LSU WR Malik Nabers Free Of Legal Troubles: Gun Charge Dropped By DA

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LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers has lifted himself from his legal troubles after New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams decided not to pursue reinstatement of the firearm charges against him.

This pragmatic outcome brings an end to the legal issues that Nabers had been dealing with. It also allows him to focus more on his future endeavors. 

Before getting to the case in detail, let’s first know more about the promising wide receiver with the potential to take NFL by storm in the near future.

Malik Nabers LSU
Malik Nabers LSU WR (Source: Sports Illustrated)

In the 2022 season, Malik, a sophomore, emerged as the primary target for LSU Tigers under the guidance of head coach Brian Kelly. Despite an initial dull offense, Malik swiftly established himself as the go-to option on the team.

He shone in various aspects of the game, leading the team in yards, receptions, and yards per catch. 

His physicality and skills made him an intimidating presence on the field, especially when paired with quarterback Jayden Daniels.

What Exactly Happened

In February 2023, a video captured by a body camera of the arrest of Nabers shows a New Orleans Police Department officer noticing Nabers walking down Bourbon Street.

Hold on. We might have something. Yeah. We have one,” one officer alerts the others upon spotting Nabers.

The footage shows four officers surrounding Nabers and proceeding to handcuff him.

Afterward, the police can be seen explaining to Malik that he was required to have a permit for carrying.

Per reports from the Orleans Parish Court, Malik was later booked into jail. He was charged with illegal carrying of a weapon.

LSU WR Malik Nabers Free Of Legal Troubles

Malik’s case was part of a series of illegal firearm charges that Emily Maw, an assistant district attorney, mishandled.

As revealed by the transcripts from court proceedings, Maw had refused 14 firearm cases on the condition that the suspects surrendered their firearms, as stated by Jason Williams, New Orleans District Attorney. 

As soon as these actions came to light, Williams started a review of each of the declined cases enlisting the assistance of attorneys from the Morris Bart law firm.

Malik Nabers Arrested
Malik Nabers Arrested (Source:

And now, two cases have been transferred to federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of Louisiana, while state charges were reinstated in another case.

Nabers’s case is not among the ones being reinstated.

It seems like he has been acquitted of all his legal troubles. 

Officials in Williams’s office have confirmed that the misdemeanor charge against Malik Nabers is being dismissed.

Malik also turned in the gun which helped his case.

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