Looking Back At Karl Malone Controversy: Impregnated 13 Year Old Kid

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Karl Malone is a man who has become the face of a very serious controversy. It was the case where Malone allegedly impregnated a 13-year-old girl.

The legacy of former power forward Karl Malone is huge in the NBA. He was a generational athlete who was once the best in the business.

However, his life has equally repulsive controversies as well. Because of this many refuse to accept Karl Malone as a Hall of Famer.

Basketball Hall Of Fame Karl Malone
Basketball Hall Of Fame Karl Malone (Source: Fadeaway World)

Karl Anthony Malone is a 60-year-old former basketball player who played in the NBA for 19 long years. He comes from Summerfield, Louisianna, and is a former Louisianna Tech player.

During his 18 seasons in the NBA, he played for the Utah Jazz for the first 17 and with the Lakers in his last. Nicknamed ‘the Mailman’ the power forward is 2-times MVP and 14-times All-Star.

His iconic no.32 has been retired by both of his franchises, the Jazz and the Louisianna Tech Bulldogs. In addition, Malone is also a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

After retirement, the Hall of Famer served as a coach for his alma mater, Louisianna Tech University.

Karl Malone Controversy: What Actually Happened?

Despite having one of the greatest games ever seen, Karl Malone has faced plenty of backlash throughout his career.

Moreover, he became the face of a controversy that included a very sensitive matter. In addition, Karl’s response and handling of the case was also a revolting point for many followers.

The event took place back in 1984 when Karl was in his sophomore year. He was apparently in a relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Furthermore, Malone impregnated the underage teenager which was a case of statutory rape.

Karl And Demetress Bell
Karl And Demetress Bell (Source: The SportsRush)

The victim, Gloria Bell, under the guidance of her parents, took Karl to court for a paternity suit. However, Bell’s parents refused to file any charges of rape against Karl.

Moreover, he denied all and any allegations and settled with Bell’s family outside the court. Eventually, Gloria gave birth to Demetress Bell, who went on to play in the NFL.

Although the former power forward did not acknowledge his paternity before, the truth did come out later.

Karl Malone: Another Lawsuit Against Him

There was another case against Karl Malone, in this situation, it was regarding the birth of twins, Daryl and Cheryl Ford.

Bonita Ford filed the suit against Karl and claimed they had intercourse when both of them were 17. 

The Ford twins went on to play basketball at Louisianna Tech University. In addition, Cheryl became a professional WNBA player and went on to win the championship thrice.

What Is The Aftermath of The Controversies?

In the Malone-Bell case, Karl absolutely refused to take any claim over the baby. However, the judge ruled Karl was the father based on various evidences.

However, despite it being too late to become a father, Karl and Demetress have found consensus. They met in 2014, and Bell claimed back in 2018 that they talk frequently.

Whereas in the case of the Ford twins, he admitted to being the father after failing to submit a DNA test.

Karl further clarified, “I didn’t handle it right; I was wrong… Father Time is the biggest thief out there and you can’t get it back.”

Cheryl Ford With Karl Malone
Cheryl Ford With Karl Malone (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Karl went on to maintain a good relationship with the Twins and his wife Kay also accepted the twins in the Malone family.

However, the news of the two-time MVP refusing to pay Demetress child support and other such instances caused a huge uproar.

Many fans claim he is creepy and should not be associated with the NBA events.




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