Did Mary Lou Retton Have Covid? Is She Vaccinated Or Anti Vax?

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With the American gymnast icon Mary Lou Retton currently hospitalized in Texas, various online speculations have emerged suggesting a possible COVID-19 connection.

Nevertheless, Retton’s daughter has stated that her mother is fighting pneumonia.

Despite this clarification, the online discourse persists, with many engaging in discussions and putting forth various statements.

American Retired Gymnast Mary Lou Retton
American Retired Gymnast Mary Lou Retton (Source: Instagram)

Mary Lou Retton is a former American gymnast who achieved fame for her accomplishments in the sport during the 1980s. 

She is best known for her stunning performance at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

At the age of 16, Retton became the first American woman to win the Olympic all-around gold medal in gymnastics.

This historic victory made her a national hero and a beloved figure in the United States.

Furthermore, she won two silver and two bronze medals at the 1984 Olympics in various individual gymnastics events.

After her Olympic triumph, Mary Lou Retton continued participating in gymnastics and pursued various other interests, including acting and television hosting.

Did Mary Lou Retton Have Covid?

Mary Lou Retton currently finds herself in the intensive care unit of a Texas hospital, a situation that has created discussion among fans on Reddit.

The debate centers on whether her condition is related to COVID-19, given that her daughter has disclosed that she is battling a very rare form of pneumonia.

Some individuals speculate that this uncommon pneumonia might be a potential consequence of a complication of COVID-19 infection.

As the infection can weaken the respiratory system, giving rise to this unfortunate sequence of events, a scenario sadly familiar for unvaccinated individuals.

Mary Lou Retton With Her Children
Mary Lou Retton With Her Children (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, they believe the daughter’s mention of protecting her mother’s privacy may be an attempt to sidestep criticism for not opting for an easily accessible vaccine.

Some even went on to say that she is anti-vax and hence denied any proper precautions against the disease.

Fans on Reddit continue to discuss these matters, but here at Playersbio, we extend our best wishes for her swift and complete recovery.

Fighting For Her Life

The renowned Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, Mary Lou Retton, is presently in a critical health battle, as shared by her daughter.

McKenna Kelley shared this distressing update on her Instagram story, revealing that her mother is battling a rare form of pneumonia.

On Tuesday, Kelley posted a photo of a Spotfund account she initiated to assist with Retton’s medical expenses.

She wrote, “Please help my mom continue to fight.” She also noted that,

“Out of respect for her and her privacy, I will not disclose all details. However, I will disclose that she not insured.”

Kelley further conveyed, “We ask that if you could help in any way, that 1) you PRAY! and 2) if you could help us with finances for the hospital bill.”

The fundraising campaign aimed to raise $50,000 has already surpassed that goal.

At the time of writing, a remarkable $143,085 has been raised to support Mary Lou Retton’s medical journey.

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