Top 12 Marcus Rashford Quotes

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Marcus Rashford was born on 31 October 1997 and became an English professional footballer. He plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team as a forward. And his football career started when he was seven years old, and he scored two goals on both his first-team debut in 2016.

Moreover, he is the youngest English player to gain his first senior international match. He has played on different platforms like at the UEFA Euro 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Besides this, he publicly runs campaigns on poor, homeless, and child food poverty in the UK and is widely recognized as an activist. He is also a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2020.

If you are a real fan of this football legend, follow his top 12 quotes below.

“For me, sometimes it’s more important to perform well in training and know that I am improving rather than scoring in a game. It’s doing the hard work, day in, day out.”― Marcus Rashford

“Emotionally, making my debut has been the highlight so far. I didn’t know I was starting until three minutes before. I went in and put my shirt on, and the team were already in the tunnel.”― Marcus Rashford

“Of course I am happy to play in any of the attacking roles, but for me, where I can score the most goals is down the middle.”― Marcus Rashford

“I want to score more goals; the main ambition is goals.”― Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford on field
Marcus Rashford on field

“I learn something new every game. Every game is always different, no matter how you try and think about it beforehand.”― Marcus Rashford

“Growing up, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo were the players I looked up to – and Carlos Tevez when he was at the club.”― Marcus Rashford

“I now get recognised in the street, which is strange, but I don’t go out as much as I used to. It’s not a downside; I just have to be a bit more private.”― Marcus Rashford

“I want to become the ultimate centre forward. I want to be able to play on the left, on the right, and down the middle.”― Marcus Rashford

“It’s not just about showing people what you can do on the ball in those wider positions, it’s about gaining the full understanding of each position and what it takes to get that spot.”― Marcus Rashford

“Thierry Henry is one of my heroes; he is one of the players I watched when I was younger. When I was 17, I changed position to be a forward, and he, along with the Brazilian Ronaldo, were the two players I tried to mirror my performance on, so I would watch how they scored goals.”― Marcus Rashford

“In recent years, Ronaldo is the example: wherever you put him in the attacking three, he’s going to make an impact and the opposition are going to fear him. Being a constant threat, that’s what I need to develop.”― Marcus Rashford

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“When you get the first knock, it kind of wakes you up: you know, they are men, and it is not like Under-18s when you can take loads of knocks and know you will be fine, that you won’t feel anything after the game. You definitely get harder knocks, but it helps. You just get up and get on with the game, and then you can give it to them back.”― Marcus Rashford

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