Liverpool And Chelsea Secure Next Season’s Champions League Spot

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On the last day of the Premier League, both Liverpool and Chelsea have now finalized their spots for next year’s Champions League.

Last seasons’s domestic champions Liverpool beat Crystal Palace 2-0 while the Foxes lost 4-2 to Tottenham.

The loss for Leicester meant Chelsea secured fourth place in the table despite them also losing 2-1 to Aston Villa.

As a result, Leicester City missed their spot for the Champions League two seasons in a row and have now qualified for the Europa League instead.

Tottenham Saves Chelsea

Two London rivals have now somewhat been ‘friends’ in the eyes of the fans.

Both Tottenham and Chelsea are a part of London and often go head-to-head against each other in different competitions as local rivals.

When Leicester City were on a high and were the underdogs in the 2015/16 season, Tottenham were the closest and favorites to win the Premier League.

However, Chelsea faced Tottenham on the last day of the Premier League and the game ended as a draw.

Due to this draw, Leicester City were crowned as the Premier League Champions for the first time in their history.

This has provided a lot of friction between the fans of the London clubs.

Although this rivalry is a long one, this season the rivalry turned somewhat in favor of one of the London club.

Chelsea needed to win their match against Villa if they wanted to finalize their UCL spot for next season.
But, Villa actually shocked the world and won the match with a 2-1 scoreline.


As a result, Chelsea were out of the top four.

HOWEVER, Tottenham, who were facing Leicester beat them 4-2 with a brace from Gareth Bale.

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With this loss, any hopes for the Foxes to make it into the top four went down into the drain and they are now forced to play in the Europa League for two straight seasons.

This win for Tottenham against Leicester was what Chelsea needed to finalise their place in the Champions League next season.

Liverpool Cruise Past Crystal Palace

Last season’s Champions Liverpool failed miserably to defend their title as Manchester City won the 20/21 Premier League comfortably.

A mean of consolidation for the Reds happened on the last day of the season as they beat Crystal Palace 2-0.

The win helped them secure 3rd place in the table and a spot in next season’s Champions League.


Sadio Mane became the hero for Liverpool as he scored twice; one in each half to give Reds a much deserved win.

The home side dominated right from the start and had a total of nineteen shots and 70% possession the entire game.

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However, not all of those shots were converted to goals or were on target. Only five out of the nineteen were on target and in which two were goals.

As for Crystal Palace, they secured their place in the top-flight of the English football as they finished in fourteen with fourty-four points.

The Eagles have now finished in this same place for two continuous season. Their highest standing in the Premier League table was 10th in the 14/15 season.


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