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The Dominican Republic-born player Luis Severino is one of four children of his parents and grew up alongside two brothers and a sister.

Luis Severino is a professional baseball player who plays as a pitcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Severino joined the Yankees as an international free agent on December 26, 2011. Eventually, on August 5, 2015, the pitcher made his MLB debut.

New York Yankees Pitcher Luis Severino
New York Yankees Pitcher Luis Severino (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the player was considered one of the league’s best pitchers in 2017. He was named to the All-Star game twice in 2017 & 2018.

However, due to his various injuries on the field, he had to miss most games of the seasons in 2019 and 2021 and all of 2020.

Luis Severino Parents

Luis Severino was born on February 20, 1994, to Matilde and Rafael Severino Sr in the Dominican Republic.

His earliest baseball memories revolve around the moments he spent playing catch with his father at a nearby field in the Dominican Republic.

The father-son spent many mornings there, during which Rafael would shift from his role as a farmer to a mentor.

Luis Severino With His Mother Matilde
Luis Severino With His Mother Matilde (Source: Instagram)

Despite the unknown whereabouts of his parents, Luis often celebrates Mother’s Day by sharing pictures of his mother.

Moreover, he grew up alongside three siblings: two brothers and a sister, with him being the second youngest among his siblings.

However, the Severino family tends to stay away from the media.

Younger Brother: Rafael Severino

Like Luis, one of his brothers, Rafael, is also into baseball. The Yankees signed Rafael when he was 19 years old.

Luis Severino is the Yankees’ ace, but the team is hopeful that another Severino might challenge him for the title in the future.

Moreover, Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, was pleased by the news and excited to learn about the young pitcher’s potential.

“Yippee, sign me up for that,” Boone said. “It’s definitely good to have another Severino in the mix.”

As this is Luis’s little brother’s starting point, he explained that this is the first step to a potential big-league career.

Additionally, the pitcher also believes that his brother is better at 19 than better than he was.

“I had my fastball and slider, obviously,” Luis Severino said. “He has all these pitches that he can throw whenever he wants. He’s going to be good.”

Luis Severino’s Wife & Kids

The baseball pitcher is married to Rosmaly Porro Frechel (birthday: January 8). 

The pair started dating in 2012. While the exact date of their wedding remains unknown, the couple celebrates their wedding anniversary on November 12.

The duo are raising four kids; three daughters and a son. Rosmaly reportedly has a daughter named Channel (born: February 15, 2008).

But there is no denying that Severino loves Channel as his own child.

The player posted on Instagram wishing Channel that read, “Happy 15th birthday, Channel.”

She shares three kids named Abigail, Isabella, and Luis Enrique Jr. The first child (Abigail) the couple had together was born on July 15, 2015.

Luis Severino With His Wife & Kids
Luis Severino With His Wife & Kids (Source: Instagram)

Later they welcomed another angel named Isabelle Severino on June 30, 2020.

Moreover, the duo gave birth to their third child, their first son, on July 8, 2021, and named him Luis Enrique Jr. Severino.

On a personal note, Luis’s wife, Rosmaly, is the CEO of the Severino Foundation, an organization that has been involved in many charitable activities in the Dominican Republic.

In the Instagram bio, Rosmaly has written: A woman of faith doesn’t have limits.

Currently, limited information is available about the wife of Luis Severino.

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