What Happened To Malik Monk Teeth? Has He Used Braces And Whitened?

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Malik Monk teeth have consistently been a highlight of his facial features. The skillful shooting guard for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA has captivated his fans with his dazzling smile.

Malik Monk is a professional American basketball player who plays for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

The NBA star started playing basketball in his high school days. He attended East Poinsett County High School in Lepanto, Arkansas, for his freshman year, where he averaged 22.9 points per game.

Malik Monk Sweating After Training
Malik Monk Sweating After Training (Source: Instagram)

Monk managed to rank as the number 9 overall player and number 1 shooting guard in the 2016 high school class.

He officially began his professional basketball career on June 22, 2017, when the Charlotte Hornets selected him as the eleventh overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

What Happened To Malik Monk Teeth? Did He Use Braces And Whitened Them?

One of the most athletic NBA players of our generation, Malik Monk, has impressed fans and critics all over the world with his unmatched skills on the court of basketball.

However, Monk is not only known for his unmatched skills and incredible scoring ability on the basketball court but also for his dazzling teeth and a million-dollar smile that captures the attention of fans and the media alike.

For years, Monk always have had that perfectly straight, white, and well-proportioned teeth, so it is very unlikely that he has used any braces or whitened his teeth.

Malik Monk On The Basketball Court
Malik Monk On The Basketball Court (Source: Instagram)

However, very recently, Monk did have a dental procedure done, due to which he missed practice. It is not disclosed what type of dental procedure was done by him yet.

Malik always has been very confident about his teeth and does not shy away from showing them on the court with his beautiful smile. The smile on his perfectly compliments his face, which makes him very attractive.

Malik Monk Family

Monk was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on the 4th of February 1998, to his parents, Michael Scales and Jacaynlene Monk.

However, his parents divorced after they were unhappy with each other when he was a child.

Following the divorce, Monk grew up with his mother, who attended East Poinsett Co. High School in Lepanto, Arkansas. 

Meanwhile, Malik’s dad is a graduate of Marked Tree High School based in Arkansas.

The shooting guard also has an older half-brother, Marcus Monk, who is a former professional American football and basketball player.

Marcus played as a wide receiver for the University of Arkansas, before being drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Although a half-brother, Marcus was always very loving and supportive towards his younger brother, Malik.

Malik Monk Family
Malik Monk Family (Source: Instagram)

Marcus had a huge influence on Malik, and the two brothers used to compete against each other on the outdoor courts known locally as “The Woodz.” 

In fact, it is through Marcus that Malik got into sports and took basketball seriously. 

Monk also has an uncle, Chuck Monk, who used to play for Arkansas State in 1990 and 1991. Chuck appeared in just 16 games over his two seasons, with two touchdowns and 203 rushing yards.

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