Lucas Paqueta Tattoo Meaning And Design: More On His Religion

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Lucas Paqueta tattoo are more than body art; they reflect his deep-rooted spirituality, emotions, and unwavering faith.

Born on August 27, 1997, Lucas Paquetá is a talented attacking midfielder from Brazil.

Although his given name is Lucas Tolentino Coelho de Lima, he is more commonly known as Lucas Paquetá in his native language, Brazilian Portuguese.

He is an attacking midfielder for Premier League Club West Ham United and the Brazil national team. Similarly, he has also played for Flamengo, AC Milan, and Lyon.

Lucas Paquetá During A Game
Lucas Paquetá During A Game (Source: Instagram)

Paquetá has garnered much attention for his impressive performance in a recent Premier League season.

This outstanding display of skill and athleticism has made him a top topic of discussion in the world of football news.

Lucas Paqueta Tattoo Meaning And Design

In addition to being a cherished footballer, Lucas Paqueta also has a couple of tattoos that hold personal significance to him.

Paqueta has always been vocal about how his grandfather influenced him and helped shape him into the person he is today.

His grandfather Mirao was always there to support his grandson and ensure he had the opportunity to pursue his dreams.

One of his tattoos is a star and the letter “M” on his forearm, which is a tribute to his late grandfather, who played an important role in his life. The letter “M” is his grandfather’s first initial.

Similarly, Lucas has a sleeve of tattoos on his right arm, including his son’s name, “Benício,” near his elbow.

He also has inked a hungry lion on his shoulder and a charming blossom on his arm.

Lucas Paqueta Tattoo
Lucas Paqueta Tattoo (source:

He got these tattoos when his wife was pregnant, but unfortunately, the pregnancy did not go well.

Despite this, they decided to go ahead with the tattoos. The lion represents him as the protector of his family. The lioness represents his wife, and the little lion cub represents their unborn child.

Another one of Paqueta’s tattoos reads “Deus preparou tudo” on his neck. It means “God prepared everything” in Portuguese. This tattoo reflects his faith and belief that everything in life happens for a reason and that God has a plan for him.

As he continues to play football at the highest level and grow as a person, his tattoos remind him of his past and the important people that have shaped him.

Lucas Paqueta Religion

Brazilian football player Lucas Paqueta and his wife, Maria Eduarda Fournier, are both Christians.

His wife Maria is vocal about her faith on social media and often includes religious expressions in her Instagram captions. At the same time, Paqueta has not spoken much about his faith in public.

Despite being private about his religious beliefs, Paqueta is known to be a family-oriented person who values his wife and their shared faith.

Lucas Paquetá and Maria Eduarda Fournier have captured the hearts of their fans with their beautiful love story and the arrival of their two adorable children.

Lucas Paquetá and Maria Eduarda Fournier with Kids
Lucas Paquetá And Maria Eduarda Fournier With Kids (Source: Instagram)

The couple welcomed their first son, Benicio, in June 2020, and a year later, they were blessed with their second child, Filippo.

They often share pictures of their happy moments on social media.

While Paqueta may not publicly talk much about his faith, his actions and values reflect his Christian beliefs.

He is known to be a kind-hearted and humble person both on and off the field. And his faith likely plays a role in his character and conduct.

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