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Marcus Rashford is an English football star who recently made headlines after receiving the MBE award from Prince Williams himself.

Along with his football skills, he is also praised for his big heart and attitude towards giving back to the community.

On the pitch, he scored two goals for Manchester United in his debut match. Similarly, he scored his first goal for his country, England, in the first three minutes of his international debut match.

Rashford entering the match with fresh spirit
Rashford entered the match with a fresh spirit.

The young star of Manchester had a change of fate following an injury that kept him off the field for a couple of months.

What was the injury? How did it change his career? Find the answer to all these in the article below, starting with some quick facts.

Marcus Rashford | Quick Facts

Full Name Marcus Rashford
Birth Date 31 October 1997
Birth Place Manchester, United Kingdom
Current Residence  Manchester, United Kingdom
Nick Name The Prince of England
Religion Christianity (Catholic)
Nationality English
Famous for being Philanthropist, footballer
Ethnicity Black
Education Ashton on Mersey School
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Robert Rashford
Mother’s Name Melanie Maynard
Siblings Two brothers and two sisters
Age 26 years old
Height 5’11”
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Hobbies Listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies
Favorite Destination N/A
Profession Footballer
Marital Status Single
Kids None
Net Worth $80 million/ £65 million
Merch  Football wear, Wall Art
Last Updated April, 2024

Marcus Rashford | Childhood

Rashford’s first football community was Dave Horrocks’s Fletcher Moss Rangers, with Dave being his first football coach. Marcus was just five when he first joined the club.

Dave recalls that Marcus was one of those kids who would give every ounce of energy onto the field every single day. He also said that Marcus would immediately fall asleep in the car when lifting him home after training sessions.

Unlike other eager beaver kids, Marcus would fall asleep and wake up after reaching his home, then start playing football again.

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Marcus Rashford | Early Struggle

In an interview in the BBC Breakfast, Marcus stated that his mother had to work multiple jobs to feed her five children. Marcus was the youngest child of the five.

Rashford’s mother would even skip meals to make sure that the kids had enough to eat.

Rashford knew that his mother was trying her best, doing all she could do, so he would not complain about anything.

He knew that she was doing her absolute best and that putting food on the table for five hungry mouths is not an easy thing to do, considering that you’re a single mother.

Growing up, Rashford’s hunger was not always satisfied, as he stated that if there was no food on the table,

“I had friends who understood my situation, and maybe it was possible for me to go to their house to get some food.”

Marcus Rashford leaving his opponents behind
Marcus Rashford leaving his opponents behind

But this was soon going to change after his enrollment at the Ashton-on-Mersey School. Rashford’s mother was a wise woman and contacted Manchester United to appeal for her son’s enrollment in the football school.

Ashton-on-Mersey School is a school where United has sent their young players who need some schooling.

Considering the single mother’s heart-touching appeal and Rashford’s talent, he was given special consideration by the club.

Despite the minimum age being 12, Rashford was given a chance to join the club at 11. His mother knew that the club’s schooling came with free food and lodging, which was one of the reasons she appealed.

Marcus Rashford | Career

After joining the club at the early age of 11, Rashford began playing cage football with Ravel Morrison, Paul Pogba, and Jesse Lingard.

Rashford was a fast-tracked player from the beginning, and training with senior club players helped him develop his football skills.

After five years of training, he finally got a chance to train with the official club players, the members of the Red Devils. At the time, he was just 16 years old.

Ronaldo, Rashford and Fenandes in the same frame, a deadly trio
Ronaldo, Rashford, and Fernandes, in the same frame, a deadly trio

Marcus Rashford debuted for Manchester United in the 2016/17 season, following an injury crisis. The young lad demonstrated an impressive, noteworthy debut scoring two goals against Arsenal in the Europa League.

Since then, the Englishman has made 183 premier league appearances for Manchester United and scored 88 goals for the club. He scored 22 goals in the 2022 season.

Moreover, Rashford has scored 12 goals playing for his country.

Marcus Rashford | Net Worth

Rashford’s contract with Manchester United pays him $250k per week until 2023. This puts his yearly salary in the range of £10.4 million or almost $14 million.

Moreover, he also earns quite a bit through incentives and bonuses.

Marcus Rashford also has partnered with the German sportswear company Nike. He has been in Nike’s promotional campaigns and endorsed its products.

But that’s not all; Rashford is also McDonald’s Football Ambassador. He has also been associated with the gaming company EA sports.

Marcus worked with them to help develop the football video game experience.

According to the British finance magazine Spear’s, his net worth is estimated to be around $80 million (£65 million). He has donated more than he owns, so that means he is far richer than $25 million, technically.

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Marcus Rashford as a philanthropist

Rashford is an active philanthropist; he is an official partner of FareShare and has donated more than his own personal wealth.

Furthermore, he donated £20 million to feed the hungry, poor, and better communities all across the UK. The feat put him in the top spot of the Sunday Times Giving list.

Marcus Rashford recently received the MBE award from Prince William himself, the Duke of Cambridge. Rashford has also been nicknamed the prince of England for his never-ending support for the people and the communities.

Rashford’s free meal initiative has seen over 1.4 million beneficiaries. This program makes sure that no children have to sleep on an empty stomach during the holidays.

Many local businesses and high-profile individuals helped his initiative, providing food and capital support for the program.

Moreover, many local businesses in Brighton, Wigan, Middlesbrough, Falmouth, Hull, Hackney, Lincoln, and Liverpool provided free meals to the less fortunate children.

Most importantly, he got the Prime Minister of the UK, Borris Johnson, to extend free school meals throughout the summer season, including the holidays. He thanked the British government for accepting his appeal and helping the vulnerable kids.

Jay-Z, the famous Brooklyn rapper, also felt incredibly proud of Marcus for doing such a great deed.

Also, PSG rival Kylian Mbappe praised Marcus for his unshakeable attitude to help the kids in need.

Rashford’s Free Meal Initiative

Apparently, the initiative of the free meal program came to him when he was off the pitch for a couple of months, following a double-stress fracture in his back.

For all his life, he had been training, and now that he could not do it, he felt out of place and demotivated. But he did not let the negativity take over him.

Rashford had always thought about giving back to the community, but he could not make time for it due to his busy schedule. This off-time was a perfect time for his unfulfilled wish.

The off-pitch time brought his childhood anxieties to the surface when he realized that schools were about to close down. “What are the kids going to eat?” was the response Marcus had.

“If they’re not at school and breakfast clubs are closed, how are they going to get fed?” responded Marcus.

Marcus showing off his tats
Marcus is showing off his tats and abs.

Rashford recalled his early memories and thought it would be like if there were a lockdown when his mother had to work multiple jobs.

In October of 2019, he set up a program to provide food for the young homeless people of Manchester but was not satisfied with the program’s reach.

With the agenda to provide for the needy across the UK, Rashford went on an intense research mode and found out about Fareshare, a charity that donates meals to over 11,000 communities.

Rashford began working with Fareshare then and has been an active member since. He is also spotted working in the company, loading food boxes into a truck.

Rashford’s future goals

After providing food for the hungry children, he is now aiming to provide books for those children. Rashford is now focusing on the estimated 383,000 children who do not own even a single book.

Rashford himself did not start reading correctly until the age of 17. He said that it’s been like an addiction ever since he started reading, and he can not stop reading.

Marcus Rashford has been in the same shoes as those less fortunate kids, and he knows how they feel inside. That is one of the main reasons he wants to help the kids facing the same problems he had.

Marcus wants the other kids to live the childhood life that he wished he had; he does not want anyone else to suffer the same problems he had.

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Social Media Links

Facebook: 8.8 million followers

Twitter: 5.2 million followers


Does Marcus Rashford have a degree?

No, Marcus Rashford does not have a degree in any discipline. He attended the Ashton on Mersey School after being especially considered by Manchester United at 11.

The most he read was up to high school. His main priority was football since that was the only way he could put food on the table and clothes on the back.

Is Rashford a Ph.D. holder?

Our experts do not think that an honorary doctorate equals a Ph.D. But in all fairness, he did receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester on the 7th of October at a special ceremony in Old Trafford.

How is Rashford a doctor?

Rashford received an honourary doctorate degree from the University of Manchester to provide food for hungry children and low-income families.

Likewise, the University bestowed its highest honor to the Machester star, technically making him a Doctor. He is now addressed as Dr. Marcus Rashford MBE.

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