Kaimana Pa’aluhi Bio: Max Holloway’s Wife, Career & Net Worth

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Kaimana Pa’aluhi is an American model who has been modeling since she was a teenager. Above all, she is famous as the long-time girlfriend and former wife of Samoan Native Hawaiian Max Holloway.

Max is a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA), the former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Moreover, he competes in the 135 lb to 146lb weight class known as a featherweight division, where he ranks number 1.

American-Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu grappler Raquel Pa’aluhi is Kaimana’s sister. She is also a former Mixed Martial Artist who competed in the 135lb weight class, which is known as the Bantamweight division.

Kaimono Pa'aluhi
American Model Kaimono Pa’aluhi

Before getting into details about her life, career, and relationships, let’s look at some quick facts about her.

Quick Facts about Kaimana Pa’aluhi

Full Name Kaimana Pa’aluhi
Birth Date 14 November 1994
Birth Place Waianae, Hawaii
Known As Not Available
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Not Available
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name David Pa’aluhi
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Few; Raquel Pa’ahuli, Farren Real
Age 29 Years Old
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Shoe Size Not Available
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Not Available
Build Slim
Profession Modeling
Famous As Model
Marital Status Divorced
Boyfriend None
Children One; Rush Holloway
Net Worth Not Available
Salary Approx. $50,000
Social Media Instagram
Merch of Max Holloway Posters, Hoodie
Last Update May, 2024

Kaimana Pa’aluhi | Early Life, Family, and Education

Pa’aluhi’s hometown is Waianae, Hawaii. The former spouse of Max Holloway was born in 1994 on November 14 to David Pa’aluhi and his partner. Her father, David, is a tattoo artist in Hawaii.

She currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her family is quite athletic and involved in fitness.

Because she is not so open about her personal life, there is not much known about her mother and family.

There is no profound information available to know if Pa’aluhi is of Samoan ancestry as her ex-husband. However, she is a Native American and holds American nationality.

The below picture shows Kaimana Pa’aluhi with her sisters, Raquel Pa’aluhi and Farres Real, along with her father, David Pa’aluhi, and her grandmother.

My gurls n my mommy

Posted by David Pa'aluhi on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Among the siblings she has, her elder sister Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto is a fighter and athlete. Raquel is a former World champion and has a Black Belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

Furthermore, she is also married to a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and World Champion Renato Canuto, and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. The husband and wife duo run Checkmat, where she is the head instructor, and Renato is the head coach.

There is less to no detail available about her education.

Pa’aluhi has been passionate about modeling since she was a kid. For this reason, she was encouraged by her family to pursue it too.

As a result of their enthusiasm, determination, hard work good posture, and incredible physique as a professional would have, she turned out to be a model after all.

Kaimana Pa’aluhi | Marriage with Max Holloway And Divorce

Kaimana dated Max Holloway long before they were married. There is no exact information or details as to how they met and kindled their relationship.

Although Holloway finished his high school in Waianae, Pa’aluhi’s hometown, it’s suspected that they might have been high school sweethearts.

Pa’aluhi and Holloway got married in 2012. Hence, the couple had a grand and splendid wedding with many family and friends gathered to celebrate their love.

Their marriage was picture perfect and likewise was referred to as a healthy couple in the athlete world. Furthermore, Pa’aluhi has been described as a supportive wife throughout Max Holloway‘s UFC career.

Max Holloway wtih his wife
Max Holloway hugging Kaimana Pa’aluhi

Nevertheless, their happy and beautiful marriage came to an end in 2014. Consequently, they got divorced after being married for almost two years.

The reason for their separation is still private, and the real information is unknown to the public. Their marriage is evidence that you might not be good for each other despite being two good people.

Despite their differences and inability to find common ground on specific topics and things, they have always kept their child’s best interest in everything they do.

They maintain a very calm and healthy growing environment in like manner for their child’s well-being and proper growth.

Kaimana Pa’aluhi | Kids And Relationship Status

Kaimana and Max together have a son named Rush Holloway. The sweet boy frequently pops up in his mother’s Facebook posts and his father’s Instagram posts.

Rush has his own Instagram account with a lot of cute pictures managed by his father. His dominant hand is his left hand.

Regardless of the divorce, their son remains their number one priority, and they are very focused on raising him. Firstly, Pa’aluhi and Holloway maintain a friendly co-parent relationship with each other.

Secondly, they go on family trips together, Holloway is at Pa’aluhi’s family events and birthdays, and he is very close to her family.

They were seen taking a trip to Universal Studios, Hollywood in December of 2019 with their son and some family and friends.

Thirdly. Holloway and his son seem to have a very strong and beautiful father-son relationship.

They go on his work trips together, interviews, press conferences, and fights. In conclusion, it is still a happy and healthy functioning family despite not being a traditional family.

A recent moment of Rush Holloway crying when seeing his father, Max Holloway, hurt in the fighting ring consoled by none other than basketball legend Shaquille O’Neil was highly appreciated and praised by the audience.

Kaimana Pa’aluhi, as of now, is a single woman and is concentrated on being an attentive and present mother to her child with Holloway. Also, she is not known to have been involved in any relationship since the divorce.

Holloway was dating Moani Hara after his divorce from Pa’aluhi. As of now, he is dating a professional surfer in Hawaii named Alessa Quizon. The couple is Instagram verified and appears to be enjoying themselves in each other’s company.

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Kaimana Pa’aluhi | Career and Profession

Kaimana Pa’aluhi is an American model. Correspondingly, she has been enthusiastic about modeling since she was very young.

Not to mention she was 16 when she first started modeling. Her family’s helpful and supportive nature was equally important in her career choice.

The model has beautiful eyes and luscious hair. According to her posts and appearances, we can state she has a good sense of fashion and average height and weight.

Moreover, it has made her appealing to modeling agencies and jobs with a stunning physique and good posture. As a result, she was also enrolled in a modeling agency in Hawaii known as Wilhelmina Hawai’i Modeling Agency.

Kaimana Pa'aluhi photo
Kaimana Pa’aluhi Modeling Photo

In addition to that, Pa’aluhi has also starred in a few movies. The co-workers and directors on the set have described her as pleasant to work with, hardworking, and dedicated.

Pa’aluhi has a kind heart and is a generous woman who believes in giving back to the community.

For instance, the fundraisers she has organized for her community through Facebook give us a good sense of her character and personality. On her birthday, she raised money for the LGBT community of Hawaii.

Kaimana Pa’aluhi | Holloway’s Ex-Wife’s Net Worth and Salary

Pa’aluhi’s net worth is unknown for now. Nevertheless, she is expected to be worth $500,000. Because she maintains such a private and low life in the media, there is not much information regarding her possessions.

The estimation of her actual salary is ongoing. However, an American professional model earns a minimum of $50,000 per year and even more. So the annual salary may be a little higher than that.

Other than that, her ex-husband Max Holloway‘s net worth is approximately more than $2 million as of 2020. He earns a whole lot of his earnings through UFC matches and bonus fights. He is one of the greatest Mixed Martial Artists (MMA) in the UFC world.

Aside from that, he owns multiple cars and has more than a few useful possessions.

He also has endorsements and sponsorship from well-known brands like Nike, Allmax Nutrition, Hyundai Motor Company, and Budweiser pale lager. He earns an estimated amount of 1 million from Nike per year.

Kaimana Pa’aluhi | Social Media Presence

As mentioned earlier, Kaimana Pa’aluhi maintains a very low profile in the media. The former wife of the UFC champion Max Holloway is occasionally active on Facebook as ‘hollowayx3‘ and posts many adorable pictures of her son and the family.

The mother of one has a stunning profile picture of her on Facebook. Due to her less engagement in social media, consequently, she doesn’t have more than 200 friends on Facebook.

Pa’aluhi also has a private Instagram account under the name ‘kaimantah,’ which has surpassed 600 followers on Instagram. She has 102 posts as of today and is more engaged in Instagram in comparison to Facebook.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, however, maintains over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Therefore, he is more active on Instagram and social media in general. His Instagram handle is ‘blessedmma‘ and has a beautiful photo of him and his son as the profile.

He posts a lot of his fights, meets and greets, press conferences, and cuddly pictures with his new surfer girlfriend along with his precious son on his Instagram which leaves his fans craving for more.

Few well-known people like Dwayne Jhonson and Seth Curry follow him. In addition to that, he also has some pictures with celebrities like John Mayer and Erolson Hugh.

The UFC champion also has a Twitter handle with 508.7k followers. Indeed, we can assume he has a lot of fans. He is relatively active on Twitter, too, with a handle name same to Instagram, ‘@blessedMMA.’ He retweets and replies almost constantly.

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