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One of the possible top 100 prospects of the 2023 NBA draft Markquis Nowell grew up with three brothers; Marcus, Marius, and Marek Nowell.

Despite his short stature of 5’8, Markquis can score and make the passes, and he wants to show he is able to play on a NBA level.

From a young age, their father, Marcus Sr., directed and coached the Nowell brothers, establishing a strong work ethic and a love of sports.

Markquis Nowell Graduation Photo
Markquis Nowell Graduation Photo (Source: Instagram)

Markquis Morris Nowell, a point guard, played college basketball for the Kansas State Wildcats of the Big 12 Conference.

Before Kansas, Markquis was committed to playing for the Rock Trojans before Kansas and was named to the All-Sun Belt First Team during his sophomore year.

Moreover, throughout his collegiate career, he earned several honorable mentions, including the All-Big 12 First Team, Big 12 All-Defensive Team, and NABC All-District First Team.

Markquis Nowell Brother

Marquis Nowell grew up with three brothers: Marcus, Marius, and Marek. Marquis has an unbreakable and strong bond with Marcus.

When Marquis was 6 years old and Marcus Jr. was 11, they were lying on the twin-sized bed and had a conversation:

“What do you want to be?” Marcus asks.
Markquis replies, “An NBA player.”

On that day, 11-year-old Marcus made a promise to help his brother achieve his dream. The ups and downs, the sadness and happiness, and the love shared by the two brothers are heartwarming.

Moreover, one takes the NCAA’s spotlight, and the other asks the NCAA athlete to shine even brighter.

Young Markquis Nowell With Brother Marcus
Young Markquis Nowell With Brother Marcus (Source: Twitter)

At each phase of Markquis’ career, Marcus is always around, supporting his younger brother.

Additionally, due to the height of the point guard, he got frequently rejected, and his name always had an asterisk.

Meanwhile, his older brother’s height is 6 feet, so he often told Marcus, “If I could switch one thing with you, it’d be your height.”

Markquis Nowell Parents

Markquis Morris Nowell was born on December 25, 1999, to Kisha Morales and Marcus Nowell. Kisha Morales was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, New York.

Morris’s mother works for a real estate company as an insurance and AR File clerk and currently lives in Brooklyn.

In Rochelle, New York, she has been working for SW Management LLC since 2012. Moreover, Morales is also a rising author who published a book named “Vindictive: Revenge is a Sweet Sin” in 2017.

Additionally, Markquis’ mother is also the CEO of Three Ring Publishing Inc., a small publishing company based in Brooklyn.

Markquis Nowell's Father
Markquis Nowell’s Father (Source: Twitter)

Marcus Sr. is 5 feet 9, but he didn’t let the height become any kind of restraining factor in pursuing a career in basketball.

The point guard’s father played a vital role in developing his son as a player.

“He was always the kid that coaches didn’t want to select but had to select because he was just that good,” Marcus Sr. expressed his pride for his son in an interview.

Moreover, due to his physical stature, Nowell is going to have a much harder time being selected in the league. While some believe he might go undrafted in this year’s draft.

But Nowell’s father has faith that his son can make it to the NBA.

“If you’re looking for somebody who is going to sell tickets, you’ve got someone right there who is going to sell tickets.” Marcus Sr. said.

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