Martina Sablikova Partner: Is She Married Or Dating Anyone?

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It’s obvious if you are in the limelight, you come inside the radar where fans try to dig into everything about your life. Similar is the case for Martina Sablikova. Fans are curious to know about her partner.

Unfortunately, no reports suggest that Sablikova is currently in a relationship.

Moreover, her coach, Petr Novak, suggests that to win gold, you must stay away from love. Novak stated, “You can have a boyfriend, just don’t fall in love. If you fall in love, everything is over, you might as well quit.”

This might also be the reason she has stayed single, focusing on her professional career. Or she might be very good at hiding her secrets well.

However, there have been a few rumors about Martina’s relationship in her 18-year career in skating and cycling.

Martina Sablikova After Getting Ready To Get On The Ice
Martina Sablikova After Getting Ready To Get On The Ice (Source: Instagram)

Martina Sablikova, a professional Czech speed skater, was born to her parents, Milan Sablik and Eva Sablikova, on May 27, 1987, in Nové Město na Moravě, Czechoslovakia.

As a junior, Sáblíková clinched the title of Czech youth championship in 1999, 2001, and 2004. She also set the junior world record for the 3000m, clocking a time of 4:00.69.

In 2007, she claimed her first major tournament victory at the European Speed Skating Competition. Sablikova has sustained her success by achieving subsequent significant wins.

Furthermore, she has competed at the Winter Olympics and earned multiple golds, silvers, and bronzes.

Martina Sablikova Partner: Is She Dating?

The legendary skater has been in the field for nearly two decades, and a few dating rumors about her exist now.

As of now, Martina is potentially single, with no indication of her dating anyone at the moment. In recent years, no potential partners have been spotted with her.

However, Sablikova was reportedly in a relationship as she expressed her happiness on a personal level.

She further mentioned her joy at having a partner who is understanding of her hectic schedule and handles it gracefully. But, evidently, the love didn’t last in the end.

Martina Sablikova And Her Coach
Martina Sablikova And Her Coach (Source: Lidovky)

For a long time, people speculated about whether Martina Sáblíková’s partner was her trainer, Petr Novák, who is almost forty years older than her.

With the rising speculations, they publicly addressed the matter in an interview and denied all the allegations.

In 2011, rumors circulated about her dating Czech ice hockey player Tomas Plekanec. But neither of them ever confirmed their relationship.

Moreover, there were also rumors linking her to the Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer.

Rio Controversy: Unfair? Next Retiring?

As an international caliber cyclist, Sáblíková had long nurtured the dream of participating in the Olympic time trial event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

After Martina secured a 12th-place finish in the women’s time trial at the UCI World Road Championships in Richmond, U.S., in 2015, people believed she had earned a spot at Rio 2016.

However, when the UCI published the list of nations that qualified for this event at Rio 2016, it did not include the Czech Republic.

The UCI used an interpretation of the qualification rules where an athlete also has to qualify for the road race.

She traveled to Rio with the hope that the decision might be overturned; however, the decision remained still, and she did not compete.

Martina Interview After Rio Incident
Martina Interview After Rio Incident (Source: Radio Prague)

Many, including Martina herself, shared this disappointment and considered it unfair.

After that, she continued competing in other games. In October 2026, she announced her retirement plans.

Her representative clarified her statement, saying that the Czech speed skater would probably retire after the 2026 Olympics.

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