Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

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Point Guard is also known as the on-field coach in basketball. The point guards have to determine the pacing and rhythm of the game. Since they are vital to the game, today we’ll be talking about the top 10 point guards in the NBA.

The point guard player’s special skills include passing and dribbling. To be fair, all basketball players possess these skills. However, the point guard has to pass the ball to the right person, i.e., the one who’s closer to the basket.

Point Guard NBA

They also have to plan their game while keeping in mind the score and the time left. This is why point guard is vital to the game.

These top 10 point guards in the NBA helped their team build pressure on their oppositions and opened more scoring windows.

Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

These players are selected based on their recent form, scores, and overall team impact. The reference sites include sites like NBC sports, Bleacher report, Basketball-reference.

Rank Name Current Team
10 De’Aaron Fox Sacramento Kings
9 Jrue Holiday Milwaukee Bucks
8 Russell Westbrook Los Angeles Lakers
7 Ja Morant Memphis Grizzlies
6 Chris Paul Phoenix Suns
5 Trae Young Atlanta Hawks
4 Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets
3 Damian Lillard Portland Trail
2 Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks
1 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors

10. De’Aaron Fox

Starting with #12 on our list, De’Aaron Fox, a 25 years old NBA player based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. At such tender age, he is already one of the best point guards in the league.

In the 2020-21 season itself, he has 6 assists per game and has scored 25 points on average. He spends about 30 minutes on average per game. He even played fewer games this season compared to other seasons due to his injury.

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His impressive performance despite the injury lands him a spot on our list of top 10 point guards in the NBA.

9. Jrue Holiday

Milwaukee Bucks’s point guard Jrue Holiday was on the form of his life in the 2021 season. In a single season, he managed to grab two distinct and prestigious titles.

Firstly, Jrue managed to win the Sportsmanship award. Later, he was also selected for the All-Defensive First Team and selected for the All-Defensive First Team in 2018.

Additionally, Milwaukee Buck also won the championship in 2021. Jrue Holiday‘s game improved a lot since he came to Milwaukee Buck.

He spent roughly the same time on the court for other teams, but with Bucks, he’s attempting more 3 pointers and scoring more. Among the active players, he has the 11th highest number of assists.

Jrue Holiday

Similarly, among the active players, he has the 10th best assists per game. Even among the number of steals, he’s within the top 15. This shows that he’s among the best point guards in the NBA.

Even though his last name is Holiday, he won’t be leaving the NBA for a holiday soon.

8. Russell Westbrook

The point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, has been playing in NBA for more than a decade. Since his debut, he’s played for four different teams.

Russell has been an ace player throughout his career. Westbrook made it to the All-Rookie First Team in the first season. However, his form lagged a bit after that.

In 2011, he made it to the All-Star team. Since then, he’s been included in 8 other All-Star. Apart from that, in 2015 and 2016, he was the All-Star Game MVP.

Then again, in 2016 and 2017, he was in the All-NBA First Team. Apart from that, he was the scoring champion two times and the assists leader three times.

Russell was also included in the 75th Anniversary Team. It seems that Russell is going strong even after all these years because he was the assist leader in the last season.

7. Ja Morant

The Rookie of the Year 2020 is set to be one of the best point guards in the NBA. Currently, he’s just 23 years old.

Yet, in his career, he has won awards after awards. Till now, Ja Morant has won Lute Olson Award, Bob Cousy Award.

Apart from that, he also won the OVC Player of the Year, OVC Tournament MVP. Morant was already the talk of the town before he was drafted in the NBA.

Perhaps that was the reason he was drafted in the first round as the overall second pick. The Memphis Grizzlies picked this talented point guard, hoping to make him an integral part of the team.

Currently, he has about 55% field goal percentage. Morant has been slowly and steadily increasing his average over the years. Even his free throw percentage has increased this season.

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We can hope that this player will continue to grow and be better in the upcoming days.

6. Chris Paul

Another experienced player on the list is Chris Paul. Since the last decade, he has turned into one of the top 10 point guards in the NBA.

Chris has achieved many awards over the years. He’s 11 times All-Star player. Apart from that, he was the All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player.

Similarly, he was also selected to the First Team 4 times and in the Second Team 5 times. Chris also has won the assist leader 4 times and steal leader 6 times.

Since 2005 he’s been part of five different teams. He has played for New Orleans Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and now Phoenix Suns.

Apart from NBA, Paul has also played for America in the Olympics. With his major contributions in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, his team successfully bagged the gold. And in the 1st round during the 2015 NBA Draft, the Hornets picked Chris.

5. Trae Young

Counting at no 5 is the young player of the NBA, Trae Young. He is 1.85 meters tall and was drafted by Atlanta Hawks in the 1st round itself.

Young has a field goal percentage of 43% and a free throw percentage of 86%. This makes him an excellent point guard.

Trae Young on court

Young is brilliant at assisting his teammates. During his 2018-2019 career, he had 653 assists which was the second-highest assists in the team. Last season, he had 9.4 assists per game.

In terms of assists, he is in the top 5 every season. Also, he had the best free throw record in the 2020-21 season. That’s why he is one of the best top 10 point guards in the NBA.

4. Kyrie Irving

The next player on the list is the first-round first overall pick for the 2011 draft, Kyrie Irving. After his performance in the first season, he also won the Rookie of the Year award in 2012.

In the same year, he was also selected for the All-Rookie First Team. Since then, he has won All-Star Game MVP. 7 time All-Star Kyrie was also part of the All-NBA Second Team.

Apart from that, he is also part of the 50-40-90 club. Players are evaluated under three different categories. First is field goal percentage, three-point field goal, and free throw percentage.

In the 2020-21 season, Irving had a 50.6% field goal, 40.2% three-point field goal, and 92.2% free throw percentage. It’s an impressive record which very few players manage to achieve in their careers.

Kyrie Irving also represented the USA in the Olympics and the World Cup. On both the occasions, USA won the gold, i.e., 2016 for the Olympics and 2014 for the World Cup.

3. Damian Lillard

The 32 year old Damian Lillard is one of the top 10 point guards in the NBA. He plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Damian is 188 cm tall, and he’s fast; therefore, he troubles the opposition player. As a result, Damian is also nicknamed the “Dame Time.”

Damien Lillard on Trail Blazers jersey (Source:

He’s one of the best players in the history of the Blazers. 6 times All-Star Damian also won the Rookie of the Year in 2013. Apart from that, he was also selected for First Team in 2018.

Apart from the Trail Blazers, he represented the USA in the 2020 Olympics games, where the USA won the gold medal.

Despite his performance, the team performance of the Trail Blazers has been lackluster. However, his performance is still outstanding; that’s why he is one of the top 10 point guards in the NBA.

2. Luka Doncic

Most of the NBA players are from the USA. However, players from other countries also play in the NBA. One such player is Luka Doncic from Slovenia.

Luka played for his club’s senior team at the tender age of 16 for Real Madrid. In 2018, they won the Euroleague title. In the tournament, he won the Most Valuable Player award.

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This attracted the attention of the American clubs, and he made his NBA debut in 2019. The Atlanta Hawks picked him in the NBA draft, but they exchanged him with Trae Young to the Dallas Mavericks.

After his first season, he won the Rookie of the Year and got selected to All-Rookie First Team. In the 2020-21 season, he played All-Star and was selected to First-Team.

It’s clear that in the upcoming years, he will be a great player. His performance in the Euro league and the NBA shows that he is one of the great players of the modern era.

1. Stephen Curry

The number one on the list of top 10 point guards in the NBA is Stephen Curry. He made the NBA debut for the Golden State Warriors and has represented them in all the matches.

Curry won the Most Valuable Player award in 2015 and 2016. In addition, the 7 times All-Star player was selected to First Team four times. In 2016 and 2021, he was the scoring champion.

Apart from that, in 2016, he was included in the 50-40-90 club. Curry also made it to the 75th Anniversary Team.

Stephen Curry dribbling on the court (Source:

Stephen Curry is also a great field goal shooter. He has a career average of 47.7% of field goal percentage. Similarly, he is also a great free throw shooter. His career free throw percentage is 90.7%.

In terms of the active player, he has the 5th best points per game average. He is also ahead in the number of steals.


Point shooters are very important to the team. These are some of the best point shooters currently playing the game. If you think we have missed some greatest on our list, then feel free to comment.

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