Mateen Cleaves Son Mateen Cleaves Jr Is Inspired By Him

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At 14 years old, Mateen Cleaves Jr., the son of Mateen Cleaves, carries the basketball legacy of his father.

Mateen Cleaves has secured numerous accolades throughout his career,r including the title of three-time All-American and two-time Big Ten Player of the Year.

However, the tradition appears to persist with Mateen Cleaves Jr., who is making waves on the court.

American retired basketball player, Mateen Ahmad Cleaves
American Retired Basketball Player Mateen Ahmad Cleaves (Source:

Mateen Ahmad Cleaves is a former professional basketball player and a notable figure in Michigan State University’s basketball history.

He had a successful high school career at Flint Northern High School, earning McDonald’s All-American honors in 1996.

Moreover, he guided Michigan State to the 2000 NCAA National Championship and set MSU records.

Additionally, he was drafted 14th by the Detroit Pistons in 2000 and played in 167 NBA games, starting in 1 and averaging 3.6 points.

Mateen Cleaves Son Draws Motivation from His Father 

At the Flint City Pro-Am, a competition organized by NBA Champion JaVale McGee, the younger Cleaves first displayed his talents.

Cleaves Jr. participated alongside Team McGee in a match against Overseas Elite, exhibiting a gameplay similar to his father’s.

Furthermore, he culminated a noteworthy total of 16 points by the game’s conclusion.

Mateen Cleaves With Son Mateen Cleaves Jr
Mateen Cleaves With Son Mateen Cleaves Jr (Source: Twitter)

Even more significant is that this emerging talent is only in the initial phases of his basketball journey.

Flint has a rich legacy of fostering exceptional basketball players, with Mateen Cleaves Sr. unquestionably a key figure in this narrative.

Additionally, he was a three-time captain at Michigan State,e where his leadership helped secure the 2000 National Championship.

Furthermore, he set numerous records in the Big Te, which indicates an outstanding career.

The tournament blends local and NBA talent, giving Cleaves Jr. a unique chance to refine his skills against top competition.

As an NCAA-certified league, it enables amateurs and professionals to compete, offering valuable exposure for emerging athletes.

The lingering question is whether Tom Izzo, the head coach of MSU’s basketball team, will take notice and contemplate adding another Cleaves to the roster.

Currently, Mateen Cleaves Jr. is more than a name echoing his father’s legacy; he’s an aspiring player forging his basketball journey.

Mateen Cleaves Sr. Family

Mateen Ahmad Cleaves was born in Flint, Michigan, on September 3, 1977. 

He is the son of Herbert Cleaves, his father, and Frances Cleaves, his mother.

He is one of eight siblings, including Herbert Cleaves Jr., Leonard Coats, Embery Pope, Ali Cleaves, Michael James, Donald Wilford Jr., Kenneth James, and Keith Parris.

Mateen Cleaves With Wife
Mateen Cleaves With Wife (Source: Detroit Free Press)

Additionally, he is blessed with five sisters, namely Christina Adams, Shelby Pope, Shawnna Collins, Monique Cleaves-Byrd, and Shaccase Jackson.

Furthermore, Mateen Cleaves is married and tied the knot with Chanda Lane in 2008.

Mateen Cleaves’ wife, Chanda Lane, has constantly supported him, standing by him through the highs and lows.

Despite their challenges, including legal proceedings and public scrutiny, Lane remained a steadfast presence by Cleaves’ side.

Moreover, she played a crucial role during the difficult period when Cleaves faced trial on sexual assault charges.

Cleaves publicly apologized to his wife during the trial’s aftermath, acknowledging her unwavering support and expressing gratitude for her resilience.

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