Luke Shuey Remembers His Sister Melanie Shuey

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The Australian professional rules football player Luke Shuey had a sister who he was very close to. Sadly, he lost his only sister, Melanie, in a tragic accident in the year 2009.

The brother and sister grew up in Melbourne and spent their childhood days playing games together around their house. They had a close and were more like friends than every normal sibling.

Melanie, affectionately known as Mel by her close ones, witnessed her brother’s journey from a mere beginner to a professional athlete. Unfortunately, she passed away before seeing his further success.

Australian Rules Footballer Luke Shuey
Australian Rules Footballer Luke Shuey (Source: Manjimup Bridgetown Times)

Luke Shuey currently plays in the Australian Football League (AFL) for the West Coast Eagles. He has been playing as a midfielder for the club since being selected as the 18th overall pick in the 2008 draft.

Developing a passion for football at an early age, Luke played high school football alongside David Zaharakis, who was also later drafted into the AFL. 

Prior to his professional league debut, Luke played for the Oakleigh Chargers in the TAC Cup.

One of the most prominent AFL players has won numerous accolades and awards in his long career, including Norm Smith Medal, John Worsfold Medal, and AFL Premiership Player. However, he has not lifted the AFL trophy yet.

Luke Shuey Sister Melanie’s Death

Luke Shuey was born to his parents, Michelle and David, on June 2, 1990, in Melbourne, Australia. Eighteen months later, they gave birth to his little sister, Melanie Shuey.

The siblings attended the same high school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and were inseparable. 

Mel knew all her brother’s friends and often went to watch them play football together with them. His little sister witnessed him work hard, practice day and night, and make it successfully into the AFL.

Luke Shuey's Sister Melanie Shuey
Luke Shuey’s Sister, Melanie (Source: The West Australian)

Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. On February 8, 2009, Mel died in an accident aged 17. 

The incident occurred two months after he moved to Perth, joining his new team. When his dad called him that night, telling him Mel had been killed by a motorcycle while crossing a road, he could not believe it.

Though he was resting after groin surgery, he could not wait to go to his home and be there to comfort his parents.

Fortunately, his team West Coast sent him home, assuring him to give as much time as he wanted to recover from everything. It took over a month to gather himself back, and he returned to Perth after six weeks.

Even though it has been over a decade since Mel’s passing, there has never been a day in his life which goes without missing her.

Essendon Player David Zaharakis Dated Luke’s Sister

Former Essendon Football Club player David Zaharakis and Luke Shuey knew each other from childhood and grew up playing football and cricket together.

Zaharakis remembers they began playing football when they were seven graders. Later, they attended Marcellin College and were drafted into the AFL the same year.

Former AFL Player David Zaharakis
Former AFL Player David Zaharakis (Source: Mandurah Mail)

Growing up in the same neighborhoods, Zaharakis frequently visited Shuey’s home and knew his sister, Mel, very closely.

As time passed, David reportedly began dating Mel. Although Luke was initially angry with David, he eventually gave up and let them be happy with each other.

He later said he did not like his friend going out with his sister but realized it was okay as he was the nicest guy he had ever met.

David was still in a relationship with Mel at the time of her death. He was so heartbroken and not ready to believe the news of her demise.

His club Essendon also granted him leave to attend the funeral after the incident.

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