Mat Armstrong Girlfriend Hanna Smith: BMX Rider Relationship Timeline

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Mat Armstrong girlfriend, Hanna Smith, has been with him since 2014. Hanna has been seen in several of Mat’s popular YouTube videos. 

One of the popular YouTube stars based in the UK, Mat Armstrong, and his videos can easily keep his audiences hooked for 20 or so minutes. Aside from his YouTube videos, Mat is also a BMX rider and has previously taken part in several competitions. 

Mat Armstrong And His Girlfriend Hanna Smith Pictured Together At The Ripley Castle In June 2023
Mat Armstrong And His Girlfriend, Hanna Smith, Pictured Together At The Ripley Castle In June 2023 (Source: Instagram)

His better half, Hanna Smith, has been a big part of his success. Smith has seen her boyfriend become one of the top content creators in the world and has supported him throughout his journey.

Recently, Mat was part of the E-bay Garage at the Festival of Speed. And supporting him from the sideline was Hanna, who even shared a picture of him being interviewed by the British television presenter Ortis Deley. 

Mat Armstrong Girlfriend, Hanna Smith

Mat Armstrong’s girlfriend, Hanna Smith, like him, is passionate about restoring the cars and giving them a brand new look. 

Born on April 18, 1995, Hanna is available on Instagram with the username @thehannalucy and also has a YouTube channel. 

But unlike Mat, Hanna doesn’t upload regularly. She has uploaded eight videos and has 24.3k subscribers. Her latest video was more than a year ago and was on November 22, 2021.

Mat Armstrong Pictured With His Girlfriend Hanna Smith In September 2022
Mat Armstrong Pictured With His Girlfriend Hanna Smith In September 2022 (Source: Instagram)

One of her videos was with Mat, where she asked her boyfriend a few of the questions dropped by the fans in the comment section of her videos.

In the video, the BMX rider, who is often complimented about how well-edited his videos are, revealed he spends about eight hours preparing them. On the other hand, Hanna said she takes almost two hours on her. 

Restoring cars isn’t the only shared interest of the couple. Mat and Hanna also seem to love tattoos. The YouTube couple shares more than dozens of tattoos, with Hanna having displayed many of her tattoos in her Instagram photos. 

In some of her older photos, Hanna has shown her love for makeup as well as wanting to stay healthy and fit. One of the pictures shared by her in 2016 shows her doing yoga. 

Nowadays, most of her content is related to attending car shows worldwide with her best friend and boyfriend, Mat Armstrong. 

Hanna is also the director of Mat’s company Mat Armstrong Ltd. She was appointed to the position of director last year in January. The company itself was incorporated in 2020. 

Mat Armstrong And Girlfriend Hanna Smith Relationship 

Mat and Hanna have been dating for almost a decade. In an Instagram photo shared by Hanna in 2018, the better half of the YouTube sensation shared they had clicked their first photograph together in 2014.

Hanna went Instagram official with Mat in July 2014. A month after going official with their relationship, the couple was seen spending time in Dubai. 

Mat And Hanna Pictured With Their Pet Dog Kevin In 2020
Mat And Hanna Pictured With Their Pet Dog Kevin In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Since then, Hanna has shared several romantic posts on social media. Late that same year, the couple traveled to Spain, with Hanna sharing a sweet snap of them at the beach Tossa de Mar. 

In the past, Hanna has also attended several of Mat’s BMX competitions. In 2017, she shared an appreciation post of Mat qualifying for a BMX event. 

Though they aren’t parents to a human baby, they are one to a furry baby. In 2018, the couple added a new family member in Kevin, the Blue Boston Terrier. He has been seen in several of the couple’s Instagram photos. 

Last month, Hanna shared a sweet Instagram post on Mat’s 30th birthday, writing how proud she is of his accomplishments. 

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