Maria Yeribel Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is David Ortiz Girlfriend?

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Maria Yeribel Age: David Ortiz and his girlfriend Maria Yeribel have frequently captured media attention due to their relationship.

During a baseball-themed gender reveal party, Big Papi became the center of online amusement when he playfully swung and missed, as captured in a video shared on Pio Deportes’ official Instagram account.

Since then, fans have been curious about his baby mama, Maria Yeribel’s background, including details about her age and relationships.

David Ortiz And His Girlfriend Maria Yeribel
David Ortiz And His Girlfriend Maria Yeribel (Source: Instagram)

David Ortiz, the esteemed Dominican-American, boasts a remarkable career as a former professional baseball designated hitter.

Over two decades, from 1997 to 2016, he left an indelible mark on MLB, primarily donning the iconic Boston Red Sox jersey.

Before solidifying his legacy with the Red Sox, Ortiz spent 6 seasons with the Minnesota Twins, yielding unremarkable results.

However, a pivotal move to Boston transformed his trajectory, and he played a pivotal role in breaking the team’s 86-year World Series championship drought in the historic 2004 season.

Upon concluding his illustrious career, Ortiz left an enduring imprint on the American League record books.

Maria Yeribel Age: Unraveling the Enigma of the Mysterious Beauty

Maria Yeribel celebrates her birthday on March 17 each year, yet the veil of mystery surrounds her birth year, leaving her age a well-guarded secret.

What is known, however, is her role as a mother and her current journey into pregnancy with Big Papi.

Beyond her family life, Maria has made a name for herself in the digital world.

As a model and Instagram sensation, she commands a following of 312K enthusiasts.

David Ortiz Girlfriend, Maria Yeribel
David Ortiz Girlfriend, Maria Yeribel (Source: Instagram)

Her influence extends to beauty and makeup, which is evident through her YouTube channel.

Although the channel, adorned with 2.66 K subscribers, currently lies dormant with only nine videos, her shared content focuses on makeup and beauty tips.

The most recent video was posted on December 22, 2019.

On Facebook, Maria goes by the username Yeri Bell.

Her bio profoundly states: “90% of what people think or say about you has nothing to do with you but with themselves.”

Despite this wisdom, she maintains a low profile on the platform, with her last post dating back to March 2021.

Maria Yeribel, a woman of mystery and substance, continues to captivate the curiosity of her followers both online and offline.

Big Papi’s Hilarious Swing: Baby Shower In Fashion

Excitement and anticipation filled the air as baseball legend David Ortiz and his girlfriend, María Yeribell Martínez, joyfully announced they were expecting their first child together.

The couple recently organized a special event in January 2024 to unveil the gender of their upcoming addition to the family, showcasing Ortiz’s passion for baseball.

In a nod to Ortiz’s illustrious career in the sport, the gender reveal took on a baseball-themed spectacle.

Friends and well-wishers gathered as ‘Big Papi’ prepared to take a swing to determine the gender of their baby.

However, retirement seemed to have taken a toll on Ortiz’s once-flawless swing.

The legendary hitter swung at a gently lobbed ball, only to miss it, leaving everyone in stitches.

Maria Yeribel With His Kids
Maria Yeribel With His Kids (Source: Instagram)

Despite the swing-and-a-miss, the reveal unfolded as blue confetti showered the scene, indicating that Ortiz and Martinez would soon welcome a son into their family.

The footage captured Ortiz’s animated reaction, showcasing his jubilant celebration upon learning the gender of his fourth child.

With three children already in his life – two from his previous marriage to Tiffany and one from another previous relationship – the Ortiz-Martínez family joyously prepares for a new chapter.

The clip concludes with Ortiz and his friends reveling in the joyous occasion, highlighting the humor in Ortiz’s brief attempt to locate the elusive ball.

Fans flooded social media with comments, expressing amusement at the unexpected twist in the gender reveal orchestrated by one of baseball’s greatest hitters.

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