight at Real Thibaut Courtois, goalkeeper, who also saved well for James Milner. In the first half, and fired.

 He should have hit the target when Georginio Wijnaldum was also charged. With misusing the opportunity to put pressure on Zinedine Zidane’s side.

Real’s good chance saw Benzema hit a deflected post. While Courtois was still working to block Roberto Firmino’s angled shot after the break.

Liverpool has run out of energy and ideas as the second half has come to an end. At the same time, Real defended their defiance and firmness to secure the victory. 

And they also arranged a meeting with another Premier League club at Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel.

Liverpool’s lack of decision-making.

Liverpool has been battling difficulties as they follow back to the first leg. But Klopp knew the first goal would be to evoke memories of Anfield’s return to Europe even if they were in front of crowded houses rather than an empty stadium.

And Liverpool is the only one to blame because they created those chances in the first half.  

It was surprising as it was the average regular Salah guilty of double absenteeism. That could have upset Real’s nerves.

An estimated 400 local fans gathered outside, trying to change the status quo. Sadly, the result has created negative news headlines about the infamous Real Madrid coach’s attack that left the bus damaged. 

Spanish authorities received an apology from their opponents. And Merseyside Police announced an investigation into the allegations.

Team Liverpool (Source: Premier League)

Liverpool has given it all 90 minutes. But it has been the absence of a line-up that has explained their many appearances for Anfield this season. It has dashed any hopes of changing the tie and proved their relegation.

As time went on, Real began to feel confident and comfortable. Diogo Jota and Thiago Alcantara introduction, who were disappointed. And would not remove the tie from the match officials.

Klopp and his players must now step up to secure a place in the Premier League’s top four. To ensure they return to the tournament next season.

Chelsea cannot underestimate Real.

Real Madrid’s latest body under Zinedine Zidane is by no means a mature version. Indeed in large parts of this second leg of the Champions League quarter-final, they were careless and stumbled.

However, they found work done on more than two legs by showing their quality and threat at home. And they were disciplined and organized at Anfield.

Eden Hazard showing skills during his Real Madrid unveiling
Eden Hazard showing skills during his Real Madrid unveiling

And this is a warning Chelsea should heed for the last four.

Real are not like their predecessors but have yet to beat Liverpool. Liverpool, who has been seriously injured, should be named. Despite the loss of defensive backs Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, will hope to return with a game against Chelsea.

And as Liverpool gradually became less and less desperate. Real Street’s ingenuity came to the fore to ensure a low and comfortable key for the last 20 minutes without critical alarms.

Chelsea will be well acquainted with the class of former goalkeeper Courtois, who excels here. Luka Modric’s enduring quality and the strong, unbeaten striking skills of veteran Karim Benzema.

Thomas Tuchel has no reason to fear Real. But they will have a lot of respect for him. Zidane’s sign has always found a way to win the Champions League.

We’re riding in a storm, they say

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp told BT Sport: “You always need crucial moments. It was unfortunate in Madrid. We were good, aggressive; we had chances. We didn’t score, and Real Madrid’s experience played evenly.

Jurgen Klopp (Source Wikipedia)
Jurgen Klopp (Source: Wikipedia)

“We know how many times Mo Salah gets rid of these things with his eyes closed. Not here. Today was perfect, but we’re out.

“We love this tournament, and for some reason, we must get back to it. Now we can focus on the Premier League, and we will. We have to take off our socks.”

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane: “We were arguing with him, and we knew we had to suffer tonight. But we finally got what we wanted, which was to go through. I think we handled the game well, and we went through the storm. And we can be proud of our show.

“We knew they were going to start fast, and they were excellent in the first 15 minutes, but that’s normal. In the quarter-finals of the Champions League, you have to come in, and we did that until we passed.”

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