9 Martial Arts Chest Protectors To Choose

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In the sport of fighting, protection has been a major concern. Throughout the year, protection gears have been modified keeping players’ safety on the top.

Presently players are wearing modern protectors to protect the body from strong impact.  In this article, you will find varieties of chest protectors for martial arts which can protect against shock.  

The chest protector is vital in martial arts. Along with chest protectors, you will also need other protection gears such as head guards, shin guards other types of guards, according to the game.

The most important job of chest protectors is to protect the torso and rib area. In martial art, chest protectors are essential to protect against competitor hits.

However, not all the chest protector shields your chest properly. So, you need to look at certain aspects of the chest protector before you get one for yourself.

Aspects To Look For In Chest Protectors


Chest protectors are designed in a way to protect against kicks and punches from the opponent. To make the chest protectors impactful, they are designed with protective material. And also, they are designed with vinyl shells for easy cleaning.

Chest guards use a material like gels, high-density foam, rubber foam for impact absorption. These all materials work together to protect against impacts from forceful impact.


Types of material used also define the weight of the chest protectors. You will find various chest protectors for martial art. What matters is which one you choose.

For training, you can choose lightweight protectors. If you are not practicing heavy in training, you will need lightweight chest protectors.

However, if you are practicing just like the competition, lightweight chest protectors won’t work.

You will definitely need heavyweight chest protectors, just like you wear in competitions. Compromising on gears won’t be safe.


Chest protectors must ease your move naturally. For easy and natural movement, choose the chest protectors that just fit you right. It should not be too small or not too big.

Ensure you get the right chest protectors that fit you correctly. While getting chest protectors, it would be better to buy that comes to the waist protecting ribs, chest, stomach, and shoulder.

Getting a chest protector that comes to the waist will give enough lower torso flexibility allowing you to move naturally.


How would you give your 100% if a chest protector won’t comfort you? Comfort is also one of the important aspects of chest protectors that need to be analyzed when buying it.

You need to know your size and the size of the chest protector before getting it. Chest protectors should allow you to move more naturally and freely.

The chest guard comes with a strap that enables you to adjust and take off easily. Strap in the chest protector different according to the brand. However, each brand has its own strategical way of placing straps to ensure proper fit.

Level of protection

You buy a chest protector to protect your body during competition. Level of protection is vital while buying a chest protector.

Chest protection that won’t guarantee full protection is ok, if you are wearing it for training. You can categorize chest protectors on the basis of training sessions and for the competition.

So, you may keep the stock of chest protectors for different training sessions and competitions.

1. Wesing Martial Arts Chest Protector

Chest Protector
Chest Protector

Wesing constructed this solid Martial Arts Chest Protector to absorb every powerful impact from the opponent. You can get this martial arts chest protector in three different colors. Wesing offers a chest protector in black, blue, and red color.

This chest protector features a round collar that is made of smooth fabric, keeping you comfortable in the neck area. Though it is constructed with smooth fabric, a double neckline edge ensures durability so you don’t have to doubt on its quality.

Plus, the metal buckle design of this chest protector can be adjusted to your body shape. The strength of the buckle design ensures its long life and also makes sure that you can move more naturally without any discomfort.

The fabric used in the chest protector is soft and breathable, which ensures comfort making you feel comfortable.

Though the fabric is soft, it can absorb the strongest impact. The liner on the chest protector is designed in a way to take kicks and punches.

Players involved in boxing, MMA, Muay Thai can also wear this martial arts chest protector. To get the right fit, do check the size chart. They have listed proper descriptions about the size, which can ease you find the right size.

Amazon Reviews


Many reviewers are satisfied with the quality and performance of this chest protector. It provides just enough protection to prevent rib breaks and prevent other injuries.

Accurate Size

Reviewers are also satisfied with the size of this martial art chest protector. In order to get an accurate size, you need to check the size chart. Reviewers also suggest checking the size chart to get an accurate size.

Light And Comfortable

It is light and comfortable. Reviewer claimed that it covers the entire front torso. This chest protector absorbs punches and kicks.

2. RDX Martial Arts Body Protection

RDX Martial Arts Body Protection
RDX Martial Arts Body Protection

This martial art body protection constructed by RDX protects the body to a whole new level. It is designed with Maya hide leather for resilience. You can ensure resilience for a prolonged period of time.

The resilience feature of this body protector can absorb strong kick or punch during boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Hence it can be concluded that this is also versatile chest protectors which can be used in fighting sport.

It guards the chest and belly area just the way it has to. Also, it delivers robust impact absorption, so you don’t need to worry about protection.

Chest protectors are constructed to protect the torso area. And this chest protector ensures complete body protection. Once you wear a rib protector, you will assure full protection, and they are lightweight design keeps.

RDX design this body protector with high-quality padding, which ensures complete upper protection. Plus, it can also absorb high-intensity force.

And it is designed in a way to absorb heavy impact. This body protection is constructed with polygonal fusion foam align between the padding for heavy shock absorption.

Amazon Reviews

Great Check Protector

Reviewers were found to be satisfied with the performance and quality. They were happy with the overall product.

Amazing Value

Reviewer found this chest protector to be awesome as you can get this product at an amazing price.


Reviewer commented that this chest protector is sturdy, very comfortable, and not expensive, so the reviewer recommended this chest protector.

3.RDX Martial Arts Chest Protectors 

RDX Chest Protector
RDX Chest Protector

This martial arts chest protector is designed especially for martial arts. If you are searching for a chest protector for martial arts, then this chest protector will surely satisfy and protect you.

It is fully constructed to impact high impacts that come from lethal TKD kicks. It is made with full body protection material to ensure your safety.

18mm EVA-LUTION with 24MM foam lamination makes this material arts chest protector shock-absorbent allowing you to stick in the competition. So, you can wear this chest protector confidently without worrying about your torso protection.

Also, RDX builds this chest protector with an elastic strap which gives maximum flexibility that perfectly fits on your body. The elastic strap is designed in a way to comfort you during the competition that allows you to give 100%.

And talking about durability, it can support you in the career for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is designed with T-3 triple Nylon stitching and PU piping that ensures durability.

An impressive feature of this chest protector is, you can wear it in blue or red. The reversible design of the chest protector lets you wear it in either way.

Amazon Reviews

Not For Child

If you are thinking of getting this chest guard for your kiddo that this is not the one. Reviewer found the small size way too large for the child.

Good Padding

Reviewers are satisfied with the padding done in this chest guard. It can absorb forceful punch and kick in your torso without harming your body.

Not Adjustable

If you don’t get the right size, it won’t fit you well. Some reviewers were not satisfied with the design as they claimed the strap is not adjustable. So, there is no need of adjusting the strap if you get the right size.

4. Adidas Martial Arts Chest Protector

Adidas Chest Protector
Adidas Chest Protector

The Adidas chest protector does its job well. It looks like a professional chest protector that works well in the competition. You can wear them for training as well as in the competition.

It is designed to take maximum shocks during competition, allowing you to root your foot throughout the game. You won’t feel discomfort wearing this chest guard as it stays in your torso in the right way allowing you to perform well.

Additionally, Adidas designed this chest protector with foam rubber padding that ensures shock absorption. The vinyl shell makes it easy to clean and makes it durable.  

Additionally, it is constructed with shoulder padding. This Adidas is built with good shoulder padding to protect your shoulder from a hit.

The way it is constructed gives full protection but doesn’t let you limit your performance. You can dodge, twist, and even evade without any discomfort, meaning you will be able to train perfectly and let you show your potential in the competition.

The strap is designed as a loop that allows you to keep the chest guard in place. So, you can tighten it or lose it depending upon your body structure.

Amazon Reviews


Reviewers in the review section have mentioned that this chest guard gives great protection. They were satisfied with the way it protects the torso area.

Great Fit

Reviewers have mentioned that it fits perfectly. The loop on the back of the chest guard allowed you to adjust the fit and this feature satisfied the reviewers.

Doesn’t Limit Maneuverability

This chest guard is not bulky, which doesn’t limit your movement. Reviewer found it allow you to move and let you show your ability in the game.

5. Wesing Chest Protector MMA Chest Protector

Wesing Chest Protector
Wesing Chest Protector

Constructed with breathable and flexible fabric, this chest guard is suitable for long-duration training as well as competition. You can easily put on this chest protector to show your full ability during competition.

It is designed lightweight, which allows you to move your body with little force. But, not to be doubt on the quality of its protection.

It is built with Oxford cloth with Spandex fabric and 3-layer mesh fabric, which ensure torso protection and durability.

Its simple design doesn’t reduce its performance quality. So, you can wear it for training, competition and even for international competition.

The synthetic fabric used in this chest protector lets you clean it easily. Hence, you won’t have any problem wearing, moving and cleaning it.

Just like other chest guards, it has a nylon strap that goes around the back. But what’s different in this chest protector is the strap that extends over the shoulder, which keeps it attached to the body.

The design of the strap gives upper body flexibility. However, your shoulder may get more exposure while sparring.

Amazon Reviews

Easy To Use

Reviewers were satisfied with this chest protector as it is easy to put on and allows you to move freely.  You can wear it like a shirt and Velcro strap fit on to your body.


Reviewers were satisfied with the material used while manufacturing this chest protector. They found the quality standard to be high.


While wearing it, you won’t feel discomfort. You can comfortably do your martial art tricks wearing it. Reviewers were happy with the comfort this chest protector provides.

6. FARABI Ladies Chest Protector

FARABI Ladies chest protector
FARABI Ladies chest protector

This chest protector is specially designed for ladies. The above-mentioned chest protector is designed for males and females. However, this chest protector is designed keeping in mind the requirement of female protection.

It is made with PU-Synthetic leather. This gear can resist the most extreme impact. When you are considering excessive punching training, this can serve the best gear in front of the opponent.

Additionally, this chest guard is constructed with CGR-hardcore padding that provides complete protection against strikes. The tri-layered pad-x material offers additional protection.

 Plus, top-quality carbon fiber and synthetic G-leather give protection to the chest during training and combat. And these materials also offer snugness, comfort and fit perfectly to the body.

Additionally, it features an XR-Dissemination shock-absorbent for extra protection. When the force is applied to the chest guard, you will feel a minimal impact.

Wearing this, you will get ultimate comfort and feel amazing. However, one drawback you get in this chest guard is, it doesn’t cover the entire torso area.

If you are looking for something like this, you can choose it in two colors.

Amazon Reviews

Great Products

Reviewers were delighted with the chest protector and commented that it fit nicely and comfortably.

Not True-Size

As the strap can’t be adjusted and not true-size, you definitely have to get the one that fits you perfectly.

Hard Padding

The padding is hard enough to protect your chest. The reviewer recommended this chest proctor as they were satisfied with the product.

7. Pine Tree Chest Guard Protector

Pine Tree Chest Protector
Pine Tree Chest Protector

This reversible chest guard comes in red and blue color. You can flip the protector to any color you like. You may use it for other forms of martial art like boxing and muy thai.

The tournament deluxe chest protector offers torso area protection. And it is constructed with thick padding to protect your kidney, back, and collarbone.

While wearing this chest guard from Pine Tree you will surely feel total protection in the torso area.

Similar to the chest guard from Adidas, this chest protector also features extra padding in the shoulder. Though it has extra padding on the shoulder, you will not feel discomfort performing martial art moves while wearing it.

The lock system around the back of the chest guard ensures secure it. The string tie feature enables you to adjust it.

The edge of the chest guard is cut accurately, which allows you to move freely. For sure you won’t feel discomfort while wearing it for competition.

However, you cannot fold it and carry it in a bag. You can choose to fit it in a large gym bag or in any big bag.

Amazon Reviews

Great Quality

Reviewers were happy with the quality padding used in the chest guard. Pine Tree has constructed this chest protector using high-quality material which is the reason for reviewers’ satisfaction.

Good Protection

Even the hard punch can be absorbed by this chest guard. So, many reviewers were satisfied with the protection it provides.

No Restriction In Movement

The high-quality material used in the construction of this chest protector offers comfort without any restriction in movement.

 8. Martial Arts Chest Protector

Martial Arts Chest Protector
Martial Arts Chest Protector

This is another chest protector which is easy to put on. Above mentioned chest protectors are designed with strings, so you may need help to place it perfectly on the body.

However, you will not need any help to wear this chest guard. You can just wear it like a jacket. It has a front Velcro closure that ensures fit. And you can just remove it with front Velcro.

Though you wear it like a jacket, it doesn’t have padding on the back. It is designed with thick and strong padding in front to absorb impact, making it perfect for any type of martial art.

As it doesn’t have a string on the back to adjust, you need to be careful while choosing the size. Do check the size chart while selecting a chest protector.

Moreover, the highlighting feature of this chest protector is the amazing protection the midsection of the chest guard provides. So, it is great in preventing serious injuries.

The inner and outer color of the chest protector is not the same. The outer color of the chest protector is black, and the inner is red.

Amazon Reviews

Perfect Protection

Many reviewers were very satisfied with the protection level of the chest protector. They found it covers the torso area giving complete protection.


The design of this chest protector makes it comfortable. Velcro closure ensures protection and comfort if you get the right size.


Reviewer found this chest protector light in weight, allowing you to move naturally.

9. Wesing Solid Chest Protector

Wesing solid chest protector
Wesing Solid Chest Protector

This chest protector from Wesing is dense and constructed with PU leather making it strong enough to absorb punches. Also, PU leather is durable that makes the chest guard last longer.

For much better protection, it is build using XPE foam that absorbs pressure and energy. This solid chest protection is also designed with enough padding on the shoulder area.

It is designed with XPE foam inner that absorb the hardest pressure and protects your torso area. You can wear it in a training session as well as in a competition.

Like some of the chest protectors listed in this article, this chest protector is also reversible. You can wear it either in blue or red color.

This unisex chest protector comes in five different sizes. While choosing the size, you need to choose according to your weight. Do go through the size chart to know your size before getting it from Amazon.

Backstrap ensures no-slip during training and competition. Similar to other chest guards, this gear got an adjustable strap that can adjust according to your body.

Amazon Reviews


Reviewers are delighted with the quality of the chest protectors. Though it is constructed solid, you will feel impact depending on how hard your opponent strikes you.

Good Fit

It fit perfectly when you get the right size. Reviewer found it comfortable, easy to take off and take out.


Reviewer was satisfied with the padding, lace system, and flexibility it provides. Therefore, this chest protector is good for the fighter.

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